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AKTI Introduces Interstate Transport Act. The question is Why?

its a trap

The American Knife and Tool Institute (AKTI) is the trade group for the production knife industry. While not all of the industry stalwarts are members, a significant number are. I have spent more time covering Knife Rights, which through grass-roots advocacy has been leading the charge for knife-law reform in America. I personally view AKTI as being somewhat late to the party. In January 2016 they announced an increased focus on the effort, issuing this press release.

Earlier this month AKTI announced the introduction in Congress of the Interstate Transport Act (ITA – S. 1092), which turns out to be  a watered-down and dangerously ineffective alternative to the latest version of the Knife Owner Protection Act (KOPA – H.R. 84), conceived and authored by Knife Rights, which was introduced on the opening day of this congressional session. Both bills ostensibly aim for the same goal, “to protect the right of law-abiding citizens to transport knives interstate, notwithstanding a patchwork of local and State prohibitions.”  KOPA would actually do just that, while the ITA fails miserably in that, and worse, actually endangers knife owners traveling the country.  The question is, Why? 

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Knife Rights

UPDATE: Texas Residents – the Senate passed the “Bowie Bill”. 

Update: It passed the Senate late last night. Good work everyone and thank you to those who called.  

Details to follow. 

I don’t know how many people will see this before midnight tonight (Austin, TX time), but this just went out a couple of hours ago from Knife Rights. Apparently the “Bowie Knife” bill (HB1935) which would lift the ban on bowies, dirks, and other verboten blade-types is in trouble tonight. Not because it isn’t supported by overwhelming margins, but because it might be collateral damage from unrelated House/Senate feuding in the Texas Legislature.

From Knife Rights:

Knife Rights’ Texas Knife Bill Needs Your Immediate Help!
Knife Rights bill to repeal “illegal knives” from Texas statute HB1935 needs your help to get over the finish line.HB1935 passed the Texas House 131 – 1, was favorably reported out of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, and recommended for the Senate  Local and Uncontested calendar.

By any measure the bill is in good shape to pass, however due to political tensions unrelated to HB1935 in the Texas legislature things have slowed to a snails pace, and the clock is ticking and will run out at midnight tonight Austin Texas time. So if HB1935 is not heard by Midnight tonight, it is dead!

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5 From the Grinder

“5 from the Grinder” with Jason Leclair

It took several months to work thorough the post-BLADE Show queue of 5 from the Grinder posts last year, and since then I have been reaching out to custom makers on social media whose work catches my eye. While I  anticipate another solid run of posts in the weeks following this year’s show, I am always looking for new makers to feature. So please feel free to suggest makers whom you know who might be interested.

Jason Leclair (Leclair Knives) is one of those makers I mentioned I came across through a Facebook group. He is a Canadian knifemaker whose wares include some lovely handle and bolster work. But I will let Jason tell you more…


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Man arrested for brandishing hatchet and bat at Manchester bombing vigil

A Birmingham, England vigil for the victims of the Manchester bombing was disrupted when a 39-year old man began shouting and brandishing a hatchet and novelty baseball bat.

From BirminghamMail:

Police officers arrested a man who is alleged to have been carrying a baseball bat and small axe at a vigil in Birmingham this evening.

The footage (below) shows officers detain a 39-year-old near Victoria Square in Birmingham city centre where hundreds had gathered in a show of solidarity following a suicide bomb attack at the Manchester Arena last night.


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President Trump participates in traditional Saudi “Sword Dance”

That sword on the Saudi flag is not just for beheading criminals or infidels, it is also a dance-prop.

In an incident that must have had the Secret Service detail requiring oxygen, President Trump waded among a sea of sword-wielding partygoers participating in a traditional Saudi Sword-dance (or Ardah).

Which begs the question, how is it that Knife Rights need to provide a knife check service when His Hairness™ visited the NRA Convention yet the Secret Service is ok with this?

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Defensive Knife Use of the Day

Defensive Knife Use: Roommate fight leads to justifiable stabbing

A fight between roommates in Washington State sent the aggressor to the being transported to the hospital with a neck laceration. It sounds like a sketchy situation as the aggressor had a history of drug use including a 50 month sentence for administering a lethal dose of heroine. I don’t think that the exonerated victim is going to become the next poster child for the pro-knife movement.

From DiscoverFerndale:

According to information released by the Ferndale Police Department, two roommates got into an argument in the front yard of their residence. One roommate grabbed and threatened to assault the other. The other roommate warned he was armed with a knife and would use it to defend himself. He was then struck in the head and subsequently “used the knife to prevent further assault.”

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Knife Making

A primer on Bronze-Age swordmaking from an unlikely source


Welcome Instapundit readers. Thank you for visiting, and thank you to the Good Doctor for tossing us the Brass Ring of Blogging once again. Our mission at TTAK is to combine the best knife reviews on the Internet with news, politics, humor, and culture from the knife world. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@knifetruth), or Instagram (@knifetruth),if you are so inclined.


Author J.M. Ney-Grimm has little background in the subject of Bronze-Age swordmaking. However, she is the kind of author who likes to flesh out her writing with vivid descriptions of the activities being performed by her characters. She dove into researching the subject, and published an article on Sarah A. Hoyt’s blog detailing what she found. The extraction and smelting of the tin and copper are described particularly well – with illustration and YouTube videos. It is a great piece and I thank reader Sam D. for sending it to me.


But my insatiable curiosity (and I seem to be able to be curious about everything and anything) was not why I researched bronze metallurgy in ancient times. I was writing a novel set in the Bronze Age of my North-lands, and my protagonist was essentially the treasurer for a warlord. The wealth of the citadel lay in its metals and – especially – its weapons. So I needed to know all about how the metals were extracted from the earth, how they were purified and poured into ingots, and what forging techniques were used. My protag knew all that stuff, so I needed to know about it also.

For those of you who share my curious bent, here’s what I discovered.

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