DIY Flat-Iron Bush Knife? This guy did it.


A gentleman using the Imgur handle “HarryFeltersnatch” made this beautiful bush knife from a garage sale “Wonder-bar”

It is possible to get into knifemaking on the cheap, using all manner of discarded steel. The results vary depending on the quality of the materials and the skill of the maker. In the case of a Mr. “HarryFeltersnatch”, the material was a garage sale flat-iron pry-bar and the skills include heat-treating in a homemade forge, and the by his own admission “ugly ass leather work”.

He spent a whopping $20 on the project, $12 of which were spent on the piece of leather for the sheath. He documented each step with some great photography, including a cool .gif of his makeshift forge in action. You really need to go and check it out if you have a couple of minutes.

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Granny vs. Knife: Should have been a Defensive Shillelagh Use


72 Year-Old Margaret Saunders defied demands to hand over lotto scratchers, instead shooing this would-be robber out the door.

72-year-old Belfast pensioner Margaret Saunders was minding her son’s convenience store when a young hoodlum demanded she hand over lottery tickets and proceeded to brandish what looks to be a 10″ carving knife when she did not comply. Continue reading

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Friday Film Fest: Tricks, Transformations, Troubles, and Training Edition

YouTube Preview Image

Another week has passed and it is time for another instalment of the TTAK Friday Film Fest. This week’s videos are brought to you by the letter “T”.

For tricks, the above video is an overly elaborate yet lightening fast way to draw and open a Spyderco Endura. I own one, and I do not consider it particularly difficult to open with a standard flip. But there is no doubt that this guy is fast. Continue reading

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Knife Review: Condor Tool & Knife Nessmuk

Image courtesy of David C. Andersen

It astonishes me how good some of today’s inexpensive knives can be. Mora Love runs deep around these parts but those Swedish gems are not the be-all, end-all of good, cheap knives. Case in point are the line of knives and machetes available from Condor Tool & Knife. A friend of mine recently picked up this Nessmuk for less than $30, and lent it to me for review. While it can’t challenge the cheapest of the Moras on price, it is square in line with some of their mid priced options. Nessmuk style blades have always appealed to me and I was eager to give this one a try. Continue reading

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Knife Review: Benchmade Steep Mountain Progress Report

photo (8)

The Benchmade Steep Mountain is a razor-sharp hunk of S30V.

I am not done with my testing of the Benchmade 15008 Steep Mountain, but after the heaviness of my Editorial, it is nice to get back to the knives themselves. I have been using the 15008 for about a month now, and I am very impressed with the knife itself. As one would expect of S30V, the knife’s ability to take and hold an edge is spectacular. The knife is comfortable in the hand. It is a tremendously grippy knife with the ruberized handle as well. Continue reading

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Editorial: Tasers, Ferguson, and Treatment of the Media


A UK Policeman takes a knife-wielding perpetrator down with his taser.

We have been discussing the North St. Louis shooting of Kajieme Powell, who was brandishing a knife and approaching police in a threatening manner shouting “Shoot me now”. The police obliged and it was only due to the transparent and rapid response by Chief Dotson that this situation did not further inflame tensions in nearby Ferguson.

First, I want to elaborate on the editorial position of TTAK of both shootings. Discovering the truth is extremely dificult in the circus environment surrounding Ferguson. My position on Brown simply is that I do not know. The public has little hard evidence beyond the report of Dr. Baden which shows that Brown was shot in the front. Everything else is speculation based on uncorroborated eyewitness testimony, some of which comes from extremely dubious sources. There is no video record, and the police have been less than forthcoming in relating Officer Wilson’s side of the story. He does a tough job and has a presumption of innocence. To state much beyond that based on what little is verifyiably in the public realm is irresponsible at a minimum, or reprehensible if it is meant for ratings or personal agrandizement.

I covered county politics for a local paper when I lived in Idaho. I take my responsibilities as at least a quasi-journalist here at TTAK seriously. Most often it is simply offering my personal stamp of approval (or not) for a knife that our readers may consider spending their hard-earned money on. But sometimes it is offering editorial on knife laws, the TSA, and even topics such as the Gaza War or Ferguson and police militarization. I take the First Amendment as seriously as I do the Second, and try to comport myself accordingly.

One tragedy that goes beyond the personal circumstances of the Brown family, who regardless of what happened are deserving of our prayers, lies in the way the media have been treated by the authorities. I have nothing but contempt for irresponsible reporting, which has made a bad situation worse. But there has been appaling treatment of journalist as well. They have been arrested, hit with tear gas and wooden baton-rounds. There has been a no-fly zone over Ferguson which has denied context to the protests. From what I have read in many sources, the unrest has been limited to a couple of blocks which makes the full-on military style invasion seem even more suspect. But we have no perspective because the Government is denying access to the media.

This quote comes from an article by the ACLU and deals with both Ferguson and the larger media environment that includes Government hacking of journalist’s computers:

The right to record the actions of the government without it interfering is a basic prerequisite to a functioning democracy. Restrictions on media freedom – whether via surveillance, prosecutions, or tear gas – rob us of the information we need to engage in informed debates, assess our government’s policies and practices, and hold it to account. Journalists aren’t criminals, and they shouldn’t have to act like spies.”

All of this has made it harder for the truth to shine through. The situation has been tainted by all involved to the point where if there are not charges brought against Officer Wilson there will not be peace. However if the evidence does not warrant indictment, then for Officer Wilson to find himself in a courtroom is itself a miscarrage of justice.  Continue reading

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Question of the Day: Is your EDC situation dependent?

photo (7)

On any given day I carry some permutation of these as my EDC blade(s).

I was getting ready to go out this evening, and as I was changing, I took stock of what blade I wanted to bring with me. It was a bit of a legal grey area where I was going, so I opted for my Benchmade MiniGriptilian as an inside pocket carry.

Most days I have taken to carrying two knives. First I EDC either the Grip or my Spyderco Native S30V. These are my everyday functional knives. As a general rule it unneccesairly startles folks who don’t know me if I suddenly produce a neck-knife or 4.5″ fixed blade. An EDC folder is sufficient for 95% of what most of us encounter on a daily basis. Which of the two folders I am carrying is simply a matter of convenience. I often leave one or the other in the basement bathroom, still clipped to my pants or shorts when I shower at night. Given the choice I grab the Grip, for reasons I will explain when I get around to writing a formal review. Continue reading

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