Dr. Sebastian Gorka follows TTAK, and apparently an “alarmingly high number” of Twitter knife-accounts

TTAK didn’t make the article or the screenshot, but he follows us too.

When I noticed that Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant to President Trump and frequent surrogate on NPR and Fox News, followed us on Twitter, I thought “that’s kinda cool” since he follows only a modest 1648 accounts on his Twitter. (@SebGorka) seems to find the fact that 15 of those are knife companies or related to the industry somehow alarming. Less than 1 percent (0.00910) of his followed accounts? Oh my!

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Axes, Hatchets, & Machetes

Transylvania University Machete-attacker posted Right-Wing screed to Buzzfeed

Right-wing douchebag wounds 2 with a machete

This morning (Friday) a former Transylvania University student attacked students in a campus coffeeshop, wounding 2 women with a machete. He reportedly asked his victims their political affiliation and said that it was “Judgement Day”.


On Friday afternoon, Lexington police identified the suspect as 19-year-old Mitchell W. Adkins of Cincinnati.

A community post on Buzzfeed claims Transylvania University, as well as liberal arts colleges in general, discriminate against conservatives. Buzzfeed has confirmed that the article was written by Adkins. Lexington police say they’re aware of the article.

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Crime and Punishment

Potential terror knife-attack foiled outside UK Parliament

The possible attacker was tracked using an elaborate intelligence operation. (Photo via DailyMailUK)

British Police and MI5 teamed up to thwart a potential terrorist attack near Parliament. The suspect was a “known-wolf” who for once did not slip through the cracks. After being tipped off by the man’s family, CCTV cameras tracked the man and a the order was given to move in.

From DailyMailUK:

The terror suspect who was detained with a ‘rucksack full of knives’ near Parliament square had been tracked on an intricate web of CCTV cameras by police and MI5.

Armed police ‘swarmed like bees’ on the bearded man just before 2.30pm after his concerned family reportedly alerted security services.

Witnesses said the man, who was wearing a tracksuit and trainers, was crossing Whitehall amid the usual crowds of tourists and political staff when a police car suddenly pulled up and officers confronted him, just five weeks after the Westminster terror attack killed that five people.

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Knife Rights

Knife Rights Action Alert: Michigan Switchblade-ban repeal passes Senate; Please contact House Judiciary Committee

While it was somewhat predictable that Governors Cuomo and McAullife would veto civil rights legislation in their respective states (New York here, Virginia here), this one could go either way. From what I gather, Governor Snyder has no issue with vetoing bills pertaining to peoples’ right to keep and bear arms, so it is unclear how he will view this one.

Therefore, it is critical that SB 245, which would lift Michigan’s ban on automatic knives has as much momentum as possible when it reaches his desk. If you live, work, or travel in the Great State of Michigan (Great except for the town of Ann Arbor, O-H!) please contact the members of the House Judiciary Committee and ask them to advance the legislation.

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