Spotted at SHOT Show: Kershaw K-TOOL


With some notable exceptions, Gerber seems to turn out a lot of junk these days, but one sure winner in their line-up is the diminutive, uber-handy Shard. That little piece of stamped steel adorns a lot of keychains. Now, looking to get in on the EDC action is Kershaw with their new K-TOOL. It’s a blackwashed piece of 3Cr13 with a bottle popper and some handy screw turners that can also be used to pry. The K-TOOL is bigger and marginally heavier than Gerber’s offering, but maybe the Kershaw name has more caché. It’s due to hit stores in Q2.

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Knife Rights Update: January “News Slice”

YouTube Preview Image

While the above video may be a bit of a bizarre medium for listing their accomplishments, I found it strangely compelling and watched the whole thing. This was due in part because I wanted to see the listing of the bills leading to Tennessee Knife Freedom Day. And the music was pretty good. I have a feeling the composer will be a success some day.

Knife Rights is not going to give the hoplophobes a chance to breathe, they are keeping up the pressure. Below the jump you can see some of the bills that Knife Rights has helped introduce nationwide for this year’s legislative session. These include another crack at the Knife Owner Protection Act at the federal level, as well as efforts in Texas, Maine and other states.

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Leatherman Tread: New wearable multi-tool bracelet.


Leathterman debuted their new bracelet multi-tool, the Tread, at SHOT this week.

Of all of the new items to debut at SHOT, the new Leatherman Tread is among the non-firearm items making the biggest waves. It first popped onto my radar midweek, and I thought I had time to get something out that wouldn’t seem to be following the trend. I was wrong. This thing took off online. So apologies if you have already seen it.

It is something completely different, yet seems completely Leatherman at the same time. There are 25 usable tools/features to this innovative bracelet, and it is even available with an optional Swiss watch.

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Question of the Day: “Learn your cliches, Meat”

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When it rains it pours…I was running low on knives for testing back around Thanksgiving. However, the combination of a couple of purchases at Smoky Mountain Knife Works, a few gifts recieved, and the Wilmont Wharny that came from Empire Outfitters for testing, I am suddenly awash with steel. Not that I am complaining.

With knives come knife reviews -that’s why TTAK is a thing after all. However, in looking back at my prior reviews I feel like I use the same old tired descriptors of a knife’s sharpness on a pretty weak rotation. I need to work on my cliches.

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Federal Judge “Surprised” by NYC’s Gravity Knife Interpretation, DA’s Attorney Agrees with Knife Rights

Image courtesy Knife Rights

Early proceedings in Knife Rights Federal Civil Rights case against New York City appear to have been favorable for knife owners living in, and traveling to/through the big apple. After initially being dismissed, the case is back on appeal and oral arguments seem to have gone well, with the DA’s attorney effectively confirming what Knife Rights has argued all along–that the District Attorney’s interpretation of New York state’s gravity knife statute is overly broad and unconstitutionally vague. Continue reading

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#JeSuisCouteau? 13 Stabbed in Tel Aviv Knife Attack.


In the wake of this week’s Tel Aviv knife attack, the hashtag #JeSuisCouteau or “I am Knife” has begun to trend.

A number of Twitter hashtags have popped up in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack. The most notable is #JeSuisCharlie, or “I am Charlie” for all those worldwide who stand in solidarity with free expression and liberal values against Islamofascist goons. Also trending is #JeSuisAhmed, mainly by Muslims who seek to identify with the slain French policeman who gave his life to protect speech that must have offended him personally. Of course there are also pathetic wastes of life who revel in this Islamist violence, and cheer on these psychopaths whenever they succeed in unleashing their carnage.

It is no different in the latest Knife Intifada attack in Israel, this time in Tel Aviv. 13 people were injured, 4 seriously. While the details of the attack are horrific in and of themselves, the fact that people celebrate this evil turns my stomach. Throughout the world, the cancer of Islamism exposes itself once again in the trending hashtag “I am Knife” #JeSuisCouteau.

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Press Release: DPx Gear releases 12″ Bush Tool


It is made from good steel and is designed by real-life adventure bad-ass Robert Young Pelton. This blade has potential.

Some of you may be getting tired of the press releases, but they are what is happening right now in the knife world as the SHOT show is underway.

Here is the latest from DPx Gear. OK, so the name didn’t ring a bell for me, but they have bona fides. The company was founded by famed travel writer Robert Young Pelton. Since it is his company, and not just selling his name (Yes, I’m calling you out Gerber/Bear Grylls), I put more trust in the strength of the “celebrity endorsement”.

I have one question about the design. At 12″ it is even shorter than my 14″ CRKT Halfachance. If it is going to be closer to a knife, why not give it a shape that is more versatile for “knife tasks” like animal butchery? It’s blade seems even more radically shaped for wood processing.

It still looks like a blade I would like to swing, but at a MSRP of $256, I wouldn’t be able to justify it in my wildest dreams. Spending $100 on a machete is something that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. However, these days there are examples from Kershaw, CRKT, Benchmade, and others in this price range that are fine tools, and but aren’t creeping into high-production/low custom knife range.

Full Press Release below the jump:

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