Question of the Day: What Is Your Go-To Knife Recommendation?

Image courtesy of David C. Andersen

Inevitably, it happens. Your friends, family, coworkers, etc. know that you are a knife person. One day, one of those people (lets call them NK for “needs knife”) asks for a knife suggestion. “I need a good pocketknife, what should I get?”

So what would make “a good knife” for the non-enthusiast NK? Lets assume he/she is looking for an every day carry or utility blade. The amount of money some of us like to spend on a blade can be daunting to a beginner, so something reasonably priced would be best, but we don’t want to recommend something of low quality either. Let’s steer NK in the right direction.

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Caption this: Melon vs. Machete


“Eat what you kill” – Caption from CRKT Twitter Retweet.

This will be the final tease for my CRKT Halfachance review. I am going to keep this short, because I want to get back to work on it. My hope is that I will finish by end of day tomorrow.

I have been testing the heck out of this blade. As is our modus operandi, I have tried to include at least one extreme or silly test in each review. This afternoon, I peeled and cubed a pineapple. Last week I just went Gallagher-Fu with the ‘chance on the second half of a watermelon that my kids said tasted funny. But it gave me the idea to try the pineapple in a good-faith attempt at culinary execution. (it exceeded my expectations, though a cutting board was destroyed in the process).

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ICYMI: A 5-Star “Unintentional Editorial” from a Reader


Within the comments of a recently spammed post, I rediscovered this editorial-quality piece from a reader.

Keeping the spam-bots at bay is a constant low-level annoyance. For some reason or another, they have latched onto the Project Kephart post and spam the hell out of it. It is obviously not our fault, but I just think it looks sloppy and is a poor first impression for a first time visitor to the site. I try and remove them as fast as they come up, to the tune of about a dozen a day.

Sometimes something random gets the bot-love, and it gives me a chance to revisit a previous post. Within the comment thread of “Washington State Court of Appeals: Kitchen Knives are Not Arms“, reader Asamurai was struck by a sentence I written, and composed a lengthy and editorial-quality reply. When I read it again this evening, it struck me that his comment was better than anything that my muse was singing tonight. Asamurai’s piece deserves a broader audience than being buried in a post comment.

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Question of the Day: Which is the worse media obfuscation?


Is the media hiding the DGU and Islamic angles of the Oklahoma beheading?

There are so many angles to the Oklahoma jihadi beheading, it is hard to list them all. Obviously, the perpetrator’s weapon of choice was a knife. A couple of weeks ago a kid in Nebraska killed his mom with a hammer before killing himself with carbon monoxide. It doesn’t matter. Fetishizing the tool a psychopath chooses misses two much larger issues that the Government and Media find inconvenient to their chosen narratives.

They are already calling the incident workplace violence, despite the evidence to the contrary. I am not saying that this guy was a full blown Al Qaeda operative. At most I expect he might have exchange an email or two with a radical Imam of note. He converted to Islam in prison, and his views were becoming darker and clearly illustrate his siding with Islamists against America. I am not saying that if he hadn’t been fired from his job that he would have committed the attack yesterday. I am saying that it looks like this guy would have done something at some point, and if someone like company COO Mark Vaughan were not there to stop it, the death toll would be much worse.

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BREAKING: Man Beheads Coworker, Is Stopped By Armed Executive

Earlier today, a man who was fired from a food processing plant near Oklahoma City retaliated by attacking his coworkers with a knife, managing to behead one and seriously wound another, before being shot by Mark Vaughan, COO of the company and a reserve sheriff’s deputy. The suspect and the victim of the stabbing are said to now be hospitalized in stable condition.  Continue reading

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Friday Film Fest: Decapitated Prawn Edition

YouTube Preview Image

There is apparently a show on the Esquire Network called Knife Fight. It is your standard head-to-head timed cooking competition, but the knife work seems to be highlighted more than a comparable Food Network show. The prawns were very fresh. And they never stood a chance.

Other videos this week include a Chinese shopkeeper charging a handful of government officials, a Krav Maga video from the official IDF YouTube Channel, and the return of “Nathan’s Pick” – a Q&A with knife reviewer Jim Skelton.

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Question of the Day: What’s the proper age for a first knife?

YouTube Preview Image

I don’t usually go to the Huffington Post for either knife content or parenting advice. Most of their stuff borders on the insufferable, but to paraphrase Sun Tzu, “You should know your enemy”. They are a leading media outlet for the civilian disarmament complex, as well as a host of other issues on which they espouse views diametrically opposed to mine. So I like to at least scan their headlines.

I came across an article on parenting that I found surprising. It is mostly a reaction to the runaway helicopter parenting that is ruining our kids. I largely agree with most of the points the author made (except co-sleeping) and I appreciate her drawing from a wide range of cultures in both the east and west. The section that stood out most prominently was one dealing with Europeans routinely giving knives to kindergartners. (OMG kids are using knives at school. B-b-but kids! Knives! B-b-but school! )

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