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Question of the Day: What’s Your Carry Knife


Not your favorite knife, not your best knife…I wanna know what knife you carry most often. Your go-to choice. If you’re anything like me, you have a variety of carry knives. Unlike guns, it makes (at least a little more) sense to vary the knife you grab each day depending on what you think you’ll be doing and where you’re likely to do it. For me, the most versatile and comfortable choice — the one with the clip that’s most often peaking out of my pocket — is the SOG Flash I. It’s the best blend of size, weight, utility and ease of carry. But more on that later when I get around to a full review. For now, tell us what you tote most and why it’s your baby.


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  1. I’ve been carrying the Kershaw Scallion for about 5 years. Before that it was the Chive. I still switch to the Chive when I want a smaller blade in order to be less threatening/akward (formal dinner, etc.) I like them both because they’re easy to buy (for when I lose it), very safe (framelock), and the spring assist is great. The simple blade shape is also easy for me to sharpen.

    • Yellow Kershaw Scallion.

      2 minor complaints. 1) tip up carry 2) clip too flat for some types of bdu’s

      thinking about flash 2 but seems fat

  2. Buck 110 and Kershaw Vapor. Use them each about equally, I do construction/remodeling/landscaping(not to mention hunting/fishing/shooting) so they get used for all manner of things. Carried a CQC9 for several years, till I lost it in the surf out on Cape Cod,went out at low tide 3 days in a row looking for it.

  3. 90% of the time it is my SOG Flash II clipped in my pocket but the other 10% I carry my Timberline Mini Pitbull when I want a fixed blade option.

  4. Kershaw Chive most of the time right now. I have a Leek too, but the assist spring broke so until I get it fixed I’m not carrying it. When it’s available, Leek in jeans or if I think I’ll need to use it, the Chive the rest if the time.

  5. Al Mar mini SERE 2000. I’m not really a knife guy and it’s my only small tactical knife, so it’s the only one I turn to for carry when I’m at work wearing a suit. In jeans, I go for a Microtech Scarab.

  6. Benchmade Mini Griptillian. She is smooth, sharp, shiny, and I’d be hardpressed to be happier with anything else… except maybe a Sebenza…

    • I too, carry the the CRKT M21-04g; Big beefy blade, G10 scales, and the autoLAWKS system make for a good all-around tool. It also holds a good edge, and sharpens easily.

  7. i find myself carrying a cheapo gerber ez out dpsf the most…..its reasonably slim, great steel, non threatening sheeps foot blade, and very light. if i break it or lose it i wont be heart broken…..

    if im not carrying that, or plan on doing heavier cutting i have a combo blade kershaw blur that i kinda dig….

  8. w/ combo blade. The Veff serrations are awesome. The Firesafe is another plus. After a year of edc, still very happy with it.

    This replaced a SOG FlashII. The SOG wouldn’t stay “tight” after a year and came open in my pocket on a regular basis.

    Tried a Spyderco Tenacious. Really liked the knife except for no assisted open. Dealbreaker for me.

  9. It varies. My go to carry knife is a Kershaw Leek, but I also occasionally carry a Spyderco Tenacious, Benchmade Adamas, Boker Subcom, or SOG Trident.

  10. Kershaw 2445ST, serrated (it comes in non-serrated for those who prefer that style) –

    It’s relatively inexpensive (via Amazon) but of high quality. It’s all metal and therefore less liable to break when used forcefully, but still not too terribly heavy. The grip of the handle is both comfortable and secure – your hand won’t be slipping and cutting itself. The blade sits well in its handle when folded and does not start coming out because of body movement when carried in the pocket. And it’s the right length and width for all sorts of daily and emergency uses without being too large. Finally, it’s ambidextrous, so if you’re strong hand is otherwise occupied, you can use it just as well with your weak hand.

  11. My Smith & Wesson CKG104BS lives in my pocket, but the blade is .5 inches too long to be concealed legally so I’m looking for something new. Its primarily used for inadvertently (and occasionally intentionally) startling coworkers as I flick her open with a satisfying click before opening boxes. Found it reasonably priced at my local surplus shop and it replaced a pretty but poorly built multicolor titanium coated off brand that fell apart in my pocket after a few months of daily use at work.

