Kitchen Knives

Color me skeptical: New “NASA Knife” never needs sharpening.

Or so says the headline of the Daily Mail video below the jump. The accompanying article hedges it a bit using “almost” and “stays sharp 5 times longer”.

From DailyMailUK:

The knife is made from an ultra-hard alloy developed by scientists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and has been tested by engineers at Nasa.

The cutting edge features a 25 degree angle (12.5 degrees on each side) which makes it a thinner blade than other knives, enabling a more precise cut.

The serrated blade becomes self-sharpening as new teeth are exposed through use.

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Biden’s Balisong revisited

I am going to miss Crazy-Uncle Joe

In roughly 12 hours, it will become hip again to want limits on Presidential authority. Suddenly Executive overreach will be a problem for all those who held their tongues while President Stompy-foot went gonzo with his pen and phone. As much as I didn’t find much if anything humorous in BHO, I do have a bit of a soft spot for Crazy-Uncle Joe. Like him or not, he is a font of comedic gold.

The Onion had a hysterical series of Biden pieces, including one we featured as it related to the Vice President showing off his butterfly-knife skills in a college Commencement address. You can click on the title below if you missed it. I just figured Inauguration Day was an appropriate time to bring that post back from the vault.

From “America’s Finest News Source”: Biden needs balisong practice.

This isn’t the first time the Onion has provided us with blog fodder. While some have said the state of the world has rendered satire obsolete, the Onion continues to…


You can see all of their pieces in a running feed here. It is worth scanning if you have the time and inclination. Make the jump for some classic Biden memes as well.

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The Knives of SHOT Show 2017

(photo via TTAG)

I will proudly put our BLADE Show coverage up against anyone’s, and I am confident that we will come out ahead. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about SHOT Show. Fact is, we aren’t there. TTAG has a full media contingent, but they are there to cover the guns. It is the Mothership’s biggest week of the year. I know that Dan and Robert are networking for us, and hopefully we can leverage some of those contacts into some future content.

It is a shame, but BLADE Show is changing. We first made note of it when Gerber stopped coming to BLADE, putting all of their eggs in the SHOT basket instead. This past year saw more defections, with companies such as Cold Steel, SOG and Leatherman all pulling out of the show. In five years, I can easily imagine BLADE becoming more of a Custom maker show, with a significantly diminished large-manufacturer presence.

David has put out a couple of nice pieces that are shot related, but as much as I hate to say it, if you want comprehensive SHOT Show knife coverage you are going to need to look elsewhere. I have compiled several outlets below the jump.

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Knife Making

A visit with Walter Brend

I have over the past couple of months had the privilege of joining Ethan Becker for several of his Friday “Church Meetings” – actually lunches out at local Knoxville restaurants during his weekly grocery run to the “big city”. I have been introduced to several people in the knife industry and media, and have through them expanded my network of contacts, sources, and knifemakers.

It turns out that legendary knifemaker Walter Brend lives less than 90 minutes from me, and with the help of one of my new acquaintances I was able to set up a time to visit him at his workshop. I jumped at the opportunity.

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12-week old puppy swallows 8-inch knife; expected to recover.

It is only minorly newsworthy, but it is a quick and easy post and it is nice to run some good news. A puppy in Scotland swallowed what looks to be a small steak or kitchen knife – luckily handle-first.

From BBC:

Twelve-week-old Staffordshire bull terrier Macie was rushed to the emergency vet after she began choking.

Her owner thought she had eaten a toy but X-rays revealed a knife, with the handle lodged in her intestines and the tip of the blade in her gullet.

The PSDA vet who has been caring for Macie since her operation said she was “extremely lucky to survive”…

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