Tactical Duty Knife: Extrema Ratio Glauca B1



Extrema Ratio- Glauca B1 Review by Ian von Gordon


by Ian von Gordon

What makes a good knife for law enforcement?  This is a question I ask myself on a daily basis.  However, due to the broad nature of law enforcement both within a department and across borders, the answer can vary widely.  For example, the needs of a patrol officer who may mainly work in traffic will be prioritized differently than a special tactics officer.  Likewise, the rules and customs of a specific jurisdiction may dictate or prevent certain features.  While I understand the former, the later has long been a source of contention for me.  To that end, I tend to focus my question more narrowly: what is a good knife for me as a law enforcement officer?
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Another “Weapon Free Zone”, Another violent attack…


A nurse at the Olive View-UCLA Med. Center is in critical condition after being stabbed while at work.

While the Easter Bunny was busy hiding eggs in our house early Sunday Morning, 26-year-old Romiro Carnalla of Los Angeles showed a blatant disregard for posted “No Weapons” signs at the Olive View-UCLA Medical Center when he stabbed an on-duty nurse multiple times in the chest and torso. The nurse is now in intensive care in critical condition.  The suspect is under arrest. Continue reading

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Facebook Cover Contest: Detective Novel Edition

ttak2 (1)

Not Knife Porn, but that was never a requirement for the contest.

The contest entry deadline has officially passed (though if you get me something by the end of the week I will probably sneak it in).  I will be compiling all entries into a single post to get TTAK reader input on whom should be the winner.

We obviously love knife porn, but this entry by reader Evan C. took me at my word that submissions did not need to be a still life shot.  I like this picture, both because it is unique and creative, and also because it reminds me of an old school crime novel cover. What do you think? Continue reading

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Housekeeping: Changing of the Guard

knives (2)

You may or may not have noticed, but there has been a bit of a change here at TTAK. Our fearless leader, Chris Dumm has decided to take a bit of a step back from the day to day operations of the blog.  He is a one-man show with regards to his law practice, is a fantastic “gymnastics dad”, and (still) a prolific writer both here and over at the mothership – The Truth About Guns.  With so many irons in the fire, he decided he is spread a little thin and doesn’t want to shortchange any of these important commitments.

He isn’t saying goodbye, personally I think this morning’s “Knife Detective” post is among the coolest features he has written.  However, at Chris’s suggestion the powers that be have decided to hand the reins over to me, at least for the foreseeable future.  I hope I can suitably fill the very large shoes that I have inherited. I am both excited and humbled at the opportunity. Continue reading

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Knife History Detective: The Vintage Solingen Melon Knife.

 Image courtesy Chris Dumm for TTAK

A dear friend sent me this very unusual vintage folding knife from Germany. It comes from her elderly grandmother in Wiesbaden, and it probably dates from before WWII. The single drop-point blade is over 4.5″ long but barely 1/4″ thick. It’s made from a carbon steel with a nice patina and a few corrosion spots. It’s a style of knife that I had never encountered before, from a manufacturer I’d never heard of, and I had to discover its history.

I thought I’d seen almost everything after a year here, but dieses kleine Messer has me pretty much stumped. Fascinated by my friend’s thoughtful gift, and because I haven’t poked my head in around here much since handing the reins to Clay last month, I decided to track down its genealogy. With apologies for my German grammar (I’ve tried not to cheat with Google Translate) let’s get started…

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Charge a gun. Run from a knife. Or not.


An unnamed Kroger manager took umbrage when 51 year old career criminal Claude Medlock shoplifted from his store.

It is a long established adage that you should charge a gun and run from a knife. But that didn’t stop a Kroger manager from achieving a very Pyrrhic victory when he managed to disarm and subdue a shoplifter in the parking lot of his store. He emerged from the encounter unscathed but the act cost him his job. Continue reading

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Wrapping up the Facebook Cover Contest


Rory W. submits this picture of an ESEE 4.

We have just a couple of more entries to go in our Facebook Cover Photo contest before I compile them all into a single post to chose a winner.  Reader Rory W. sends us 3 photos for consideration.  Two of them are of his ESEE 4 – one of his personal favorites. I haven’t played around much with smaller fixed blade knives, but I hope that I can see this one in person at this year’s Blade Show. Continue reading

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