  12. Kershaw 1550 ST and usually some type of SAK. Both are easy to carry and do a good job and are value priced so I’m not heartbroken if they get broke or lost. Shit happens.

  13. My everyday carry knife is a manual, Ka-Bar Lime green zombie tanto point. its fast and smooth on the draw and its always with me.

  14. Gerber Answer tanto. Holding up well for a cheaper knife, the assist is nice. It opened twice when I dropped it out of maybe ten drops so far.

  15. I carry a Spyderco UKPK (UK Pen Knife) drop point. It’s inexpensive, light and feels great in the hand. It sharpens up quick. It has a wire clip that looks more like a pen clip than a knife and it it’s a slip joint so it is legal almost anywhere.

    I use it the most but also carry a Spyderco Paramilitary 2; the best production knife in my opinion. But if I’m going to abuse something I abuse the inexpensive knife.

  16. Spyderco Dragonfly II ZDP-89. Absolutely the best knife I’ve had so far. Light, sharp, and the perfect size for daily tasks. Got it on recommendation from

  17. Benchmade 707, prior to that I carried a Benchmade 705. You could say I’ve been carrying the same basic knife for at least 12 years now.

    • I used to work in DC, pre-9/11. I carried my Ka-Bar in a reversed SOB, and yes, I had to pull it on 3 occasions. Luckily going Crocodile Dundee knifey spoony was as far as it had to go.

  18. Mine is right now the Kershaw piston but ive been carried its lil bro the knockout but when I get my ZT back from warranty ill go back to that. However im waiting on the Thermite to be released. current count is 2 zts 3 kershaws, 2 benchmades, 1 leatherman, 3 esees and a couple of offbrands.

    Kershaw Leek

    Spyderco Tenatious
    SOG Flash I
    Kershaw Skyline
    CRKT Drifter
    SAK Super Tinker
    SAK Cadet

    • +1 on the Griptilian,

      For the past couple of years I’ve carried Benchmade Griptilians. They’re good in the hand, smooth deployment, decent lock, and won’t break the bank. And just the right size for me. I use it for everything from opening packages to food prep. I have a couple of ’em, so if I misplace one I always have a backup. On rare occassions I’ll down-size to the Mini-Griptilian, but I much prefer the full-size version.

  20. My most used are my Spyderco Endura and UK Pen Knife. I wear thick gloves at work so slip joints and lock backs are a necessity. The thumb hole helps if I can’t get it open with one hand. They are also very versatile in other uses. I also cycle in other Spydies, Benchmades, Kershaws, SOGs, and sometimes my Microtech SOCOM.

  21. My everyday carry knife is either a benchmade mini-griptilian or spyderco Cat G10. Both are perfect for my everyday needs.

  22. I either carry a vintage Uncle Henry tri-folder given to me by my grandfather or a Cold Steel American Lawman; depends on my mood or what else I am carrying.

  23. There’s quite a few that I rotate, but right now I’d have to say my favorite EDC blade is a Spyderco Para 2. It’s hard to beat for comfort, slicing ability, toughness, lock strength, and general quality.

  24. Started carrying a knife only just recently. Started with a kershaw cryo. I recently switched to a kershaw leek for a lighter knife. I feel it’s too slippery and am in the market for something light and with a g10 handle.

    • I carried a Cryo for a while too. I loved the way the clip was oriented and how low it rode in the pocket. Also, the speedsafe mechanism was easy to deploy.

      In the long run I found it too heavy unless I was wearing jeans.

  25. Kershaw Clash in Stainless. I paid less than $20 for it and it has held up to all kinds if abuse. I sharpen it on a butcher’s steel every week or so I haven’t had any issue with it losing an effective edge.

  26. Ontario Rat1. Hands down the best value for your money. $20 bucks gets you AUS8 stainless and a thick liner lock. Tight, smooth, and not the end of the world if you loose it.

