Survival Saturday

Survival Saturday: Making a “Flip-Flop” winch

I have used a HiLift jack to winch a stuck vehicle, 2 agonizingly slow feet at a time. This one makes that look like an efficient process, but I would gladly take an electric WARN over either option. That said, if you have nothing but a rope, this is an ingenious primitive contraption. I had never seen anything like it.

The speaker is not the most dynamic, so you might want to jump around. Seeing how the winch works is the important thing. It is a nifty technique to file away. You never know when it might come in handy.

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Video: Throwing knives and tomahawks vs. ballistic gel

In case you are time-wasting on a Friday, here are a couple of videos, to either entertain or disturb – depending on your perspective (my wife is grossed out by ballistics gel).

I haven’t shared anything throwing in a while, but I have included this guy’s primer on throwing knives and hawks. Or you can jump right ahead to a Joerg Sprave video where he launches throwing knives and 25mm steel balls out of one of his contraptions into blocks of gel, and reaches the obvious conclusion.

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ISIS Praises OSU jihadi; offers “how-to” advice in latest publication

ISIS-produced newsmagazine Rumiyah celebrates the deceased OSU jihadi, and offers advice on how to learn from his failure.

Rumiyah , a publication of the Islamic State which is geared at foreign recruitment and inspiration, praised the largely failed jihadi car and knife attack at Ohio State University. They claimed the deceased Somali invader refugee as a soldier of ISIS and a brother in arms. They offer advice to future attackers, complete with snazzy infographics on knife-choice and areas of the body to attack.

From PJ Media:

The Ohio State student waged his attack after the October issue of ISIS’ Rumiyah instructed to lone jihadists to launch random knife attacks, with a warning to pick a suitable blade for the job. The article included graphic detail, but no how-to images.

The November issue moved on to a different type of lone attack tutorial — or “just terror” attacks, as ISIS calls them — encouraging that jihadists use a heavy vehicle such as a U-Haul to plow into a crowd.

After Artan’s attack, though, ISIS apparently felt it needed to double back to the knife tutorial with simpler, illustrated instructions.


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Crime and Punishment

Officer shoots knife-wielding student at Reno-area High School (NSFW Video)

Note to this guy: You suffer a dexterity penalty when you dual-wield.

A 14 year old student at the ironically-named Hug High School in Reno, NV is in critical condition after being shot by a school resource officer. He was threatening classmates with multiple large knives and did not abide by the officer’s commands to drop the weapon.


(Police Chief) Soto told reporters at a news conference at police headquarters Wednesday night that he was “armed with at least one knife and threatening other students” during a fight at the high school in a working class neighborhood on the city’s north side.

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Knife Review: KnifeArt Razorback.

KnifeArt is an online retailer of high-end production knives, counting names like Emerson, LionSteel, Hinderer, and more. Being knife guys, founders Larry and Rodney Connelly decided to try their hand at some knife design themselves. They have produced several designs thus far, including the Razorback, a medium-sized (3 1/4″ blade) clip-point fixed blade, which they are marketing as a neck-knife.

I met the Connelly brothers at last year’s BLADE Show, and have been looking forward to testing one of their knives ever since. This one was sent to me with the request that I finish my review before the Christmas shipping window closes. While a bit shorter than my typical review window, I had several weeks to carry and use this knife. It has the most comfortable ergonomics of any 3-finger (3.5 really) knife I have used.

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Knife Review

Reader Submitted Knife Reviews: Spyderco Rescue Assist and Atlantic Salt

(This is a reader submission from Chris Francis. We at TTAK are always happy to accept outside writing from our readers for consideration for publication. Please send submissions to

Knife Reviews:  Spyderco Assist and Spyderco Atlantic Salt

by Chris Francis

If one is fortunate enough to live where you can legally carry a concealed firearm, there are a few other items to consider carrying besides the gun.  In my case, I have a Spyderco Assist rescue knife in my everyday carry  (EDC) gear.

I carry this knife clipped in a pocket of my dungarees every day. It’s not a tactical knife – that’s what you have the gun for – right? We carry the gun for “exigent circumstance” and hope we don’t have to use it. That is the same philosophy I have for this knife.

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