Deal of the Day, and a quick note about the contest prizes…


Roger let us know that is running a sweet deal on the CRKT Ripple: $34.99 (MSRP $135)

Every now and again we hear about deals that are too good to not share. The closeout site is selling the Ken Onion designed CRKT Ripple for only $34.99. That is a full $100 off of the MSRP. Check out the deal here.

Since I am writing anyway, I just want to drop a note to our contest winners. Please bear with me. The kids have been off of school all week, and I haven’t made it out to the post. I hope to pack everything this weekend and get it out Monday. Thank you for your patience. I have heard from most of you, but if you entered and haven’t dropped a note to please do so. Thanks.



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Question of the Day: Can you Pick Three?


The Boker Ridgeback is Under $100, has modern styling, but isn’t made in the USA.

Reader Jake Middleton writes:

Hi Clay,

I’m on a quest for a blade and wanted to get your opinion, or your readers opinion on it. I’m looking for a “unique” sub 4 inch fixed blade. By unique I don’t mean cost $300 either. I just mean something that not everyone has, or maybe a company that isn’t well known but makes good stuff.


$100 is my limit
under 4 inches(for legality in upstate NY)
must be made in America
have some self defense traits
have some hunting/fishing/ outdoors traits.
multiple carry options preferable.

Anything come to mind?

There is an adage in the firearm community that you get to pick 2: Cheap, Reliable, or Accurate. A Mosin is cheap and reliable, an AR is reliable and accurate. As I attempted to come up with an answer to Jake’s question, there seems to be triad in the knife world as well. It seems that you get to pick two: Modern Design, Made in USA, Under $100. It seems like all of the possibilities I could come up with only checked two of the boxes.

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Snow Day Film Fest

YouTube Preview Image

School is cancelled today, as it has been 5 of the last 7 days, plus President’s Day. More snow is set for after 5, so Thursday is probably going to wash out as well. As a native Clevelander, I am constantly in awe of how much Knoxville comes unglued with regards to snow. Last week’s ice was no joke, and Tuesday was a legitimate snow day at least by Tennessee standards, but there is no earthly reason that school should be cancelled today.

It is time to kick back with this week’s crop of videos. It has been a little while since I have done a “Friday Film Fest”, and I have some great ones to highlight today. The video above is really neat. David Warther is a treasure. He is a 5th generation woodcarver, whose trademark is the little wooden pliers he carves for visitors to his workshop and gallery/museum. There are only 10 cuts to take the blank of wood to the final product. If you are a TTAK reader, no matter what your background or sub-category interest, you are going to enjoy this.

Lots more below the jump.

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Twitter Contest Winners: Final List


The other swag for our #BeerDefender contest

Howdy folks, I announced the Beer Defender and Empire Outfitters T-Shirt winners last week, but I promised to go over the rest of the swag for the participants. So here is the complete (I hope) list of the runners up.

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Housekeeping: I’m back (plus a bonus video from ETV)

YouTube Preview Image

I figured I would kick this post off with a nod to my friend Tim of EveryDay Tactical Vids. I met him at last year’s Blade Show and I have always enjoyed his material. I would love to hear your thoughts on this EDC kit, and what changes you would make for a “non-permissive” environment.

I want to thank David, Dan, and reader contest submission writer Gemma for providing material for the blog in my absence. The Orvis Guide Rendezvous was a fantastic event, complete with a fly fishing film festival at the Highland Brewing Company, a day of clinics, workshops, and presentations from the Orvis Company, and a day where the majority of the folks in attendance braved single digit temperatures to fish the South Holston and Watauga Rivers.

For those who might be interested in what a bunch of professional Trout Bums do when they get together, read on…

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Jerusalem Mayor and Bodyguard Subdue Knife-Wielding Jihadi

YouTube Preview Image

The video above is pretty poor quality, but it clearly shows the Arab teenager begin to stab the Orthodox Jewish victim. Nir Barkat, mayor of Jerusalem and former Israeli paratrooper (in white shirt) can be seen with his entourage subduing the terrorist.

There is higher quality video in this article from YNetNews that shows the mayor tending to the victim along with the paramedics. Kudos to Mayor Barkat, but it bears note that your average Jerusalem resident has little ability to carry either a bodyguard or a firearm. It might be time for a re-examination of Israeli self-defense law, something that should be a no brainer in a society where the overwhelming majority of people have formal weapons training.

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Reader Contest Submission: Knives and Crime

This is the first new submission for our “Reader Essay Contest”. A full formal announcement will be forthcoming, but you can read an overview of the rules here.

Knives And Crime – A Complicated Issue

by Gemma Perry

In the right hands, knives are great tools. Forbes readers have ranked the knife “the most important tool of all time, in terms of its impact on human civilization” [1]. However, there are those who would like to see knives banned for all but the mist utilitarian of purposes, for it is certainly true that, in the wrong hands, they can be devastating. The propensity of the criminal fraternity to brandish knives has made these tools a symbol of fear for many.

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