Accessory Review

Mini Maglite LED PRO review

For the past several months I have been carrying a Mini Maglite PRO LED  with me. This light has been my primary EDC light, and my primary work light for that entire length of time as well. The Mini Maglite PRO LED  is the updated version to Maglite’s classic Mini that has been around for 25 years. Is it a worthy successor to a quality light that has a track record of success? In a word, Absolutely.

As I’ve mentioned before, for my day job I do home inspections for a living. I am constantly in crawlspaces, attics, under decks, and on roofs. I’m exposed to extreme heat, extreme cold, moisture, humidity, and critters on a daily basis. My flashlights are THE most important tool I have for doing inspections. They let me see into the creepy abyss that is a crawl space. There are certain characteristics that I look for in a flashlight, and the Mini Maglite PRO LED  hits almost all of them.

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Fixed Blades

Knife Review: First Edge 5050

Late last year Rick Snyder, CEO of FirstEdge USA contacted me about testing and reviewing a couple of fixed blades that they were bringing to the market. The first is the 5050 Survival knife, the second – the 5150 Field Knife which David reviewed yesterday. I did do some testing on the latter before sending it onto him, and I will mix in a bit of comparison throughout this review.

I received the 5050 at the beginning of the fishing-guide season and it was my primary blade for most of the Spring and Early Summer. It is the largest knife I have ever spent considerable time carrying, and it was an interesting experience. The knife impressed me in many ways, in others not so much, but it is undeniably an extremely rugged, well-made blade. It is my first experience with Elmax steel, which is about as tough as any I have ever used.

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Axes, Hatchets, & Machetes

Video: Jimmy DiResta makes a machete from a reclaimed saw

YouTube Preview Image

I am running a little behind on my review of the First Edge 5050. It will be out today, but I felt that you all might enjoy this more than crickets this morning. Jimmy DiResta is the king of reclaimed tools, and his videos are always well produced. In this one he takes an old crosscut saw that was in pretty rough shape and turned it into a pretty nice looking machete.

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Crime and Punishment

Multiculturalism fail: French Muslim slays British hiker in Australia


Mia Ayliffe-Chung was stabbed to death by a French Muslim at an Australian hiker’s hostel.

…and from the picture it appears the victim was of Asian descent. No word on whether the knife used was made in China. In the most multilateral jihadi knife killing yet, a 21 year old British hiker on her “gap year” in Australia was stabbed to death by a French Muslim (who is most certainly not a descendant of good-old Charlie Martel).

From TelegraphUK:

According to witnesses, the killer yelled “Allah Akbar” – Arabic for “God is greater” – during the attack and after he was arrested.

“We don’t have a motive yet,” said superintendent Ray Rohweder.

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