Deal of the Day, and a quick note about the contest prizes…


Roger let us know that is running a sweet deal on the CRKT Ripple: $34.99 (MSRP $135)

Every now and again we hear about deals that are too good to not share. The closeout site is selling the Ken Onion designed CRKT Ripple for only $34.99. That is a full $100 off of the MSRP. Check out the deal here.

Since I am writing anyway, I just want to drop a note to our contest winners. Please bear with me. The kids have been off of school all week, and I haven’t made it out to the post. I hope to pack everything this weekend and get it out Monday. Thank you for your patience. I have heard from most of you, but if you entered and haven’t dropped a note to please do so. Thanks.




  1. Roger says:

    There are a few other knives for sale on woot. The Ripple is just the best deal.

    They seem to have a close out on CRKT knives once every two months or so.

  2. I know that some of you fly fish. Chota is having a closeout sale to make room for this year’s product. They are a small East TN company that makes great stuff.

    I wear a pair of Chota wading boots and in the interest of disclosure am a member of their “Pro-Program” so I do get a discount when I buy stuff.

  3. Lee Duran says:

    Looks like the Ken Onion is already sold out. Womp womp…

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Deal of the Day, and a quick note about the contest prizes…

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