Crime and Punishment

UK Man caught with knife in a fairly uncomfortable place…


“…What? Like the back of a Volkswagon?

I never thought I would be able to drop a Mall Rats reference in a post, so +1 for me. Subtract major points from this upstanding (albiet uncomfortable) citizen of the United Kingdom.

From Daily Mirror:

A man was caught hiding a huge knife – in his backside.

Remi McDonagh was stopped by police who noticed him acting suspiciously outside a block of flats.

As the officers prepared to search the 29-year-old, they were stunned when he blurted out: “I don’t have any drugs, but I do have a knife between my bum cheeks.”

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Rescuers in race against time to save trapped Blue Whale

Whale entanglements are up significantly this year, but it is rare for the deep-water dwelling blue whale to encounter fishing gear. A Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari first discovered the whale Monday and alerted authorities. They have been updating the situation on their Facebook Page. Crews worked furiously to free the whale, utilizing the Spyderco Whale Rescue, but lost track of it at nightfall. Searchers were unable to locate the whale Tuesday or Wednesday.

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5 From the Grinder

“5 from the Grinder” with Dee Kistner

I was chatting with Kim Breed at the BLADE Show and I inquired if he knew of any up and coming makers who would be a good fit for our 5 from the Grinder series. Without hesitating Kim asked if I knew Dee Kistner. I didn’t, but quickly made my way to his table to introduce myself and strike up a conversation.


Kim has taken Dee under his wing to an extent, and Dee’s smooth edges and clean lines show this influence. Dee is a friendly, high-energy guy whom I look forward to getting to know better. I hope to visit him in Crossville sometime if I can swing a “knife maker tour” of middle Tennessee.

So without further ado, I bring you Dee Kistner, our latest installment of 5ftG.

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Fixed Blades

New mid-year releases from TOPS Knives: Fiel & Quick Skin

The trend in the knife industry is to debut new designs predominately at the SHOT Show in January. A few knives are debuted at BLADE Show, but each year more major companies have been skipping BLADE all together. So a true mid-year release is somewhat noteworthy. TOPS Knives out Idaho Falls, ID announced two new blades today.

The Fiel is a double-edged neck knife meant for primarily meant as a tactical, last-ditch defense blade. The Quick Skin is what the name suggests: a swept-blade skinning blade in a conveniently carried package.


The TOPS Knives Fiel

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Knife Stories

Kids, history, knives, and froes

While I have never taken part in historical reenactment myself, I really enjoy attending living-history events. This morning my wife and I took Things 1&2 to the historic James White Fort, the birthplace of Knoxville, which was just a short walk from the Saturday farmer’s market downtown. They were having a reenactment event, and it soon became apparent that I had my topic for tonight’s post. It was a period knife and tool bonanza.


Thing 2 handles his first quill pen.

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Blade Show

First Look: CRKT Homefront by Ken Onion

Despite all the custom knives and high end steel at BLADE Show 2016, one of the things I most wanted to check out was the new Homefront by CRKT and Ken Onion. The knife is built on Ken’s new Fieldstrip mechanism, allowing it to be taken apart for cleaning without any tools. It is also just the first of many new knife models that will have this feature. Details and video from the BLADE Show floor after the jump… Continue Reading