2 UK Police stabbed subduing knife-wielding man (video)

2 UK police stabbed

Should have been a defensive gun use. I admire the courage of the wounded officers, but this is a case where lethal force is justified. Instead, they were only armed with Tasers.

From Mirror UK:

PC Jon Garland, PC Jack Alexander and PC Mark Allison had been called to a house in Farnborough, Surrey, to reports of a domestic assault in July 2017.

When they arrived at the scene in Farnborough, PC Allison and PC Alexander were confronted with a man wielding a large butcher’s knife .

Within seconds the man had stabbed PC Allison in the shoulder and PC Alexander in the hand.

A short snippet of these events was captured from the bodycam, worn by the third officer in attendance, PC Garland.

Despite the severity of their injuries, the two officers did not retreat.

PC Garland reacted by pulling one of his stricken colleagues out of the reach of the knifeman.

He then drew his taser and brought the attacker to the ground just as he was about to deliver a blow to the other officer.

If that taser didn’t work, and they often don’t, you could be looking at a dead officer. I am often critical of police shooting knife-wielders when the situation has a potential to be de-escalated or there is time to attempt less lethal means. But when that is not an option, lethal force should be.

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2 UK Police stabbed subduing knife-wielding man (video)

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