Archaeologists in Spain discover cache of prehistoric crystal weapons

Archaeologists in Spain have unearthed a trove of 5,000 year old crystal weapons from a tomb complex. Knowing what I do about lithics, I am gobsmacked by this assemblage.

From Disclose TV :

An excavation of the megalithic tombs of the site at Valencina de la Concepcion in south-western Spain has uncovered a ‘remarkable set’ of crystal weapons. The weapons uncovered are described as exquisitely made and wonderfully well preserved. It is estimated that they date back to the around 3000 BC. It has been noted that the weapons are roughly the same shape as the flint arrowheads that were in common proliferation in the area during this era, but the crystal items would have required a much greater level of skill to construct.

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Photos and Knife Porn

Some random “saw-porn” to finish your evening…


I thought that “World’s first” was a bold claim, and while I saw a couple of other examples on the Google, this backsaw is definitely the finest example I could find.

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Axes, Hatchets, & Machetes

Iowa friends’ axe restoration business becomes so much more

When four Iowa buddies started restoring axes and selling them on Etsy, they had no idea the business would grow into a brick and mortar operation manufacturing leather-goods, as well as selling clothing, knives and much more.

Fontenelle Supply Company was featured on their local news in Des Moines, and as we enjoy bringing you pieces that paint the edged-tool community in a positive light, we hope you enjoy this one.


Like America itself, it was an axe that cleared the path for the Fontenelle Supply Company–owned by four camping buddies who simply wanted to split wood for a fire.

“Initially,” says co-owner Andrew Willoughby, “we brought some axes that just didn’t quite…cut it.”

Pardon the pun–necessity did lead to invention, here.


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Abraham Lincoln Fought In A Duel Using Broadswords (Almost)

Yeah. Google it. Here is the short version of the story.

Not A Broadsword

This guy by the name of James Shields was the auditor of the State of Illinois. When the state bank went bankrupt, Shields sided with those who closed the bank.
Lincoln writes to a paper under a woman’s name and mocks Shields about the closing (as well as other things) in several op-ed articles. Shields goes to the paper and demands to know the identity of the author and the paper obliges. Shields challenges Abe to a duel. Under most codes for dueling the one challenged gets to name the weapon so Lincoln chose broadswords.

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Sunday Funny

From the Onion: Jim Beam introduces new whiskey blend for knife/gunshot wounds

(image via The BourbonCrusaders)

When “America’s Finest Newsource” isn’t shilling for the political left, it can still be quite amusing. I saw this video (below) with just enough time to sneak it in for a last minute Sunday Funny. With boutique distilling all the rage, it was only a matter of time until someone came up with this…

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Sunday Funny

Sunday Funny: Spin Me Right Round

Ever heard of a Torqbar? I hadn’t either, until my brother showed up with one at Thanksgiving last year. Imagine a small, flat piece of metal that will fit in the palm of your hand. In the center is a caged bearing that you can pinch, which allows you to spin the bar around while holding on to it. Thats it.

Now, how much would you pay for something like this? If you answered “$150 and up!” then you are correct. Welcome to the world of EDC spinners. Continue Reading

Personal Defense

Sunday Funny/Self Defense: How to defeat the “Trump Handshake”

“His Hairness” has a seriously aggressive handshake.

President Trump’s aggressive handshake style has been the subject of much internet discussion. Many articles have been written, speculating as to what this might reveal about his inner psyche. It isn’t that complicated, Trump thinks of himself as a dominant individual and attempts to demonstrate it through his handshake. He draws his elbow back firmly, and if the handshakee is not prepared for it they can be pulled off balance.

Former President Obama (that has a nice ring to it) did a similar thing, except in a subtler way. He would grab behind the elbow of the person with whom he was shaking hands, establishing a control-grip. “Subtle” is not often used when describing His Hairness – and his handshake reflects this.

You can read a great piece about handshake dominance here. The video below shows what to do if confronted by someone pulling you in by the hand, though it would probably be a bad idea to try it on the President of the United States.

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