Five Murdered in Calgary Mass Stabbing


“Five University of Calgary students were stabbed to death Tuesday morning in what the city’s police chief called ‘the worst mass murder in Calgary’s history.’” The suspect who’s been arresting the mass-stabbing, Matthew DeGrood is the son of a Calgary police officer.     “(Chief Rick) Hanson said de Grood ‘obtained a large knife’ at the house and began attacking his victims shortly after he arrived. ‘He targeted the victims one by one, stabbing them several times’ said Hanson. There was no known altercation between de Grood — who was an invited guest — and any of his victims leading up to the attack, Hanson said.” That’s de Grood’s enigmatic last Facebook post, above. He’s been arrested and charges with five counts of first degree murder.

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Just Arrived: Spyderco Dragonfly2 ZDP-189


The Spyderco Dragonfly2 has long been one of the most highly regarded EDC knives around. And the premium version that sports “high-performance” ZDP-189 steel has been particularly prized. For all of those reasons, this little blade has been on my want list for a long time. Well, Saturday I hopped in the jalopy and made the trek across the river to GP Knives and finally bought one. From just a few days’ use, it’s easy see why DF2 is so well-loved, and I can confidently say that I have never owned a sharper blade. Full review to come in a couple of weeks. In the mean time, as Ferris famously advised, if you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. Whoa.

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Reader Submitted Knife Story: Old Crafty


Thanks to reader Don C. for this wonderful story of his (not quite) first knife

by Don C.

It’s springtime, when an old man’s fancy turns to fishing. Unfortunately, an old woman’s fancy turns to yard work and my recent weekends have been spent in mulch, flowers, and trips to Lowes. Such is married life. Yesterday afternoon, I found this sitting on the edge of an outside planter. Seems my wife dug it out of the toolbox while I was gone and used it to cut open a bag of potting soil. Then left it in the bottom of the muddy wheel-barrow overnight and, well, that’s what happens to carbon steel blades. Continue reading

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Facebook Cover Contest: A mighty sharp threesome


Randall Knives are works of art

Reader Michael L. sends us these 3 shots for our Facebook Cover Photo Contest. It seems like Michael has some seriously collectible hardware, and photographic skills to boot.

I would like to thank all of those who have contributed to the contest. You still have about 48 hours left if you wish to participate. Please sent your entries to Or click below to see Michael’s other two entries. Continue reading

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Friday Link Dump: Here’s what I have been reading.


These signs sure helped didn’t they?

In an effort to bring you all timely content on all things knife and edged related, we are going to start passing along some extra links to stuff that we think would interest to our Edged Intelligentsia. Throughout our search for content, we frequently come across articles, pictures, and posts that while piquing our interest, do not quite have the Homeric muse banging on our face with the heel of an axe. So rather than leave some of the better stuff behind on the cutting room floor, we thought we would share it with you. Continue reading

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Wet-Knife Contest entry: Slick curves ahead.


Nice Curves.

Reader Sean W. from Virginia sends us his entry for the TTAK Facebook Cover Photo Challenge.  I really like this shot.  It is visually fascinating.

Someone please chime in with the name of the knife, and keep the entries coming to  Contest ends 4/15/14.

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Cover Photo Contest: Stump Chunkin’

20140405_151116 (1)

Thanks Jason for this nicely composed cover shot.

Jason P. sends us this great looking knife and stump composition for our Facebook cover photo contest.  When submitting, please let me know what the knife in the photo is.  I know many, but my knowledge of individual knives is far from encyclopedic. Continue reading

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