Photos and Knife Porn

Nightly Knife Porn: Friday night quickie edition…

I am way behind tonight, so I am going to go light on the text for tonight’s post. I had my son’s Cub Scout meeting, followed by my daughter’s birthday slumber party. I couldn’t get out to the shop to write until things settled down. Apologies.

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Knife Stories

GOT Star has real-life knife skills

(via ScreenRant)

I am a basic-cable Luddite. If it weren’t for live sports, I would have ditched it entirely. So I haven’t seen Game of Thrones. The only two actors I know from the show are Sean Bean (I love the Sharpes movies) and the little-person who was also in Elf. So I do not know who Maisie Williams is, but the Twittersphere is agog over her real life knife skills.


Game of Thrones season 7 has shown a massive growth in the character of the youngest Stark girl, with Arya finally utilizing the skills she almost died learning in past seasons. With this growth comes new opportunities for the character to face off against the most revered warriors in the realm, including the legendary Brienne of Tarth. This behind the scenes video shows the two actresses in rehearsal, and man does it make a Thrones fan’s heart flutter.


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Photos and Knife Porn

Nightly Knife Porn: Have a KAVU Day


KAVU stands for “Klear Above, Visibility Unlimited. It is a term used by climbers (and the name of an outdoor clothing company) to recognize perfect conditions for a day’s adventure. The lead shot of tonight’s Knife Porn reminded me of this. Since the pictures tonight are random, I needed a title, and it seemed as good as any.

Have a great Friday folks.

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Defensive Knife Use of the Day

Defensive Knife Use: McDonald’s manager stabs assailant amidst group melee

A McDonalds manager in Des Moines, Wash. suffered minor injuries when he was attacked by a group of young men. Despite getting pummeled, the manager managed to stab one of his assailants with his pocket knife.

From FoxNews:

The McDonald’s manager had asked the man and his friends to leave the restaurant at around 2:30 p.m., but they reportedly refused.

Instead, the group allegedly began shouting and attacking the manager, battering him with punches and kicks as employees and customers looked on.

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Nightly Knife Porn: What our readers are carrying today.

I posted the question above to our social media feeds this morning, and readers chimed in. Many folks on our Facebook page actually posted a pic of their EDC knife, and I figured I would make those shots our knife porn of the night.

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And the hits just keep on comin’: TTAK reaches 6 million page views.

6 million served. Thank you for your support.

Sometime during the 8pm hour this evening TTAK crossed another milestone – our 6 millionth page view. We did it in 7 months and 20 days. While this was only 4 days faster than our 4-5 million time, there was a massive spike in traffic during that period, including our 19k+ best day ever when our Wells Fargo to Hogue: “We won’t do business with weapon manufacturers” post went viral. That wave lasted for a couple of weeks. So I am pleased at the steady growth in the past 7+ months, where we managed to sustain a higher daily average of close to 4000 page views.

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Axes, Hatchets, & Machetes

Obscure Machete Martial-Art form


I have been sitting on this for awhile. I am not entirely sure what to make of it. I do know there are many obscure martial arts like this one around the world. I also know that for many around around said world, a machete is about all a man can afford.

What I really like about this thing is it so encompasses everything about “old school” martial arts. It is taught father to son. There is often a tie in to something of greater historical significance. There is a hokey factor. But in many villages around the world you will see something a lot like this. A weird dude, a sacred tree, and a story that strains believability.

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