Press Release: IWI US, Inc. releases Tavor Tactical Combat Folding Knife


IWI has partnered with Guardian Tactical for their Tavor branded folding tanto.

I have never shot a Tavor, or any bullpup firearm for that matter. My IDF buddy Jon’s duty weapon is a Tavor, and he loves it. Now Israeli Weapon Industries US, Inc. has teamed up with Guardian Tactical for their entry into the realm of branded knives with this new Tavor Tactical Combat Folding Knife.

Outside branding on knives has been a hit or miss proposition. It can range from an epic selling out of your brand (Smith&Wesson), to high-quality with a premium price for the name (my Orvis branded Benchmade Mini-Griptialian was about $20 more than a plain-one). This seems to be the direction that IWI has gone with their Tavor Knife. Only instead of a high-end maker with a mass market presense, they partnered with a boutique designer, Andrew Beurk of Guardian Tactical.

I had a chance to see Guardian’s knives at this year’s blade show. Really nice. The bearing system they use for the pivot is luxuriously smooth, and their blades are made with premium steels like CPM154. Strangely, the Tavor Branded knife is not MSRP’d at a premium – it’s $324 tag is actually $1 less than an unbranded Helix Tactical Tanto directly from Guardian. IWI US’s press release touts the exclusiveness of this knife, and while I may be wrong I can’t see a difference between the Tavor and the Helix. Regardless, both are made in Pennsylvania, and unless there is something dramatically off about the Tavor version should prove to be a great knife for those for whom budget is not a consideration.

Full Press Release below the jump.

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Knife Review: Maserin 392/CG Starlight Carbon Line

Image courtesy of David C. Andersen

Time for a little word association. I say a word and you tell me the first thing that comes to mind. Italy. 

When I think of Italy, my mind usually goes to exotic motor vehicles. Ferrari, Ducati, Lancia, Lamborghini–all evoke thoughts of power and a unique sense of style. In Italy, style itself seems to be an industry; there are companies that exist solely by designing the exteriors of other company’s products i.e. Pininfarina, and Bertone. Everything Italian seems to have a flair for the dramatic, from the most expensive hypercars, all the way down to lowly Fiats.

Which leads me to my latest test subject, the 392/CG Starlight folding knife by Maserin. Continue reading

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Question of the Day: Are you a Modder?

image (2)

Reader Ian M. removed the black paint from his Cold Steel Norse Hawk, and forced a patina on the blade.

There are some folks that are never satisfied with a tool as it comes from the factory. David has modified some OTC “Old Hickory” knives and wrote this excellent piece. Contributor Ian M stripped the paint off of his Cold Steel Norse Hawk, attempting to force an antique patina instead.

I have never been much of a modder myself. I have made some creative repairs when an item has begun to wear out or break. I designed and built my fishing lanyard from scratch, incorporating over 60 feet of paracord in what is essentially an oversized survival bracelet with snap-swivels woven into it to hold my guiding accoutrements. But with the exception of my drift boat which I built to my own specs while working for Hyde Boats in Idaho,  most of my gear is in fairly stock condition.

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Completely Irrelevant Post and a plug for a great cause


This post has nothing to do with knives. Please read it anyway.

In a shocking abuse of my editorial authority I am going to leave knives behind for a moment and put in a plug for a great cause. Project Healing Waters is a charititable organization that I am proud to support, both with monetary donations and tomorrow with my time.

To quote their mission statement, “Project Healing Waters is dedicated to the emotional and physical rehabilitation of disabled active duty service personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing and associated activities including education and outings”.

They do this in many ways including rod building and fly-tying (making of one’s own flies) which are a great fine-motor form of occupational therapy as well as an emotional/creative outlet, or fly-casting instruction and guided outings which are great gross-motor therapy. While I can not claim to be an expert on the psychological demons our veterans face, I can certainly attest to the therapeutic value of a day spent in God’s Office.

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Feel Good Knife Story of the Day: Predator Draws Knife, Vet Draws Gun

phillyArmy Veteran William Lawler was recently visiting a  North Philadelphia Pathmark Grocery with his girlfriend when 37-year old Dondi DeCosta started towards them in the parking lot, muttering and brandishing a 13″ knife.

DeCosta has a history of poor decision making. He has 21 prior arrests including assault and theft. Threatening Lawler was just the latest poor choice. As it turns out, not only did Mr. Lawlor serve more than 10 years in the Army, but he also works as a firearms instructor and was carrying a 9mm.

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Another Honor Student Expelled over “Zero-Tolerance” Idiocy

YouTube Preview Image

Detroit is such a lovely city (well, technically the suburb Dearborn Hts.). Their schools are in such great shape and they have crime so under control that they have time to bother with possibly ruining the life of a young woman who forgot she had her Grandfather’s pocketknife in her backpack.  Or at least dealing a heck of a blow to someone who was on track to escape the from that failing city. (no offense intended to anyone who may reside in the 313, unless you vote for the status quo).

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EDC for Airplanes. Building a TSA-legal kit.


TSA Screening is a dog-and-pony show, but with a bit of thoughtful planning you can put together a kit for almost any eventuality.

Indefinitely Wild is a part of the Gawker family of “viral media” sites that includes Gizmodo (tech and design), Deadspin (sports), Jezebel (female focus), Gawker, and others.  Some of their sites can be mind-numbingly left wing.  How Deadspin can make half of their sports posts overtly political is truly mindboggling.  Other than the the occasional mention of global warming global cooling climate change whatever they are calling it this week, Indefinitely Wild plays it pretty straight.

Indefinitely Wild is the group’s outdoor adventure site. Aimed at the gear and granola crowd, their audience is considerably different than TTAK’s. Like the strangely knife-sympathetic posts in the Village Voice (covered so well by David here & here), anytime knife-use and EDC can reach a non-niche audience it can only help to advance the cause.

I have reblogged one of Editor Wes Siler’s previous posts – on a “keychain survival kit“. They say the “mark of another man’s genius is how much you agree with him”. Wes does an excellent job. He writes about knives, travel, motorcycle touring, and EveryDay Carry preparedness. Like his keychain kit, his “Tools You Can (and Should) Take on Planes” kit is extremely well thought out.

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