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Video: Knifemaker responds to Cold Steel SAN MAI C&D letters

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To be completely honest, this story fascinates me. I just don’t understand what Lynn Thompson is thinking, even if he did write an open letter explaining what he is thinking. I could almost understand a few targeted letters in extreme cases, but the blanket approach is creating a wave of ill-will towards Cold Steel. From what I gather from my cruising of online forums, it appears the letters number in the dozens if not scores.

One smith to receive a Cease and Desist letter from Mr. Thompson was Trenton Tye of Purgatory Ironworks. Trenton had a brush with internet stardom for his viral video debunking the 9-11 jet fuel/steel-melting conspiracy (below the jump). He is also a Forged in Fire alumnus, and makes some awesome looking blades and other metalwork items.

In the above video, Trenton explains the suit, and if you listen through he makes a very humorous suggestion to circumvent legal action from Cold Steel.

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5 From the Grinder

“5 From the Grinder” with T.M. Hunt


My favorite part of this writing gig is getting the chance to meet so many cool players in the industry. I had the pleasure of attending the Beckerhead Gathering a few weeks ago and got to meet, among others, Todd Hunt of T.M. Hunt Custom Knives. Like his work, the man is larger than life and I am excited to share his answers with you on today’s edition of “5 From The Grinder!

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Pocket Knives

Question of the Day: What is your perfect work knife?

What is your perfect work knife?

Does such a thing exist?

In short, no, but there are a few that come damn close. Obviously depending on your line of work this knife will vary. For my day job I am an estimator/project manager for a pest control/construction company. My day consists of inspecting attics, crawlspaces, basements, roofs and any other cramped, dark, damp and uncomfortable places that you can think of. I constantly have to cut fiberglass insulation, tips off of caulk tubes and pop cut “peek” holes into sheetrock.

I need a knife that is long enough to do all of these things, slim enough that it doesn’t get in my way while maneuvering through cramped tight places, and non threatening enough not to scare any customer when I take it out.

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Knife Nation

Cold Steel engaging in lawfare again – sends C&D letters to knifemakers over “SAN MAI” trademark (UPDATED)


UPDATE: Lynn Thompson has released an open letter on the issue on Cold Steel’s website. Link below.

Lynn Thompson and Cold Steel have been engaging in a pattern of “lawfare“. Last year, they sued CRKT over their claim that their locking systems turned their folders into “virtual fixed-blades”. While I think that CRKT’s claim was stupid, I have a hard time figuring out how Cold Steel was harmed by the claim. That lawsuit was settled, but Thompson and Cold Steel are at it again. This time instead of trying to hamstring an actual large-scale competitor like CRKT, Thompson has sent the above letter to dozens of knifemakers who advertise that they make “san mai” blades.

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Axes, Hatchets, & Machetes

New bar offers refreshment; hatchet throwing. What could go wrong?


“We think of ourselves as the new bowling, or darts on steroids”- Trish Oliphant, owner – Stumpy’s Hatchet House

Most shooters frown upon the mixing of alcohol and firearms, though this is not a worldwide prohibition. German shooting clubs in particular are known for serving steins of beer during competition. Some American shooting ranges are beginning to offer alcohol provided that shooters are done with their range-time.

I am not aware of anyone who draws a firm line when it comes to alcohol and edged tools. I was stone-sober when I almost killed myself with an axe. However, there is a bar in Eatontown, New Jersey that is billing itself as the first indoor hatchet-throwing venue in America. Sounds fun.

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Crime and Punishment

Image of the Day: Ban homicide


Meanwhile, according to the FBI there were 1,716 knife/bladed weapon homicides in 2011. The numbers in the meme are actually off slightly, the latest figures have 332/502 respectively. I am guessing that the 2014 data has a couple of more closed cases. There is a larger problem with the meme, the FBI categories are for rifles and blunt objects. The actual number of AR-15 and hammer specific homicides is lower than the category aggregate.

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Sunday Funny: Get off your damn phone!


WWII British Commando Stan W. Scott didn’t face sentries distracted by smart phones. He would approve of the neck stab but the cartoon neglects the coup-de-gras. In the post linked above, Scott describes that after stabbing a sentry in the side of the neck, you want to punch forward, using your Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife to rip out the windpipe and jugular.

In truth, cell phones and portable video devices have led to some wonderful footage of jihadi fails.


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