15-year old UK girl in custody for slashing murder of 7 year old.

Police at the scene of 7 year old Katie Rough’s murder.

While knife-related assaults and murders continue to increase in Britain, certain incidents break through the clutter to capture a relatively larger share of attention. Such is the case with the murder of 7 year old Katie Rough, who was killed with a utility-style Stanley knife. The alleged murderer was a 15 year old girl who appeared in court yesterday.

From Sun.co.uk:

Officers found Katie unconscious in a playing field in York.

She had suffered “significant lacerations” to her neck and chest.

Her alleged killer was taken in by a couple — while just feet away, paramedics performed CPR in an attempt to save Katie. It is believed there are potential mental health problems with the defendant, and she had been under the care of mental health teams.

The girl, flanked by two security guards and accompanied by a senior youth offending team manager, stood once more.

She stared up at the ceiling as magistrates told her she would be reappearing before Leeds crown court on Friday.

The girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, faces a second charge of possession of a knife.
Magistrate Brian Wood remanded her into youth custody.

As a parent of children the age of the victim, I can’t imagine the horror. Apparently the “mental-health teams” dropped the ball.

I do find the choice of weapon (a Stanley utility knife) to be interesting. Knife-kills are typically of the stabbing variety. That said, with their lower overall blood volume, children are particularly susceptible to death by exsanguination.


  1. stuartb says:


    In my old home town in South London the Stanley knife was the weapon of choice in certain circles, but with two knives strapped together so you cant stitch the wound. Strangely it wasn’t just the bad weather that made me leave!

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15-year old UK girl in custody for slashing murder of 7 year old.

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