New From CRKT: James Williams Shizuka Noh Ken

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Knife designer James Williams has over 50 years of martial arts experience including work training special operations units, government agencies, and law enforcement. He runs a company that makes fine samurai swords. He knows a few things about designing a tactical blade.

The Shizuka Noh Ken is James’s followup to the larger Otanashi Noh Ken, with a 3.6″ blade as opposed to the Otanashi’s 4.5″. It is expected to hit the market early in 2015, and will be available exclusively from BladeHQ.

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Knife Rights Releases First Annual Scorecard of the Best and Worst Places for Knife Owners

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Holiday travel can pose some unique considerations for those of us who will be carrying a pocketknife. The restrictions, or lack thereof, that we face at home could be very different from those where we will be when we celebrate. Always check out local laws before you travel and plan accordingly.

Knife Rights has made your homework a little easier if you will happen to be in one of the following cities. They have just released their first annual scorecard detailing the 10 Worst Anti-Knife Cities, and 5 Best States for Knife Owners in the US. Continue reading

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Accessory Review: Mad Blacksmith “City Dweller” lanyard.


Jonathan M. submits this excellent review of a useful accessory if you live somewhere where a pocket clip is considered brandishing.

I am not making an official announcement, but I am planning on doing a reader submission contest. I am going to try to get one of the companies to donate the prizes rather than rely on the generosity of our readers. Not only did Jonathan M. donate knives from his collection to our recent Jack-o-Lantern contest, now he has submitted an excellent review piece on an interesting accessory. Expect an announcement for the contest soon, but I am going to go ahead allow this to count as our first entry. -HCA


Knife Accessory Review: Mad Blacksmith “City Dweller” Lanyard

By Jonathan M.

An item that is variously characterized by some of my friends as “ingenious”, “weird”, and “dumb as all hell”, the Mad Blacksmith City Dweller lanyard is an accessory born from unfortunate necessity. Described by creator The Mad Blacksmith (aka Jared West) on his website as a way to avoid “undue attention from onlookers”, the gadget simply works as camouflage so you can carry your knife of choice wherever you go.

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Black Friday Deals

Just a quick reminder that Black Friday is coming up. Many knife dealers have specials going on. The ones to pay attention to are Blade HQ, GP Knives, Cutlery Shoppe, and Knife Center. I don’t know exact sales yet, but they’re usually pretty awesome. We’ll update you guys as we get more information.

UPDATE #1: Knife Center announced a pre-black Friday sale. 10% off all SOG knives (unless they’re already on sale). Sale lasts until Thursday at midnight.

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A slight digression into Japanese woodworking saws.


My collection of Japanese woodworking saws, and a big-ass German cross-cut saw – because it is awesome.

I have been making a lot of sawdust lately, and spent some shop time with Thing 2 this evening. After helping me put screws into the beer caddie Xmas gifts I am making, he wanted more. So I handed him a saw and a piece of scrap pine and let him go to town. I know this isn’t a woodworking blog, but since I have a few specialty edged tools around, I figured some of you might find this interesting.

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Friday Film Fest: I don’t think that means what you think it does.

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So I fell asleep on the couch last night and never got this put together. Apologies and here we go…

The lead video made the rounds this past week including a link on Drudge. I agree with one of the commentors on YouTube that this is a better example of precision robotic movement than true swordfighting, but it is cool nonetheless.

Below the jump we have a time lapse of forging a parang, building a campcraft chair with a CRKT Hoodwork, a really neat video on how to craft a wooden utility knife, and a news story from ABC News about a knife attack at the New London, CT submarine base.

If you all ever come across something that you think we should feature in a future Film Fest, please send it my way. ( Thanks.

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Housekeeping: Cue the ballon drop.

Sometime overnight, TTAK surpassed 2 million page views.

In the wee hours of the morning we reached a bit of a milestone – our 2 millionth page view. To put it in perspective, my guide service’s website, Smoky Mountain Gillies, has 77k since I opened in 2006. Of course we have a long way to go to catch the Mothership, TTAG gets in the neighborhood of 10 million a month (the last time I checked).

Still, it is a nice validation of our work to reach that level in under two years. We are obviously doing a decent job since you all keep coming back, and for that we sincerely thank you.

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