Housekeeping: Any contest entries in the queue?

Howdy folks. I hesitate to waste valuable trying time on housekeeping when I would rather be bringing you all fresh content, but I need to see if I can’t shake the tree a bit and see if there are any more contest entries coming down the pike.

While I have been very happy with the 6 entries that we have received and run already, we have assembled a pretty phenomenal prize pool including a Spyderco Sharpmaker and 2 knives, a Pops Custom Clip for the folding knife of your choice, and a bunch of prizes from the SOB Tactical. Right now I have many more prizes than entries and I want to change that. I have learned so much from all of you through comments on the site, and I know that there are many of you who have backgrounds and experiences different than mine and so many of our readers. I am certain that virtually every one reading this has a knife story or experience that people would find interesting.

If you don’t think that narrative writing is your thing, that’s fine too. I would love a couple of knife reviews. Just conduct and photograph a couple of objective tests like paper, cardboard, and rope. If it is applicable a little food prep work is nice as well. It doesn’t need to be as over the top as one of our reviews, though it is always nice to see a little creativity in testing as well. There are so many knives out there that we haven’t had a chance to review ourselves. Help us out, and you are almost certain to take home something cool for your efforts.

Please email your entries to If you have something you are working on, and need to finish, drop a note in the comments. If you have any questions, or would like some guidance, please email or comment. I

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Friday Film Fest: Watermelon Destruction Edition. (and more)

YouTube Preview Image

I hate when I am behind the curve on a knife story that ends up going viral. I was pleased that I caught the CSM story just hours after it went live, and before it was picked up by Instapundit, Drudge, or another big aggregator. Sometimes however, a story makes the rounds on the clickbait sites before I catch it. I don’t want to just post something that probably showed up on your personal Facebook feed.

The WASP injection knife has been making the rounds a bit lately, and has a cool factor worth sharing. It was originally designed for divers as a defense against sharks. There is a hollow injection tube that runs the length of the blade and dumps a CO2 charge into the target once the knife penetrates and a button is pushed.

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CSM Asks: “Should it really be illegal to carry a knife in the city?”

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While not by any stretch hoplophiles, the folks at the Christian Science Monitor have demonstrated the ability to handle the topic of gun-rights/control in a reasonably fair manner in the past.  They published an extensive piece this week on the march of knife rights, using the death of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray in police custody following his arrest for a “concealed deadly weapon”. It was a pocket-clipped, spring assisted knife; no different than many of us carry on a daily basis.

For those unfamiliar with the case, the above CNN video is a good quick primer. In a nutshell: citizen (Gray) runs from police for unknown reason when they approach; citizen is arrested for carrying above-mentioned knife; citizen taken/dragged into back of police van, out of sight of the public; half an hour later police call for ambulance, Gray lapses into a coma from a severed spine and dies several days later. 6 police are on paid vacation while the case is investigated, and the FBI has opened its own investigation. The police brutality angle has the media circus spooling up full-bore, and we hope that a transparent and full investigation takes place, but the knife angle that underlies the arrest is what interests me here.

From CSM: “Freddie Gray Death: Should it really be illegal to carry a knife in the city?”:

The uproar over Gray’s mysterious death and the circumstances of his arrest comes amid a seismic shift in knife rights, as growing numbers of states are lifting knife bans. The issue also resonates as the country debates the essential fairness of the US justice system, where critics say obscure laws like knife bans have at times been used selectively by police and prosecutors to clean up poor minority neighborhoods under zero-tolerance and “broken windows” style policing.

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Cool Tool or Gimmick? Kniper Throwing Multitool

A throwing-multitool. Because ‘Murica.


I like throwing knives. I like multitools. I have never imagined combining the two. And throwing in a “tobacco-pipe” as well. I am not sure that is what the inventor was smoking when he came up with the idea, but the finished result surprised me when I clicked the headline from Geekologie. Urchin Sky executed this unique idea better than I expected.

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New and Sold Out from Wilson Combat Alliance Knives: Les George BMF


Titanium framed Damascus flipper by Les George and Wilson Combat.

One always expects great things from the company that makes the Rolls Royce of 1911’s. It seems to once again be the case with the latest Wilson Combat knife collaboration. This latest offering, which was limited to a production run of 10 knives at $1195.00 a pop, sold out in the time it took me to get this piece in the queue. Not that I believe that any of our readers have reached that level of collector, but it is still cool to see a piece of unobtanium.

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Caption This, win a SOB Morale Patch

FullSizeRender (41)

The Pajama Ninja strikes again.

I don’t have a lot of time to write tonight, I have been doing a bit of knife testing. Apropos of nothing at all, I really like the ergonomics of the Cold Steel Canadian Belt Knife, and the Wilmont Wharny chops maple like a small axe.

We are riding the tail end of an Instalance on the Katana-wielding homeowner post, so I want to keep the ball rolling. Since the response on the Eagles title mini-contest was only middlin’, I am yanking the SOB Tactical morale patch from that one and will award it to the best comment here. I was ambushed by a light-saber wielding ninja this evening who I believe also kidnapped Thing 1. I was able to snap a photo, so caption away.

I want to welcome our new readers and thank the Good Doctor for tossing us the Brass Ring of Blogging once again.


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Roommates stab each other over iOS/Android debate.

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As someone said on Redit: “I hope they didn’t break any Windows”.


“Officers said Jiaro Mendez and Elias Acevedo were “highly intoxicated” and had been arguing over which cellphone, Android or Apple, was better.

The fight took place just before 1 a.m. outside the Evergreen Apartments in the 8400 block of East 25th Place. Mendez told police Acevedo stole his vehicle. Officers found the vehicle and Acevedo nearby.

Police said the pair had been drinking in the parking lot and began using beer bottles to hit and stab at each other. EMSA took both to the hospital to be treated for what police said were non-life threatening injuries.”

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