Quote of the Day: Someone’s going to shoot the clown

Creepy Clown copycats are springing up all over the nation. There have been cases in almost a dozen states of which I am aware, now they have reached the small town of Tchula, Miss. Their Police Chief Kennth Hampton has a warning for the perpetrators:

“I am more afraid for the clown than I am for the citizens because pretty much everyone here has shotguns,” Chief Kenneth Hampton told WAPT News last week. “The bottom line is, if he’s running around with a sword or a machete, he’s subject to get shot in this area.”

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Smith & Sons Mudbug lockback folding knife review

I’m constantly on the hunt for great work related gear. Being a home inspector for a pest control company, my gear is subjected to brutal environments. From extreme heat in the summer time, to well below freezing attics and crawlspaces in the winter time. My gear needs to be able to keep up with me, and exceed my expectations.

One of my most used tools is a good solid work knife. I’ve been through many different knives  over time, and never found a good balance between size, versatility, utility, and looks that I just loved. Until now that is. I’ve been rocking a Smith & Sons Knife companyMudbug for almost four months now. It has quickly become my go to work knife, and the favorite lock back knife that I own, bar none.

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Man bites dog? No. Dog stabs woman.

1297880496313_originalIt is said that in the news industry the headline “Dog bites man” is a story that gets buried towards the back of the paper. However, if “Man bites dog” it is front-page news because it is an unexpected situation. Given that metric, a story like this ought to warrant a special-edition.


Celinda Haynes, the owner of a one-and-a-half-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever dog named “Mia,” was rushed to the hospital Wednesday morning after Mia reached over her and stabbed her left forearm with a paring knife.

“[Mia] likes to grab whatever she can to get people to play with her,” explained Haynes’ daughter, Chanda Stroup to Denver7.

As it turns out, Mia is rather large for her age and was able to climb to the kitchen counter, where she found her new sharp toy.

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NAACP joins effort to reform NY “Gravity Knife” statute

The Village Voice writer Jon Campbell won the 2015 Knife Rights “Freedom’s Voice” award for his coverage of New York’s gravity knife statute. This ambiguous law used to unjustly harass and prosecute people who are carrying common folding knives.

From the Village Voice:

As a broad movement for reform has coalesced — involving, weirdly, both progressive groups and conservative Second Amendment advocates — virtually the only opposition has come from law enforcement organizations and mayor Bill de Blasio, who worked against the measure in the legislature.

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@Instapundit suspended by Twitter. (Update: He’s back)

First they came for Robert Stacy McCain, then Milo Yianopolous, then more. But Twitter has now moved from attacking the fringes to trying to silence one of the most respected voices from the right/libertarian blogosphere – Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds.

For those unfamiliar, Dr. Reynolds is a law professor at the University of Tennessee and purveyor of He has been a tremendous supporter of TTAK, linking us dozens of times over the years. He has done the same for countless blogs such as ours, helping us build audience and really putting us on the map.

Now it is time to step up and try to return the favor. Twitter’s censorship of voices on the right has been building and has reached the point of becoming dare I say “deplorable”?  The hashtag #freeinstapundit isn’t “trending” or autocompleting because the activist left can’t win in the arena of ideas – they must cheat to win.

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