Question of the Day: Have you ever modified an Old Hickory?

Image courtesy of David C. Andersen

If you’re ever looking for a cheap way to have some DIY knife fun, Ontario Knife Company’s line of Old Hickory kitchen knives are a great place to start.  At $8-$18 a pop, less if you can pick them up used, the investment is small. Full tang 1095 steel means you are starting off with some really solid building blocks. The key is to go slowly and frequently dunk the blade in water to avoid ruining the heat treatment. The pinned wooden handles lend a classic look, but can easily be replaced with custom micarta or G10 scales. Continue reading

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You have until July 31 to participate in’s Ultimate Steel Fundraising Giveaway. There are over $125K in drawing prizes plus knives like this limited edition Benchmade Emissary (at the $500 donation/entry level)

I might be mistaken, but I believe that the Ultimate Steel Spectacular is’s largest fundraising effort each year. It is certainly their flashiest. You can enter to win one of an amazing array of prizes including guns and knives signed by the likes of Colonel Oliver North, Gunny R. Lee Ermey, The Nuge, and others. There are also some sweet, limited edition knives that you will receive at entry levels of $100, $200,  or $500.
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Insane Custom Grinds


From a Jim Burke knife. Photo cred to Jim Skelton.

As you guys have been able to see, I’ve developed a taste for the finer edged things in life. Like Gollum and his Precious, high-end productions, mid-techs, and customs are what I’m after now. The grinds that custom makers have the liberty of doing are mind-blowing. Caution: knife porn ahead.
(Editor’s Note: I get an ulcer just thinking about sharpening some of these)

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CRKT Ken Onion Wrinkle: Killer Deal at Woot


The CRKT Wrinkle is being sold for 76% off at the discount site Woot. Turns out the $29 deal drove a lot of curious shoppers to TTAK.

When I looked at the site analytics this afternoon, I noticed a spike in traffic on an unlikely post. Chris Dumm wrote “New From CRKT: Snap-On Wrinkle by Ken Onion” a year ago tomorrow, and for whatever reason it accounted for over 10% of the traffic today. I watched this trend for a couple of hours and did a little poking around but I was baffled. Finally, posted an “Editor’s Update” at the top of the post, welcoming the visitors and inquiring about how they found us. Turns out the discount site is offering the (non Snap-On version) of the CRKT Wrinkle for only $29.99 (76% off the $125 retail), and TTAK shows up on the first page if you Google “CRKT Wrinkle Review”. Turns out the traffic was organic rather than an “Instalanche” style referral from another website. Continue reading

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Friday Film Fest: Mop beats Knife?

YouTube Preview Image

Unlike the Uighur attackers who have wreaked so much havoc on Chinese train stations, it is almost possible to feel sorry for this inept bank robber. He is obviously an amateur and didn’t want to actually hurt anyone, or there would have been blood spilled. I obviously do not sympathize with anyone who would misuse tools to threaten and hurt others, or violate the property rights of another. However, as a human being it is hard not to feel at least a little bad for such a hapless boob as he now faces the tender mercies of the Chinese criminal “justice” system.(More Friday videos after the jump)…

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Housekeeping/Knife Review Tease

photo (96)

Lots of folks watched the MLB All Star Game. Most did not watch it while skinning a groundhog.

If you have been following us on Twitter (@knifetruth) or “like” our Facebook page, you will have known that while I haven’t posted anything here in a couple of days, it isn’t because I am not up to something. It is hard to find the time to both write and test, but on Tuesday night I finished the last test I wanted to perform on the Will Woods Kraken. Continue reading

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Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust


I am lucky to be a constituent of a congresscritter (John Duncan Jr.) I actually agree with more often than not.

I live in Knoxville, but I bleed the Scarlet of the Ohio State Buckeyes rather than Tennessee Orange. Big Ten football is often derided as being nothing more than “3 yards and a cloud of dust”. The conservative, methodical approach is not flashy, but if people work together the ball moves forward in a steady fashion.

It has been just over 2 weeks since Tennessee Knife Freedom Day. Through the hard work of and others, the limit on carried blade length and restrictions on automatics are relegated to the dustbin of history. Instead of sit back an celebrate, I challenged our readers to write their elective Federal representatives and ask them to support HR 3478 or if you live in a state without knife law preemption to write your state representatives and ask for their support in bringing that to your home state. Continue reading

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