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The knife carried by Rene Gagnon, one of the Marines from the iconic Iwo Jima photo, sold at auction this past week.

I am swamped. I pulled together all of the prizes from our Beer Defender Contest this afternoon, and I began culinary testing of the Wilmont Wharny (spoiler: It is one of the best knives I have tested at performing culinary tasks). Yesterday was my 12th Anniversary, so I was not leaving my wife a “Blog-Widow” last night. Today the kids were bouncing off the walls like a couple of ping pong balls, and my news queue piled up.

So it is time to clear the decks. First, I would like to apologize for missing this when the auction was open but a serious piece of history sold at auction on Thursday. The Camillus Mark 2 USMC Fighting Knife carried by Rene Gagnon, one of the Marines who raised the flag at Iwo Jima, sold for $11,000. If I were a gazillionaire with an affinity for knife collecting, it is something I would have definitely wanted to take a stab at it. 🙂

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In the latest example of the “Randomness” of the Islamist genocide on Christians and Jews, it appears that serial knife-abuser “Jihadi-John”, the ISIS executioner’s sister is an aspiring filmmaker. From the NYPost:

“The nut doesn’t fall far from the family tree.

Jihadi John’s younger sister produced a short film titled “The Killer’s Footsteps” in school — featuring a hooded maniac, according to a report.

The 19-year-old, now a media student at Middlesex University, attended Quintin Kynaston school, where she studied cinematography, according to the Daily Mail

Her macabre film — which depicted a dead schoolgirl and a hooded, knife-wielding madman — was part of her coursework.

The woman, whom the Daily Mail has not identified, described the film as representing “a dangerous, shocking criminal who is a serial killer.”

It seriously chafes me that the Islamist movement uses the very freedoms we hold dear as a cudgel with which to beat us, and our elected leadership says that the problem is “Jihadis need Jobs”.


From OutdoorHub, there is a listicle with video demonstrations of 5 cheap and unconventional ways to sharpen a knife. Nothing groundbreaking, the 5 are the top of your car window, ceramic mug, river rocks, rock-grit impregnated stick, and sandpaper. We have written about the car window and ceramic mug, and I know that I have mentioned river rocks and sandpaper sharpening. Only the grit-reinforced wood was new to me, and it seems like the least effective. Are there any others that you can think of?


The next one is also a listicle of sorts and comes to us from Backpacker Magazine. Survival: In the Wild with Only a Knife outlines how to light a fire, build a shelter, and find food and water. It also highlights Mora Knives as a great value for the money in a survival knife. I couldn’t agree more(a).


In Knife Rights news, Senators Mike Enzi (R-Wy) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) have formally introduced the Knife Owner Protection Act in this congress. This is important legislation would protect law-abiding knife owners from harassment by authorities while travelling with a blade that is legal in their place of origin and destination. You can read more on KOPA from .


In news of Uber-Geekdom, an industrial design student Jackson Gordon has designed a stab-proof kevlar Batman outfit. Certainly cooler than these Top Ten Star Wars Cosplay Fails. What blows me away is that he raised the money on Kickstarter. People actually funded this project for him.



Seems like a charming fellow…

In a story that is certainly disturbing, a man with a 666 tattoo on his forehead reportedly stabbed and killed a man in a NC church.

“William Long, with the sign of the devil tattoo you can’t miss, was standing in line and packing lunch when he became the suspect in the town of Duck’s first ever murder case.

“When the incident occurred, the gentlemen were both making sandwiches for the day. It happened in a very quick moment,” said First Sgt. Jeff Ackerman of the Duck Police.

Records show, Long, a 53-year-old man with a lengthy criminal history and 666 tattoo above his left eyebrow had been released not long ago from prison. He has a trail of crimes in Dare County but police say he only recently looked for help from an outer banks charity.”

Sounds like a bad episode of Law and Order.


I think I will start leaving an open thread every Monday for quick post throughout the week. Check back in the Comments, or feel free to add a link yourself.

Have a great week.








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Sunday Link Dump: Everything Must Go!

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