Homemade flechette razor-blade shotgun shells. Why not?

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With all of the other irons I have in the fire, ammunition reloading is not a hobby I have had the time to take up. That is probably a good thing, as it would only be a matter of time before I would be unable to help myself from trying something like this. The results are mixed, but it was still cool to see.

(h/t WideOpenSpaces.com)



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Question of the Day: Do you have a “Gentleman’s Folder”?

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The aesthetic styling of the composite Leek put it in the Gentleman Folder class IMHO. Too bad I lost it.

A couple of things brought this question front and center in my mind.  First, I wrote about the release of the DPx Gear Aculus the other day which would certainly fit the description for me. It is a finer than average implement, with detailing and styling that are beyond merely functional. I felt the same way about my Kershaw D2 Composite Blackwash Leek. (review). Unfortunately, as I have mentioned before, I misplaced it before I left for Blade and it still hasn’t turned up.

A couple of weeks ago I was on the phone with John Centore, the “Pops” of Pop’s Customs Clips, helping connect him with the winner of the custom clip from our essay contest. I mentioned in passing that I needed to order a new clip for a hypothetical replacement Leek that I would be buying. It was a throwaway line and not at all a solicitation, but a new clip arrived in the mail yesterday. Completely unnecessary, I feel highly enough about his deep carry clips (I have one on my Mini-Grip as well), that I would gladly pony up my own cash for one. Several of you have picked clips up of your own, and I have heard nothing but satisfaction from folks about their purchase.

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Video: Watch UK Police not ventilate a knife-wielding perp


Click the link for the video

The event in question took place last year, but the site KillSomeTime.com uploaded this video yesterday. If I am not mistaken, most UK beat-cops do not carry firearms, and thus the two officers do not simply take the US approach and  shoot the perp. One officer clearly uses pepper spray, but that doesn’t stop the him. He eventually runs and the officers were able to tackle and arrest him. I am not sure if a taser was attempted or even available.

That being said, I am pretty well fine if a cop uses deadly force when faced with this level of violence. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

I can’t embed the video, but you can see it here.


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KnifeRights Press Release: Proposed Federal Ivory Ban


Call or write your congresscritters and ask them to support the African Elephant Conservation and Legal Ivory Protection Act of 2015 today.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has published a proposed rule for comment in the Federal Register which would place draconian restrictions on the interstate sale of legally owned ivory items. This would include knives and guns with ivory handles and embellishments, even if the acquisition of said items occurred before international bans on ivory trade were implemented.

KnifeRights is in the process of putting together materials to aid supporters in fighting this proposed rule. Stay tuned, we will pass those along when they become available. There is always a possibility of blocking this proposed rule in much the same way that the shooting community successfully fought the ATF’s proposed M855 ammo ban.

For now, the recommended course of action is for readers to please contact their elected representatives and ask them to co-sponsor the African Elephant Conservation and Legal Ivory Possession Act of 2015. This legislation (HR 697 & S 1769 respectively), would head off the Administrations attempt to criminalize legal ivory owners and would actually provide resources to support conservation efforts. Read more about the legislation here.

You can read more of my thoughts on elephant conservation here.

Make the jump for the full KnifeRights.org press release.

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New from DPX Gear: Acculus 3D, titanium-milled Gentleman’s Folder

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For those of you with $400 burning a hole in your pocket and are one of the first 100 buyers, you could do worse than this new release from DPx Gear – author/adventurer Robert Young Pelton’s design and manufacturing arm,- the Aculus 3-D

The handle is milled from a solid block of titanium alloy (hence the 3D name), which has a sandblasted finish. The blade is stonewashed Niolox – a German steel with similar wear and corrosion characteristics to D-2. You can only purchase the knife through the DPx Gear store.

Make the jump for the full press release and specs.

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CRKT NIAD, Bivy and Hyphenate: New Designs by Speed-Climber Hans Florine


CRKT has just announced a trio of new tools designed by speed-climber Hans Florine, the NIAD, Bivy and Hyphenate. The Bivy especially looks interesting, featuring assisted-opening pliers. Thats a new one for me and looks like it could take the convenience factor of the old one-hand opening Gerber multitool a step further. With its single-sided frame, the NIAD reminds me of CRKT’s K.I.S.S. knife and the Hypehnate is a half-serrated tanto neck knife. If it is built as well as the CRKT RSK Mk6 that I have reviewed, it should be a solid little bugger.

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Videos: Making a Machete from a lawnmower blade

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I am taking a few minutes of a break from my Gerber Propel review and thought I would troll for content. I came across the above video from HomesteadNotes.com. It is pretty much exactly what the title says. I like that it is done with nothing more than common shop tools. I wish the video actually showed the making of the blade itself. I have a couple of old blades lying around, and might have to give it a try some time.

I have embedded another video below the jump of a much more professional knifemaker (Kyle Ver Steeg) making a much higher-end result, complete with hamon line differential hardening. This video includes both time-lapse video of the forging as well as some footage of Filipino bladesmiths forging machetes from a recent trip he made. I will probably be sharing some more of his videos in the future. I am liking what I see of his stuff.*

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