Question of the day: Halloween Edition


Can it get more Halloween-related than the movie Halloween? Anyways, here we have young slasher Michael Myers after he made his first kill. We can all see that he used a kitchen knife, but the question is what knife did he use? This one he just grabbed from his kitchen, so it is probably just a run-in-the-mill kitchen knife. But what about later in life? Would he grab a higher-end knife to indulge his murderous desires? It would almost have to be, since I’ve never seen a blade sharpened in a slasher movie. I think Lil Mikey would enjoy using my Shun 8″ classic chef’s knife as he terrorizes people.

What was the best/most creative edged weapon in a slasher flick?


I hope everyone has a fun, safe Halloween, from all of us here at TTAK.


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Jack-O-Lantern Contest Entry and a few Housekeeping notes.

image1 (1)

Stephen T is throwing his hat in the ring with his rendition of Bowser from the Mario Kart video game series.

Reader Stephen T. submits this pumpkin with the Character “Bowser” from the Mario Kart video game. The horns and pipe-cleaner flames are a nice touch. If you wish to enter a jack-o-lantern and try to win some free steel, please send your submission to I am going to keep the contest open through the end of the weekend – midnight EST Sunday/Monday. So there is still time to enter.

There has been a reader request for more “actual knife content”. We are working on it. Reviews with the kind of testing and detail for which we have become known take time. If I just tested and wrote reviews, I would get about 3 posts a month out. They would be lovely reviews, or at least I hope so, but the community we are attempting to build here would wither away. From the beginning, TTAK has been about more than just knives themselves, in the way that The Truth About Guns covers all aspects of gun culture.

Frankly, there has been a lot of news on the political/culture front. With beheadings and hatchet attacks by jihadi lowlifes in just the last month, several Village Voice pieces critical of NYC knife laws and more –  we would be remiss if we neglected this side of our mission. We want to be the best knife-culture blog on the internet.

The knife reviews are our bread-and-butter, and more are always in the pipeline. There are only so many hours in the day. Every hour I spend testing is an hour that I am not able to bring you fresh content. I try to strike the right balance.

Thank you for reading.

An alternate photo of Stephen’s pumpkin and a tease of the final test for the Benchmade Steep mountain are below the jump.

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Pumpkin Carving Tool Review: Southwire Keyhole Drywall Saw


My family’s contribution to senseless violence against vegetables.

Last year I asked the question: What is your Pumpkin Carving Weapon of Choice?Among the answers was “Drywall jab saw”. This immediately resonated with me, and I filed it away in an undamaged brain cell. I picked one up today at Lowes to try on the family gourds.

I would like to say that I researched the tools thoroughly, comparing and selecting the one that would be the best for my needs. I didn’t. The Southwire 6-inch Blade Keyhole Saw happened to be hanging adjacent to the surge protector that I was picking up. I never even looked in “Tools” or “Drywall”, this one was less than $10 and the rubberized handle which is purposely exposed from the blister pack felt good in my hand.

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Photo Contest Entry: Nevermore Edition

IMG_0182 (1)

According to Roger S., Edgar Allen Poe was quite the knife collector for his day.

Roger S. sends us this “Poe Pumpkin” for our contest. He also included the factoid that Mr. Poe was a lamnaphile. He had a collection of “knives numbering in the dozens”. I would love to find out more.

If you would like to submit a pumpkin, please send your pics to  .  If you can include a knife somewhere in the photo it would be appreciated for validation’s sake. We are giving away 3 nice knives, courtesy of one of our readers – Jonathan M. There will be a “Jonathan Pick”, “Clay Pick”, and “Reader’s Pick”.

Good luck everyone. Some alternative views of Roger’s pumpkin are  below the jump.

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Sikh Student Allowed to bring knife to Seattle Area School


Seattle school district officials say that federal guidelines allow for certain religious exemptions to “zero-tolerance” policies. The Kirpan is classified as an article of faith and not a weapon.

I don’t know a whole heck of alot about Sikhism, but when I both stumbled across this story on my own and had two different readers forward it as a tip, I figured I needed to read up. I knew that they were from a certain region in India and had a reputation as fierce warriors for the British in two world wars. They honed their skills whilst being persecuted by Muslim rulers of India. It was during this period (1550’s-early 1700’s) that it became an article of religious faith that all baptized Sikhs must carry a Kirpan, or ritual knife which is meant to protect themselves and other innocents from injustice and oppression. The Sikhs believe in the notion that they are Sant Sipahi, or “saint soldiers”.

The Kirpan is carried sheathed and strapped to the body with a cloth belt. It is considered an act of great gravity to remove it, with some Sikhs even sleeping and showering with it. This has lead to some conflict with school “zero-tolerance” laws since even young Sikhs carry the kirpan as an act of devotion. However, there are examples where religious freedom trumps hoplophobic lunacy. The Seattle school district is one of these.

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First Jack-O-Lantern Entry and a couple of off topic subjects


Daniel V. sends us our first contest entry. Send us your best effort and you could win a knife.

Daniel V. gets the ball rolling with the first of many pumpkins which will be better than mine. Thanks! If you want a chance to win one of 3 knives, please send your photo to Do me a favor and include a knife of some sort in the shot, even if just a bit in silhouette. Not that this is a high-stakes contest or anything, but eliminates the possibility of conflict in what is already a subjective enough contest.

We took the kids to Oakes Farm in Corryton, TN. Fun place. We have been going there for years and love it. About 70 degrees and bluebird skies. We selected our victims squash, and I will post my (obviously non-entry) feeble efforts midweek.

I am working on a real piece for tonight, but it is requiring a bit of research to flesh it out. I guided Friday and Sunday and haven’t had the time to wrap it up.

I want to make your visit worthwhile so below the jump I have tossed out a few off topic items that you might find interesting. The highlight is a great video reconstruction of how the Canadian Parliament jihadi shooting went down. Specifically, it documents how real-life action hero Kevin Vickers sent the dirtbag to meet Allah, from near point-blank range while diving. I don’t know what the Canadian Equivalent of the US’s Presidential Medal of Freedom is, but Sergeant-at-Arms Vickers certainly deserves it. Kudos to you Sir, and yet it is still bittersweet as Corporal Nathan Cirillo died after being shot while on guard at Canada’s WWI Memorial. The coward shot Cirillo in the back, so the fact that his rifle had no ammo might not have made a difference. It is absurd nonetheless.


no words necessary…

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Editorial: Some Thoughts on the NYC Hatchet Attack


The Eastwing Camper’s Axe: Used by thousands of people for decades for bushcraft and camp chores. Used yesterday by a jihadi nutjob to attack 4 police officers.

Last night’s news was so wrapped up in the NYC Ebola case that yesterday’s NYC hatchet attack flew under my radar until this morning . I would have posted something when it was breaking news had I caught it. The more grievously wounded officer remains in critical condition and we  send our prayers for his recovery as well as for the bystander struck by an errant police bullet who likewise remains critical.

The biggest news today regarding the incident is that the NYPD has the cojones to actually admit that this incident was an act of Islamist terrorism and not “workplace violence” or other politically correct nonsense. They deserve a Bronx cheer for that courageous act.

New York State knife laws suck, and without preemption, NYC’s are among the most draconian in the world. The Manhattan DA’s office has made great theater out of busting Home Depot and other retailers, by willfully misinterpreting the term “gravity knife”. If this misguided crusade against private business were not bad enough, people who have been innocently carrying these common folding knives have spent many years in jail (See David’s excellent post here).  Of course if you are a celebrity like Stephen Colbert, you can qualify for the David Gregory treatment and escape prosecution.

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