Survival Saturday

From NYT: Teach your kids to play with fire

Treating anything like “forbidden fruit” is often detrimental to children, and can lead to bigger problems down the road. Obviously, certain activities and tools have a range of “age appropriateness” but in our overprotective society, too often parents are squeamish about letting kids experiment with things that can harm them, to the detriment of kids development.

From the NYT:

At a Berlin day care center, a little boy lights a match and touches it to another, making a sudden flare. The girl sitting next to him shouts a word that is the same in German and English: “Cool!”

The two children, both under 6, aren’t breaking any rules. They are taking part in a fire workshop designed by Kain Karawahn, an artist who, as part of a performance piece about freedom in 1987, once set a blaze at the Berlin Wall. No one was hurt.

Now Mr. Karawahn teaches young children how to set safe fires. “The success is not ‘Hooray, it’s burning!’” he said. “The success is that after my fire, the place looks the same as before, and I look the same as before.”

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Hinderer debuts slipjoint folder prior to IWA show

Rick Hinderer is debuting a new slipjoint knife prior to his departure to next week’s IWA show (European version of SHOT for lack of a better description). But this is not your grandpa’s dainty Stockman, Hinderer’s XM-Slippy is every bit as “overbuilt” as his typical offerings.

The combination of modern styling on a traditional action is one of the big things that I liked about Teddy Peacher’s Chimera (review here) and this Hinderer looks to be of a similar vein.

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Crime and Punishment

Sword-wielding Florida Man arrested for terrorizing Walmart parking lot.

This one almost has it all:

  • Florida Man √
  • Intoxicated perp √
  •  Walmart parking lot √
  • Swords  √

The only blemish on an otherwise perfect news story is he wasn’t armed with an alligator.

From Fox13News:

Responding officers were called by the store’s manager, who said someone was threatening customers in the parking lot. When they got there, they found Shannon Schenck carrying two swords and appearing to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the police department said.

Several witnesses told officers Schenck had “assumed a fighting stance and unsheathed the swords in a threatening manner while approaching customers exiting their vehicles.”

Major Second Amendment win in Pennsylvania knife-in-school case

“My concern isn’t so much about that individual case, that individual wasn’t trying to commit any violence. It’s just going forward the language in that case, it could open the door for anybody to basically bring any weapon into school as long as they say it’s for a lawful purpose” – Lancaster (PA) District Attorney Craig Stedman

Wouldn’t it always be illegal to bring a weapon to a school for an illegal purpose? Or is it illegallier?

The above quote pertains to the case of a Pennsylvania dad who was arrested for having a pocketknife in his child’s school. He was convicted of a misdemeanor charge, which was upheld by a 3-judge panel. This was appealed and accepted for en banc review and re-hearing by the entire court.

The court issued their ruling about a week ago,  vacating the trial court’s conviction. Chief Counsel Joshua Prince breaks down the Court’s decision.

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Blade-smithing, fish-gigging, and hog hunting with Daniel Casey

I stumbled across when surfing around on Twitter. What caught my eye was this video with Arkansas armorer Daniel Casey. Some may recognize him from the History Channel show Iron and Fire. Daniel calls himself an “armorer” since he also makes guns and other weaponry. Much of it is featured in this video as he and the host do some forging, go fish gigging and take part in a hog-hunt in the Ozark foothills.

The video is from CarbonTV’s series Heartlandia. CarbonTV is a streaming video channel featuring all manner of outdoor videos. As far as I have been able to tell, much of it is exclusively produced content, and most is shot with really high production quality – as you can see below. The site is a black hole of hunting, shooting, and other outdoor pursuits that I got sucked into this evening.

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