14 Year-old stabbed & killed while protecting his mother


Sean Crawford (left) has been charged in the stabbing death of 14 year-old Mason Jenkins.

In a heart-breaking story out of Baltimore, a 14 year-old boy was stabbed to death and his 18 year-old brother was wounded by her mother’s boyfriend. The aggressor, 48 year-old Sean Crawford, had barricaded himself along with the boys’ mom in a bedroom in their apartment. That is when the boys rushed to their mother’s defense.

From Fox 5 DC:

According to the documents, the suspect grabbed a kitchen knife and barricaded himself in the master bedroom with the victims’ mother. The brothers forced their way inside the room and told Crawford to leave the apartment.

Police say Crawford then attacked the teenagers with the knife. He got the 18-year-old in the shoulder and stabbed 14-year-old Mason in the chest.

Jenkins spoke Tuesday outside Potomac High School, where her son was in the ninth grade.

“My kids responded. They did what they felt was needed to see if I was safe,” said Jenkins.”

Crawford has been arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder.

It appears that the kids had one chaotic home-life. It is a shame that his mother didn’t protect him instead by making better life-choices.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Baltimore. Sounds like a rotten place to live, lately.

  2. Spencer says:

    It is a shame about the dead child. His mother, like many adult Americans today, should have used better judgment in selecting boyfriends, or remained alone and raising her kids.

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14 Year-old stabbed & killed while protecting his mother

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