With our prayers for the fallen…


Watch on, noble one. (photo by Frank Glick)

I hope everyone had a safe weekend, and that you were able to celebrate freedom among your family and friends. Thing 1 rode her bike without training wheels for the first time today, we cooked out, worked in the garden, and just enjoyed a lovely weekend.

I never forget that there are families whose day is marked with an unfillable hole, because their loved one paid the ultimate sacrifice so that this incredible experiment called America could continue. I have, and will continue to share the important meaning of this day with my children, so that they can one day appreciate just what a gift that is.

Our heartfelt thanks and prayers.

(for the backstory on the above photo, click here)


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Reader Essay Submission: What have I got in my pocket?

(As I announced the other night, the deadline for submissions to our Reader Essay Contest is Wednesday, June 3, 11:59pm. Please send your entries to thetruthaboutknives@gmail.com)

What have I got in my pocket?

  • By Dan V.

Like most everyone reading this website I carry a knife with me every day.  I own several knives and each of them gets pocket time depending on the attire of the day and my agenda.  I don’t hard use my knives, no batoning for these guys, but anything from food prep to packaging is fair game.  So, what have I got in my pocket? Continue reading

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Friday Film Fest 5-22-15

YouTube Preview Image

I like Helle knives. I do not personally own one yet, but I appreciate the simple beauty of a knife that is meant to be used. Coming from centuries of woodcraft tradition, Helle knives have earned their place in the pantheon of “classic” knife companies. This really well produced video follows a Helle knife through its manufacture and on to it end user. Enjoy.

Much more below the jump. Continue reading

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The Machete Project: Photographer documents the beauty of utilitarian tools


Photo from Vanessa Ahlsborn (www.themacheteproject.com)

A reader sent me this link from Slate the other day. It is about Vanessa Ahlsborn, a photographer who has traveled the world and become fascinated with the simple, everyday tools of the common person. She has documented this love on her blog, The Machete Project.

She started out as a bit squeamish about machete-style blades, especially given their association with massacres in Africa and elsewhere. However,

“For me, every knife tells a story. It’s a story about the locals, their culture and my travels, all bound up in metal. Large knives and machetes are versatile and extremely durable tools. They are a must for many. ” (from themacheteproject.com)

Continue reading

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Housekeeping: Reader Essay Deadline Announcement

I have been thrilled at the fantastic entries we have received for our Reader Essay Contest. Thank you to all who have submitted entries. I want to take a minute today to announce that we are setting a deadline of 11:59PM EDT on Wednesday, June 3rd.

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Help Wanted: Must be handy with a sword; dry-cleaning allowance negotiable (Updated)


the Saudi government is advertising several full-time executioner positions. (photo from Yahoo News)

Apply to the House of Saud. (from Yahoo)

As our “ally” ramps up their liquidation of their surplus population, they are advertising for 8 vacant executioner positions. They have already executed 85 people this year, for crimes ranging from apostasy, drug trafficking, rape, and murder. Applicants must also perform amputations on those convicted of thievery and other “lesser” crimes.

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Texans, KnifeRights needs your help



It is go-time for those of you who live or work in the state of Texas. HB 905 now sits before the TX Senate Committee on Criminal Justice. KnifeRights is asking for you to please contact Chairman John Whitmire and ask that he please schedule a hearing to advance Knife Law Preemption in Texas.  Continue reading

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