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Reader Submitted Knife Reviews: Spyderco Rescue Assist and Atlantic Salt

(This is a reader submission from Chris Francis. We at TTAK are always happy to accept outside writing from our readers for consideration for publication. Please send submissions to thetruthaboutknives@gmail.com)

Knife Reviews:  Spyderco Assist and Spyderco Atlantic Salt

by Chris Francis

If one is fortunate enough to live where you can legally carry a concealed firearm, there are a few other items to consider carrying besides the gun.  In my case, I have a Spyderco Assist rescue knife in my everyday carry  (EDC) gear.

I carry this knife clipped in a pocket of my dungarees every day. It’s not a tactical knife – that’s what you have the gun for – right? We carry the gun for “exigent circumstance” and hope we don’t have to use it. That is the same philosophy I have for this knife.

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Crime and Punishment

KKK Wizard arrested following stabbing of fellow Klansman


William Hagen, 50, from the Trump-supporting state of California was arrested for stabbing a fellow Klansman in the chest.

I want to start by making a few things clear. First, the racist fringe supporting Trump and the Republicans are no more representative of the 60+ million people who voted for Trump than the racist fringe on the left is representative of the 60+ million folks who voted for Hildebeast. Second, it is possible to be concerned with our immigration chaos without harboring any racist views about the people doing the immigrating. White Supremacy is wrong, Black Supremacy is wrong, Muslim Supremacy is wrong. Period.

Given my first point, it annoys me that the media seeks out fringe lunatics and attempts to paint them as the mainstream of those supporting the President-elect. So take the tone of this Daily Mail piece with a grain of salt. That said, feel free to engage in schadenfreude that this particular crew of racist douchebags turned its malice inward leading to multiple arrests.

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Crime and Punishment

Defensive Knife Use: Australian homeowner stabs armed home-invader


“When you’ve got a number of masked offenders enter your home armed … he has the right to defend himself,”  – Darebin CIU detective Acting Sen-Sgt Brett Meadows

That is awfully magnanimous of the Australian authorities. At least they recognize that fundamental right, even if they disarm their law-abiding citizens leaving them to the tender mercies of a gang of thugs in the midst of a multi-day crime spree.

From HeraldSun.com.au:

John Vitale, 62, told the Sunday Herald Sun he feared for his wife’s safety when two youths armed with a rifle and an axe allegedly stormed the family’s Coburg home.

Mr Vitale barricaded himself in an upstairs bedroom before confronting the males.

“I took a little pocket knife with me … I opened the bedroom door to confront him and there was a struggle,” Mr Vitale said yesterday.

“It was either do or die, he had a gun and was pointing it at me, I was holding the barrel of the gun.”

Mr Vitale said he stabbed at his attacker several times as the other male waved his axe yelling “I’ll kill you”.

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From War History Online: How the spear transformed warfare


A selection of halberds.

Saturdays are always good for a little historical diversion. It has also been a while since I have shared anything from War History Online, a site that I have frequently mentioned is one of my favorites.

They recently ran a piece “How the spear transformed warfare”. It traces the evolution of the first shaved-wood, fired-point spears through the Greeks and Romans, the medieval lance, and into halberds and related weapons of the Renaissance.

From War History Online:

Spears started out as hunting weapons. One step up from the primitive club, they were initially made by burning the end of a straight stick. Once it became pointed and hardened, that point was further refined by scraping. Prehistoric humans used these to bring down animals for food. A weapon like this was found buried between the ribs of an elephant skeleton in Germany.

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Breaking: USC faculty member fatally stabbed; suspect in custody

Breaking news out of Los Angeles…

from DailyNews.com:

One person, possibly a faculty member, has been fatally stabbed on the USC campus and a suspect is in custody.

The victim is a man, approximately 25 years old, says Margaret Stewart of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Just after 4:30 p.m., firefighter paramedics responded to a reported stabbing on the 3600 block of McClintock Avenue, located on campus near the Seeley G. Mudd building and the school’s running track.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene, Stewart said. No other injuries have been reported.

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My Cyber Monday purchases arrived.

I put considerable time and effort into bringing you the best one-stop source for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale listings. I know there is a ton of stuff I missed, but did manage to find some good deals along the way. One that particularly jumped out at me was the $29.99 Boker Plus Kalashnikov auto deal from BladeHQ. So good in fact, I bought 2. One reverse-tanto/wharncliffe and one dagger-point.

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