Non-Locking Spyderco: Perfect For Travellers?

Some countries (cough England cough) treat locking knives as though they were made of radioactive anthrax spores. For the globetrotting blade enthusiast with nanny-states on their itinerary, Spyderco offers a non-locking variant of their Slipit line, with a few design tweaks for international carry and defensive use.

Quote of the Day: Idaho Wisdom

Sometimes the mountain air has a way of clearing one’s head  (except in Denver apparently).   This Random Thought from Joe Huffman is wonderfully succinct: “While I agree with the sentiment “Because F*$k you!” when asked something along the lines of “Why do you need X?” where X is a firearm, ammo, book, religion, speech, encryption, or […]

Know Your Knife Laws: Pennsylvania

Five days after Delaware, Pennsylvania ratified the United States Constitution on December 12th, 1787. Since then, the Pennsylvania state legislature has only seen fit to keep one knife law on the books. But that single state law isn’t the end of the story about knives in the Keystone State…