Irresponsible Knife Owner of the Day: Duct Tape Edition


A knife taped to a club was among the many weapons wielded by an Indiana home invader.

When officers responded to an Indiana home invasion, 27 year old Joshua Fenters took off running. He left behind a trail of weapons including a butcher knife, 3 assorted other knives, and most bizarrely, a large hunting knife taped to a 3 foot metal pole.


“Oh it could’ve ended a lot worse,” McLatcher said. “Just carrying around a club with a knife attached to it just isn’t normal. That means you’re coming there for one thing. Luckily the upstairs person heard it and called in and we were able to get there quick enough.”

Court documents say both Fenters and Sumner smelled of alcohol. Fenters blew a .167 in his personal Breathalyzer test. Sumner blew a .13.”

Stupid people and alcohol don’t mix. And you can’t lock up all the pointy objects.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Alcohol lets the Stupid run riot.

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Irresponsible Knife Owner of the Day: Duct Tape Edition

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