On Wisconsin!: State Appeals Court rules man can possess a switchblade in his home


The advance of civil rights continues in Wisconsin.

We have been following KnifeRights.org’s efforts in the Wisconsin legislature to legalize automatic knives (and enact knife law preemption). AB 142 passed the Assembly and out of Senate committee. It is waiting on a full Senate vote and Governor Walker’s signature.

While not directly related to this effort, the Wisconsin 3rd District Appeals Court ruled today that an Appleton man’s conviction for the possession of a 4″ switchblade in his own home was unconstitutional and unanimously overturned his 2012 conviction.

From Fox11Online:

“State attorneys argued that the prohibition serves a crucial government goal – protecting the public from potentially deadly surprise attacks by people wielding switchblades.

The appellate court found the possession prohibition is unconstitutional as applied specifically to the facts of Herrmann’s particular case. The judges said the state’s argument that the prohibition protects public safety has nothing to do with Herrmann’s case since possession in a home for self-defense poses little to no danger to the public.”

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Froglube saved my butt. Or at least my knife.

I have mentioned my fondness for Froglube CLP in the past. I haven’t bothered to do a controlled test of the stuff for TTAK, because it has been documented so thoroughly here. I just have anecdotal evidence myself, and this latest case is about as strong of an endorsement I can give.

A couple of weeks back I left my Caleb White Penance on my waders which were in turn left in the back of my truck after use (under a toneau cover) until a few days ago. When I discovered that I had neglected to remove them I had a brief moment of panic when I noticed the Penance clipped to the belt. There was rust on the screws of the sheath, and a little on the handle. I cringed as I drew it from the sheath.


Seeing the rust on painted screws gave me a moment of panic

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Know your historical swords: The Goujian


The Goujian is an extremely fine example of the Jain-style, and is the most revered sword in China.

“Fifty year ago, a rare and unusual sword was found in a tomb in China. Despite being well over 2,000 years old, the sword, known as the Goujian, did not have a single trace of rust.  The blade drew blood when an archeologist tested his finger on its edge, seemingly unaffected by the passage of time.  Besides this strange quality, the craftsmanship was highly detailed for a sword made such a long time ago.  Regarded as a state treasure in China today, the sword is as legendary to the Chinese people as King Arthur’s Excalibur in the West.” (Ancient-Origins.net)

I stumbled across this interesting article about a pretty incredible jian  sword, a double-edged straight sword, quite different from the later dao sword, a slashing weapon descended from the southeast Asian dha. 

As mentioned above, it is both an early and extraordinarily well-preserved jian. It is of cast bronze, with a tin-edge, along with traces of lead, iron, and sulfur compounds which are believed to contribute to the blade’s corrosion resistance.

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Irresponsible Sword Use: Man swings katana in NYC Apple Store


A man was arrested at an NYC Apple store for a bizarre sword-swinging incident.

There is a time and a place for everything, and an NYC Apple Store is not the place to whip out a katana and begin a very poor attempt a Tai Chi Sword Form. Frankly, I have no idea what the perp was thinking or trying to do, but the situation ended with no injuries.

From the New York Post:

“Usually the staircase is mobbed with people, but this time it wasn’t. There was a guy in the mid part of the staircase kneeling,” Birnbaum told The Post.

“His face looked a little contorted and twisted,” she added. “I thought he was doing some sort of performance art, but then he pulls out this sword with a huge 2-foot-long blade and it was dead obvious that it was a real sword.

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Question of the Day: What Knife for the Zombie Apocalypse?

daryl-dixon-the-walking-dead-busse-team-geminiI don’t know if we have yet reached peak zombie, but if not, we are probably close. Although I never went crazy about all the zombie themed gear that has risen up to capitalize on the trend, I’ve long enjoyed some good z-themed-fiction, and that includes The Walking Dead which airs its mid-season finale next Sunday.

Much in the way I think science-fiction is at its best when used as a form of social commentary, good zombie fiction uses the zedheads as a stand in to explore the breakdown of modern civilization. Continue reading

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Housekeeping: Post #1500

IMG_9764This will be TTAK’s 1500th post when I hit publish. TTAK launched on March 16th, 2013 when Editor Emeritus Chris Dumm put out his official welcome. Since that time, you all have visited TTAK over 1.3 million times, combining for more than 2.2 million page views.

Thank you to all of you for coming back so often and making TTAK the community it has become.

We are back to a full slate of posts tomorrow. David has a Fiddleback review coming out soon, and I am wrapping up my testing of the Caleb White Penance with the goal of getting the review out by a week from tomorrow. Please continue to send whatever you may come across that you think might be fodder for the blog to thetruthaboutknives@gmail.com. Thanks.

Have a great week folks.


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Sunday Funny: To do list


Some people are alive simply because it is illegal to kill them, or so the saying goes. This is probably a good thing for Ohio State’s Offensive Coordinator. I am trying to stay upbeat following the shitburger of a game the Buckeyes put up. I can think of other names that many folks would name their swords this evening.

Hope you all are having a good weekend. Stay safe everyone. Especially if this is more than scuttlebutt. 

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