TTAK Facebook Blitz: Help us and we will send swag & stickers; you could win a knife.


If you share a Facebook post, you get a sticker from Blade Show. Just send a message to our FB page with your address. You could also win a knife.

As we mentioned last week, our modest social-media presence has been holding us back. This isn’t a vanity thing, it is an unfortunate reality that people in and outside the industry judge you on your number of followers on social media. It isn’t necessarily right, but you might as well shout at the sky and curse the weather – it isn’t going to do you a lick of good. Reality is what it is.

So we have been trying to increase our followers on our Facebook page, Twitter feed (@knifetruth), and Instagram account (also @knifetruth). I am still trying to come up with ideas for the latter two, but I understand enough about Facebook’s algorithm and page promotion to have a couple of ideas that are going to boost our reach. However, we need your help.

The first thing you can do is share a post from the last 30 days from our Facebook page to your feed. After doing this, send us a message with your address (please use the button on the FB page, not email for this) and let us know what you liked enough to share. If you do this for us we will put you on the sticker list for the Blade Show. We will grab all the swag we can, and pass it along to you all.

There is also a chance to win a knife, make the jump to hear more…

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Video: The most intricate knife-work you will see all day – pencil carving.


Level Unlocked: Carving Master

I came across the above image on my Facebook feed yesterday morning and shared it to the TTAK page. It was well received, but I thought little more of it until coming across a video of the process from a completely unrelated source. Together I figured they were worthy of sharing here.

I don’t know much about the artists or the provenance of either the picture or the video, but they are really cool in my opinion. Incredible detail. I hope you enjoy.

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Knife Stories

Video: Carter Cutlery and the History of the Yoshimoto Bladesmiths

YouTube Preview Image

I have to admit that I am a Carter Cutlery fanboy. This despite not actually owning one of his knives – yet. One of his Muteki kitchen knives is on my short list for acquisition at the Blade Show. I am not certain that I will pull the trigger, though I am getting close.

Murray Carter is Canadian by birth, but he spent more than 20 years of his life in Japan. He began as an apprentice and eventually earned his Master’s stamp, becoming a 17th generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith, a lineage that can trace its roots back more than 400 years.

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Crime and Punishment

Local “celebrity” crow flies off with knife from Vancouver crime scene


Canuck the Crow, a local Vancouver celebrity, sits atop the burned-out car at the scene.

Crime scenes are hard enough to reconstruct when they are not tampered with. Usually, the tampering is done by suspects or curious bystanders. Less common are cases of police corruption. Rarer still, a crow who happens to be a local celebrity steals evidence and attempts to fly off with it.


Canuck the crow, Vancouver’s most notorious bird, is being accused of flying away with a knife from a crime scene.

The crow has quite a reputation in Vancouver and its antics are regularly chronicled on social media, including a dedicated Facebook page that has a profile photo of the bird holding a knife in its beak.

Earlier on Tuesday, police had shot a man near Hastings and Cassiar streets. They were called to the scene of a car engulfed in flames. When they arrived, police said, they were confronted by a man with a knife.

Shots were fired and the man was arrested.

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Kitchen Knives

Video: How to prepare Fugu, the deadly puffer-fish

YouTube Preview Image

The Tiger Puffer Fish (Takifugu rubripes) is the world’s most toxic fish, if it is prepared incorrectly. The skin and entrails contain a potent neuro-toxin known as Tetrodotoxin, which has effects on the body similar to Sarin or VX nerve-gas. Even though strict licensing and training of Fugu chefs has decreased the death toll from Fugu consumption to about 3 a year, there is still a considerable amount of mystic and adventure when eating it.

The knifework at the 3:40 mark is pretty spectacular. The slices are translucent and paper-thin.

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The Fiskars Machete-Axe. At least the handles aren't zombie-green.
Axes, Hatchets, & Machetes

From the Depths of Uselessness or Object of Desire: Fiskars Machete-Axe

Fiskars is a Finnish multinational corporation that makes tools and consumer goods. They can trace their roots back to 1649 when a Dutch merchant, Peter Thorwöste, was granted a charter to set up a blast furnace in the Finnish town of Fiskars. From these humble roots they became an innovator in the Industrial Revolution, and growing into a diversified company employing more than 4,300 people in more than a dozen countries.

They are the parent company of Gerber, and their influence can be seen in Gerber’s Bear Grylls series of knives: garish hi-viz plastic handles, Chinese construction, and mass marketing to big-box retailers. As we detailed during Gerber Week, their Gerber’s Portland, OR-made blades have received mixed reviews. The Strong Arm is a fine knife, while the Ghostrike was a bit of a miss. Time will tell if this marriage will be a success.

Fiskar has recently released a tool that looks like it would be banned in Britain under their new “Zombie Knife” ban. At least the handles aren’t lime green.

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CRKT and Ken Onion Introduce the Homefront, Field-Strippable Pocketknife

One of the disadvantages of a folding knife vs a fixed blade, is that the folder is harder to keep clean. Full of crevices and pivots, a folder can really benefit from regular cleaning. CRKT and Ken Onion have just made the job a little easier with the Homefront… a knife that can be field-stripped without any tools. With BLADE Show right around the corner, we’ll be sure to get a closer look at this bad boy. Full specs and action video after the jump. Continue Reading