More on Tuesday’s Connecticut Supreme Court Ruling – Volokh’s Take


Eugene Volokh points out that the CT Supreme Court effectively codified tools like collapsible batons and double-edged dirks under the umbrella of the 2a.

For those of you unfamiliar with Prof. Eugene Volokh, he is a UCLA law professor, former purveyor of the blog Volokh Conspiracy, and now a regular columnist for the Washington Post. He writes and teaches from a right-libertarian perspective, focusing mainly on legal issues. The Blogfather frequently links to Volokh for interpretation of Supreme Court and other cases of Constitutional concern due to the clear and concise way he breaks down the legalese into understandable chunks.

I was secretly hoping that Instapundit would link to my post yesterday but I can hardly complain when an expert like Professor Volokh writes the piece that I wish I were capable of writing. I know that I did a pretty decent job of hitting the highlights, for a lay-person anyway. However, Volokh has excerpted a couple of relevant sections of the ruling which support the two issues that have the greatest relevance to knives and the Second Amendment. I will break down his piece below the jump, or you can read the whole thing.

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Connecticut Veteran’s Knife Conviction Overturned

A Connecticut court has thrown out the conviction of Jason DeCiccio, a former Army Medic who was due to serve 15 months in prison for the possession of “illegal” knives and a police baton. The problem arose when Mr. DeCiccio was involved in a traffic accident while moving from Connecticut to Massachusetts to take a job working for the V.A.

In the course of investigating the accident, police discovered DeCiccio’s collection of swords and knives, which were legal for one to possess in their home, but not in public. A State jury found DeCiccio guilty of two counts of illegal weapons possession, but a unanimous ruling from the CT Supreme Court overturned this verdict. According to the court, the CT statute prohibiting possession in a vehicle was a violation of the second amendment because it prevented the legal transport of the items between legal residences.

According to his lawyer, the decision came too late to save DeCiccio’s job. He lost it as a result of the legal case.

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Question of the Day: If You Could Only Save One Knife

Image courtesy of David C. Andersen

Let’s say, due to circumstances beyond your control, you are only able to keep one knife from your collection. What would it be? Would it be your EDC? Or, perhaps the knife you choose would be an antique or something that is no longer made and could not be replaced. Maybe you would choose something for sentimental reasons.

My choice would be a sentimental one–my Camillus Official BSA Whittler, given to me by my father, was my first “real” knife as a child. My father also carried a Camillus Whittler as a Boy Scout, a black handled example that he still uses to this day. Mine is the one knife I will never part with, as there is no way to replace the history wrapped up in it’s jigged faux-bone scales. Not to mention the fact that there is no longer a factory in Camillus, NY that is making knives. Continue reading

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Irresponsible Knife Owner of the Day: This is why we can’t have nice (pointy) things

map_of_henderson_kyHere at TTAK, we go out of our way to name and shame the hoplophobic school administrators or city officials who clutch their pearls and get weak kneed at the thought that their students can be trusted with pointy tools.  We believe that carrying of a pocketknife is a fundamental right of passage and symbol of responsibility for children, and that a student should never be disciplined for the simple possession of a tool. Others disagree and believe the very notion of a pocketknife is anachronistic.

However there are those who act irresponsibly, and while it is our contention that if a person is going to break the social contract it matters not what tool they chose to use, the fact that their tool of choice was a knife hurts our cause. A 14 year old student in Henderson, KY chose to threaten a female classmate with a balisong.

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Knife Review: L.T. Wright GNS – Initial Impressions

Image courtesy of David C. Andersen

I was fortunate enough to meet L.T. Wright at a local gun show recently. As one half of the partnership that was Blind Horse Knives, his reputation for producing a quality, handmade blade is well established. Now he heads up his own company, L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives, and the blades he had at his booth lived up to everything I have come to expect from the Blind Horse products I have owned and handled in the past.

L.T. was kind enough to send along a GNS model for us to review, and right out of the box I was immediately impressed with the knife’s solidity and the supremely comfortable handles. Continue reading

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Not-so-obscure Object of Desire: Shun Higo No Kami Steak Knife


The Shun Higo No Kami steak knife is a modern interpretation of an ancient classic.

When TTAK first started, Chris compared his explorations beyond the surface world of knives to “diving down rabbit holes”. In my piece on the Boker War Toad, I first began my exploration of friction folders, and since then I keep coming across examples of this class of knife that bear further mention.

My first exposure to friction folders was Chris’s excellent “Know your Knives” piece on the Higo No Kami. (or Higo Nokami, or simply Higo for our purposes here). This traditional Japanese folder features an extended tang which is grasped against the knife’s handle serving to hold the knife open. I just learned of this modern example by Shun, a personal steak knife.

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A Quick Funny


I have several pieces started, and nothing ready to go.

I have several pieces started at the moment, but nothing I am going to get finished tonight. One of our readers, Sam, sends me lots of leads and tips, something for which I am truly grateful. Sometimes I use them, sometimes I don’t, but it is always appreciated. He sent me this last week as knives are not often mentioned in the comics.

To see more of cartoonist Dan Thompson’s work, check out the Brevity website.

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