From KnifePlanet: 55 Experts share their number one sharpening tip.


If you click on the image and zoom, you can read the infographic more clearly. Or check out the whole piece at is a younger blog that is geared more towards the kitchen and technique side of things. They have several writers including a chef, a butcher, even an expat field-reporter in Kyoto, Japan (check out his post on fish-head preparation, great stuff). I have dropped by from time to time, and have been especially impressed by their Sharpening Guide. In their latest sharpening post, they interview 55 experts from around the knife industry and compiled a list of their #1 sharpening tips.

The experts include professional sharpeners, representatives of production houses such as Spyderco and Boker, folks from BladeHQ and other retailers, as well as a host of others.

Many of the tips will not be new to most TTAK readers. Reminders to maintain a constant angle and strop off the burr are both mentioned frequently. Regardless,  it is always a good thing to refresh yourself even if you are comfortable in your abilities.

Other tips, such as think about matching the hardness of the steel to your tools and abilities are not always in the front of one’s mind. The list, and their site in general are both worth a look.



  1. Spencer says:

    One more thing to add to the list: Don’t use a high-speed grinding wheel (a blockhead tool) to “sharpen” a knife.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Thanks! I can use this.

  3. HL King says:

    Heh! They goofed a bit on the guide, saying, “1055 High Carbon– one of my favorite knife steels. 1055 has around 50% carbon….”

    1. R. says:

      Fixed 🙂 Thanks King.

  4. avid fan says:

    The effective use of sharpening stones is an important skill to have. However, there are too many extremely effective sharpening systems or kits that will make a knife scary sharp quickly and easily without damaging the blade.

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From KnifePlanet: 55 Experts share their number one sharpening tip.

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