Charge a gun. Run from a knife. Or not.


An unnamed Kroger manager took umbrage when 51 year old career criminal Claude Medlock shoplifted from his store.

It is a long established adage that you should charge a gun and run from a knife. But that didn’t stop a Kroger manager from achieving a very Pyrrhic victory when he managed to disarm and subdue a shoplifter in the parking lot of his store. He emerged from the encounter unscathed but the act cost him his job. Continue reading

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Wrapping up the Facebook Cover Contest


Rory W. submits this picture of an ESEE 4.

We have just a couple of more entries to go in our Facebook Cover Photo contest before I compile them all into a single post to chose a winner.  Reader Rory W. sends us 3 photos for consideration.  Two of them are of his ESEE 4 – one of his personal favorites. I haven’t played around much with smaller fixed blade knives, but I hope that I can see this one in person at this year’s Blade Show. Continue reading

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Irresponsible Knife Owner of the Day: Enchilada con Cuchillo Edition


The TSA found this knife rolled inside an enchilada in a woman’s carry-on luggage.

I admit that I don’t always stay up to date with the latest in carry-on restrictions from the TSA.  I seldom fly, but when I do I avoid bringing much more than an iPad and a book. While I lament the idiocy of banning knives from planes, I have better things to do with my life than risk a confrontation with a bunch of TSA sycophants.

Not everyone is quite so smart.  An alert agent at the Sonoma Airport recently discovered this 8″ knife rolled inside an enchilada a woman was attempting to bring aboard a plane in her carry-on luggage. Continue reading

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Knife Review: Spyderco Cat G10

Image courtesy of David C. Andersen

Just yesterday, Dan previewed the Dragonfly 2 ZDP-189, but today lets take a look at another small Spyderco.

Living where I do, I am very cognizant of blade lengths. Although I reside and work in Maryland, where I typically do not need to be concerned, I live less than a mile from Washington, D.C. where the legal limit is 3 inches. It helps not needing to worry about my blade if I decide to go downtown. Additionaly, federal buildings have their own 2.5” length limit. A friend of mine works in one of these buildings and needed a new EDC recently. The trick was finding a small enough knife that still has enough grip to handle any heavier chores that may come your way. Enter the Spyderco Cat…

Continue reading

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Question of the Day: How Do You Sharpen Your Knives?


I recently attended a local Friends of the NRA dinner. If you’ve ever been to one, they’re less a dinner than they are an auction and raffle. You’re basically there to drop some coin on chances at guns and other gear. Anyway, one of the items I came away with in the silent auction was a Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker set. I’ve heard good things about it, but haven’t had a chance yet to watch the instructional DVD and get down to honing yet. I’ve only used a ceramic steel to regain my edges up until now and for a bid of only $45, it wasn’t a bad buy. How do you keep your blades it tip top shape?

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Five Murdered in Calgary Mass Stabbing


“Five University of Calgary students were stabbed to death Tuesday morning in what the city’s police chief called ‘the worst mass murder in Calgary’s history.’” The suspect who’s been arresting the mass-stabbing, Matthew DeGrood is the son of a Calgary police officer.     “(Chief Rick) Hanson said de Grood ‘obtained a large knife’ at the house and began attacking his victims shortly after he arrived. ‘He targeted the victims one by one, stabbing them several times’ said Hanson. There was no known altercation between de Grood — who was an invited guest — and any of his victims leading up to the attack, Hanson said.” That’s de Grood’s enigmatic last Facebook post, above. He’s been arrested and charges with five counts of first degree murder.

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Just Arrived: Spyderco Dragonfly2 ZDP-189


The Spyderco Dragonfly2 has long been one of the most highly regarded EDC knives around. And the premium version that sports “high-performance” ZDP-189 steel has been particularly prized. For all of those reasons, this little blade has been on my want list for a long time. Well, Saturday I hopped in the jalopy and made the trek across the river to GP Knives and finally bought one. From just a few days’ use, it’s easy see why DF2 is so well-loved, and I can confidently say that I have never owned a sharper blade. Full review to come in a couple of weeks. In the mean time, as Ferris famously advised, if you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. Whoa.

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