Todays Handmade Knife Market. What’s Happening, Why, and Whose Fault Is It?

How many times have we all heard the term “It’s the sign of the times”?  Whatever it is that we love seems to constantly change around us to where we eventually catch ourselves saying “back in the good old days”. What I don’t understand is why we as humans are so prone to be creatures of habit and seemingly scared of change in a world that constantly promises it. We all know people or maybe even know ourself that maybe has not taken advantage of a opportunity because we were uncertain of the outcome. Who knows, sometimes choices are good, and obviously some are bad, but one thing that is for certain, change is going to happen. It needs no approval from you or I, and it definitely is not going to wait for us. So you might as well embrace it, because change its coming.   Continue Reading

Crime and Punishment

Scissor and Vehicle attack in China kills 1; injures 13

Scissor violence in a totalitarian state? That’s unpossible. Except that it isn’t. Again. Still.

In a scene more typical of a European jihadi attack, a man stabbed 5 people before running down another dozen or so with his vehicle whilst fleeing.

From ChannelNewsAsia:

The attack took place mid-afternoon on Sunday in the suburban district of Miyun in Beijing’s northwestern outskirts. The suspect attacked the group of five people with scissors and then fled in a van, police said.

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Crime and Punishment

Defensive Chair Use: Starbucks customer pummels knife-wielding robber; stabs him with his own knife

Police are lauding the brave actions of Cregg Jerri, 58 who came to the defense of the baristas in his local Starbucks during an attempted armed robbery.

From FresnoBee.com:

The confrontation happened just before 5 p.m. Thursday. Florez entered the Starbucks at Herndon Avenue and Golden State Boulevard in northwest Fresno carrying a yellow bag, armed with a big knife and a replica handgun while wearing a blue “Transformers” mask. He went to the counter and demanded money, Dyer said.

Jerri, 58, was seated at a table using a tablet. Soon after Florez made his demands, Jerri grabbed a chair and slammed it on Florez’s back twice.

A fight ensued and eventually Florez stabbed Jerri in the neck. Jerri got hold of Florez’s knife and stabbed Florez in the face and torso.

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Hunting, Fishing, & Bushcraft

Guest Post: Field-dressing wild game

We are just winding up our 2017 Reader Submission Contest (You can still vote for “Reader’s Choice here), but this is the other type of guest post: a post by a blogger looking for some exposure for their own site. We are perfectly happy lending our platform in exchange for quality content. In this case, the author is Mitchell Wood of the blog MusketHunting.com.

Field-dressing wild game. 

By Mitchell Wood

Wild game produces high-quality meat which makes it popular. However, you should follow the proper field dressing protocol to protect both the meat and yourself.

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