Breaking: Suspect killed by Columbus Police after machete attack.


A man whose identity is being witheld wounded 4 people in a Columbus, OH Mediterranean restaurant.

Four people were wounded and transported to Columbus hospitals, 1 critically, following a rampage by a machete wielding man who has subsequently been killed by police. The man, whose name has not been released was tracked by police and killed approximately 5 miles from the scene of what one witness described as “a sytematic attack

From The Columbus Dispatch:

Columbus police say a man burst into the restaurant, hacking with a machete and sending six (4 according to police interview below) people to area hospitals.

He was shot and killed by police after being tracked down about 5 miles from the restaurant.

As of late Thursday night, police hadn’t yet released the names of those injured or their conditions, or the name of the man who was killed by officers.

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Preemption Bill introduced in Maryland


Maryland is’s next target. Stay tuned.

Fresh on the heels of their success in Wisconsin, Knife Rights has moved onto their next challenge, the State of Maryland.

It is hard to think of Maryland knife laws without thinking of the death of Freddie Gray and events that followed. Baltimore has blanket restrictions on switchblades with a definition broad enough that it covered Mr. Gray’s assisted-opener. This was the impetus for police to arrest him, and leading to his eventual death while in police custody.

While one cannot go back and change the past, knife preemption might help prevent a future miscarriage of justice. Baltimore’s ban would be preempted by more permissive State law, and citizens should hopefully be protected from arbitrary knife laws. I say should be, because we have seen police departments refuse to honor these laws either out of ignorance or out of spite.


February 10, 2016: At the request of Knife Rights, a bipartisan Maryland Knife Law Preemption bill, SB 653, has been introduced by Senators Wayne Norman and John Astle. The bill has been assigned to the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. We will let you know when it’s time to contact committee members on this bill.

Last year’s tragic Freddie Gray arrest highlighted the kind of problems that arise without preemption. Under Maryland law, Freddie Gray’s assisted-opening knife was clearly not a switchblade by standard legal definitions. Even if it was, switchblades are legal to open carry in Maryland and from the arresting officer’s account the knife and clip were clearly visible. However, Baltimore has both a complete prohibition of “switch-blade knives” and a unique and unusual definition of a switchblade that might conceivably include Gray’s assisted-opening knife, although we would contend that it does not. In any case, if knife law preemption had been the law in Maryland, then only state law would count and there clearly would have been no knife law violation upon which to arrest Gray. (Click for more details on the Freddie Gray knife, his arrest on the switchblade charge and Baltimore’s switchblade law.)

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Employee at GM pulls gun to thwart stabbing attack is fired. (Updated: No longer fired)

Editor’s note: Several of you contacted me to tell me that he has not been fired, or was unfired, or something.  The latest info I can find is from

“(H)is bosses eventually reversed their decision and let him return to work. Didarul Sarder, a 32-year-old valet service supervisor, “now has his job back,” Warren Mayor Jim Fouts said in a Facebook post.”


Didarul Sarder, a valet at the GM tech center pulled a gun to stop a stabbing attack.

Didarul Sarder, an employee at the GM Technical Center in Warren, Michigan witnessed a 52 year old woman being stabbed by another woman when he sprang into action.

From Fox2Detroit:

The 52-year-old victim was hospitalized and suspect arrested by police – but the valet service supervisor with a valid CPL who pulled his gun to stop the attack, says he was fired.

Didarul Sarder, SP+ Valet Supervisor was heading into work Wednesday morning at the General motors technical center in Warren, when he heard the cry for help.

“The lady kept saying ‘I’m dying, someone help’ and it was just natural reaction,” said Didarul Sarder, SP+ Valet Supervisor. “I just see this lady getting stabbed. I only had like half a second to think and I un-holstered my firearm and pointed it at her to drop the knife.”

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Knife Review: Becker BK16


Becker knives work for a living. That is the tagline on the box, and that encapsulates the BK16 that lies inside. Not designed for elegance, the knife is hard-working, functional and uncompromising. This particular BK16 was gifted to me by Ethan Becker himself and I can think of no better thank you than putting it to work.

Everyone out there makes a drop point with a blade in the 4-4 ½” range. It seems to be the best compromise between small enough to carry everywhere, but large enough to get some serious work done. How does the BK16 fare in this crowded field? Continue reading

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ABS to auction Bill Moran-made knife at Blade.

YouTube Preview Image

Within the American Bladesmith Society, there is a charitable sub-group known as The Order of the Mystic Brotherhood (TOMB). They distribute donations to members who have run into trouble such as a shop fire or injury. They also donate materials to ABS teaching events and the like. They auction off a very special, collector-grade knife each year at the Blade Show, and they have announced this years Object of Desire.

It is a knife that was crafted in the 1960’s by none other than ABS founder Bill Moran. It is an M-11 that came from the private collection of Col. Bud Brandt. At has been detailed/cleaned by ABS Master Jay Hendrickson who even used a vintage piece of leather that came from Bill Moran’s shop to make a new sheath for it.

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Wisconsin Knife Reform Law officially enacted

wi_signing_gov. walker

Governor Walkder demonstrates his new switchblade after signing the bill.

I promised an update when I could lock down the procedural details of the Wisconsin knife-law reform bill which was signed by Governor Walker this past weekend. According to Wisconsin law, the bill goes into effect when it is officially published in the state register. According to the website of the Wisconsin Legislature, the bill was published on Sunday, February 2nd. It is now the law of the state.

I also promised to share the names of those, apart from the team from that were deserving of recognition.

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We need common sense Alligator-control.


24 year old Joshua James has been charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon for shoving an alligator through a drive-thru window.

In what has been described as a prank gone wrong, a Florida man faces 3 charges after he tossed a 3 1/2′ alligator through a Wendy’s drive-thru window.

From WashingtonPost:

“Investigators identified Joshua James, of Jupiter, Fla., as the man who tossed the 3½-foot reptile into a Wendy’s last fall, according to a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission incident report.

He faces three charges related to the incident: aggravated assault with a deadly weapon; unlawful sale, possession or transporting of an alligator; and petty theft. James, 24, was taken into custody and booked into the Palm Beach County Detention Center on Monday, as first reported by NBC affiliate WPTV.”

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