Question of the Day: Is your EDC situation dependent?

photo (7)

On any given day I carry some permutation of these as my EDC blade(s).

I was getting ready to go out this evening, and as I was changing, I took stock of what blade I wanted to bring with me. It was a bit of a legal grey area where I was going, so I opted for my Benchmade MiniGriptilian as an inside pocket carry.

Most days I have taken to carrying two knives. First I EDC either the Grip or my Spyderco Native S30V. These are my everyday functional knives. As a general rule it unneccesairly startles folks who don’t know me if I suddenly produce a neck-knife or 4.5″ fixed blade. An EDC folder is sufficient for 95% of what most of us encounter on a daily basis. Which of the two folders I am carrying is simply a matter of convenience. I often leave one or the other in the basement bathroom, still clipped to my pants or shorts when I shower at night. Given the choice I grab the Grip, for reasons I will explain when I get around to writing a formal review. Continue reading

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Obscure Object of Desire: Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp


If you build a better mousetrap…people will contribute $150k to your Kickstarter campaign.

While you can certainly file it under the tag “First-world Problems”, that doesn’t make shredding the heck out of a piece of bread trying to spread cold butter any less annoying. Fear no more, a trio of Australian inventors has quite possibly solved this problem that has plagued humanity since the dawn of refrigeration.

Turns out that by introducing a grating edge to the knife, thin strips of easily spreadable goodness are created when the knife is drawn across the surface of a stick of butter. (Click on the picture if the .gif doesn’t animate).


mmm…squiggly, buttery goodness.

More below the jump…

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Breaking: St. Louis Police Shoot Knife-Wielding Man.


St. Louis Police shot and killed a man who had robbed a convenience store and refused to drop the knife he pulled from his waistband when confronted by police. (photo from MSNBC)

Things are a bit touchy in Missouri these days if you haven’t heard. I will refrain from taking a position on the Ferguson shooting itself. Neither side’s initial story painted anything remotely resembling a coherent picture, though the needle seems to be moving in the direction of ambiguous if not justified. I wasn’t there, and justice does not move at the speed of Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackass. If there is a case to be made against the officer, then he deserves a trial and not mob justice.

I have do have strong opinions on the militarization of police in this country. I also believe that the Ferguson PD’s ham-handed response has turned the situation into an unmitigated pooch-screw. I welcome your thoughts and opinions on that issue in the comments. I am sort of throwing this out as an “open-thread” on the whole Ferguson situation.

That leads me to today’s shooting. I credit the St. Louis Chief holding an immediate press conference and being extremely forthcoming from the beginning. It looks like there is no strong link between today’s shooting and the protests in Ferguson. In fact, it may even have been a “Suicide by Cop”… Continue reading

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Irresponsible Knife User of the Day: Sir Isaac Newton Edition

Man Calmly Walks Into Hospital With Knife In Head

Note to Mr. Wu…Mr. Yunzhi Ziao would appreciate you refraining from leaving knives in your balcony flowerpots in the future.

Remarkably, in the intervening 20 years since I took high school physics I have not killed the brain cell remembering that gravitational acceleration on Earth is 9.8m s/2. Guangyuan, China resident Yunzhi Ziao is intimately familiar with gravity as a practical matter as he was struck in the head with a knife while taking a walk last week. Unlike many Chinese stabbings, it wasn’t an attack by Uighur Separatists. Instead, a “Mr. Wu” who lived in the apartment whose balcony Ziao happened to be walking by told police that he had left the knife in a flower pot and the wind blew it over. Continue reading

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Friday Film Fest: A bit of everything Edition

YouTube Preview Image

Today’s videos, in addition to being 12 hours late, lack any particular theme or unifying principle. But I hope you enjoy them regardless.

Balisongs are one of the coolest if least practical styles of knife. I have had the chance to play around with one, and manipulating a balisong is even more addicting than flinging throwing knives ( The video above is a good breakdown of a reverse-grip opening maneuver. Continue reading

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And the Winner is….

photo (58)

The winner of our “Caption This” photo contest will get this Limited Edition CRKT Minimalist.

The results are in and a winner has been selected. I first want to thank all of those who submitted pictures or added captions for the contest. Unlike last time, we actually have hardware in the prize drawer, and one of you will be receiving this “Chopfest Edition” CRKT Ken Folts Minimalist neck knife. I love mine, and wear it as a backup to my Mora when I guide. About as strong of an endorsement I can give this little blade.

May we have the envelope please… Continue reading

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Reader Knife Review: Schrade SCHF14

Knife Review: Schrade SCHF14, by StuartB

Oh, that ‘new knife’ smell

Ahh…New Knife Smell.

I’ve been trying to write this review for a while, but it’s been held back by an onslaught of work and life’s sundry other distractions. I was spurred on by David Andersen’s recent post about abusing pretty knives he had won from TTAK and Clay’s bug out knife article, both well written and thought provoking.

While this is not a review that will live up to TTAK’s scientific test procedure, it does touch on those themes of practicality and fit for purpose. The knife was my prize for winning the TTAK Facebook photo competition – in the form of a $35 gift certificate for the Smokey Mountain Knife Works. Clay was apologetic that it was  sent  in lieu of any hardware in the TTAK prize drawer at the time of his taking the reigns of the blog. Was he kidding? An excuse to browse for new toys at SMKWs is a treat in its self, especially as I was a first time visitor, and I was plying with House money. Thanks Clay, and to all of you who voted for my photo entry. Continue reading

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