    • Bingo. Best bang for the buck, generally speaking. Fantastic blade shape as well. It can be a bit large and heavy for some, but you will appreciate the size if your smart.

  27. Benchmade 940

    Not a cheap or small piece but it opens like butter, locks up like a fixed, and holds an edge like nobody’s business.

  28. Wenger Standard Issue Swiss Army Knife w/silver alox scales (in function, a basic 4-blade “camper” design) and a Victorinox Classic, either the silver alox or the forest-green scales.

  29. either a Spyderco Dragonfly II or a Spyderco Native III, depending on where i am going, although the latter is probably switching to a Native5 soon.

  30. I carry a Gerber, Not sure of the model but it is dull aluminum with a black steel clip and blade. Half serrated. It wasnt expensive, but it opens with the flick of wrist, and closes with one had hand. I have had it for years and I use it several times a day.

  31. For me it is the Benchmade Emissary.

    It is light enough to be carried all the time. It is thin enough that it does not leave an impression even in dress pants. The clip rides very high which means the knife rides very low in your pocket when you use the clip. The Axis Assist mechanism is easy to deploy without being illegal.(In Texas) For me, this is the smallest knife that is still comfortable to use for actual cutting.

  32. Benchmade Mini Presario. Love it, small but sharp and light. Also have a Benchmade 940 and a Triage coming in, the quality of the Presario convinced me. on Benchmade.

  33. 90% of the time it’s my CRK Umnumzaan. The rest of the time it’s either a Sebenza, BM Contego, or BM 710 in M390. Always have a whittler in the other pocket.

  34. Most days I carry a Kershaw Skyline. It’s light, slim, sharp and American made, all for about $35. Can’t go wrong for most day to day cutting tasks.

  35. Spyderco Meerkat. Fits in my watch pocket, stout little handy-size blade, really cool locking mechanism that confuses everyone who sees it for the first time, high quality. Unfortunately, not regularly catalogued by Spyderco. You have to catch it when they make a special run on them.

  36. Mostly I carry two knives, a larger blade with a pocket clip and a smaller slip joint that rides in a pocket. I used edc a ZT560, which was great, but it was a tad bigger than I would generally need and would scare the sheeple when out, so I went back to carrying my Buck Vantage Pro. The slip joints will vary from day to day, but usually it’s one of the following, a sodbuster from Great Eastern Cutely, Buck 301, OtterMesser wharnclif , Swiss Alox Pioneer, or one of my other sodbusters from some various makers.

    • I carry stockmans and congresses from time to time. Different blade shapes, and you have 3 or 4 blades on the knife which guarantee an edge available for something. People forget the virtue of slipjoints.

  37. I carry two knives. A Cold Steel mini tuflite for junk jobs (it resharpens easily) and a Benchmade that is HK branded and has a 3.5 inch blade for occasions that call for a longer blade.

  38. These days it’s a Spyderco carbon fiber Dodo sprint run and on the other side the Sypderco P’Kal personal defense knife.

  39. Mine is an MOD Mark IV. I used to have a pretty nice William Henry but after I lost it I started carrying the MOD (which was a gift that I found faintly ridiculous at the time). It’s too big to lose, and I use the hook knife for all kinds of stuff. It’s excellent for bashing stuff as well.


    SOG Trident, assisted opening folder, tanto blade, black finish. Straight edge, as I’m not skilled at sharpening serrated edges. I like the cord/line cutting slot allowing you to cut string, twine etc. without opening the blade which I use a lot.

    I chose this because I got a good deal, and although I’d prefer to carry my Gerber Guardian, in my jurisdiction fixed blade knives are defined as ‘dirk/dagger’ and illegal to carry concealed (as in can’t be covered by coat or jacket even if it’s on a belt). I’d prefer an automatic over assisted opening, but again, that’s illegal where I’m located.

    Downside to the knife was the assisted opening feature broke a few days after I bought it. I was too lazy to return it but got it working again by disassembling and then loctiting the spring and screws in place.

  41. The 3.5 blade SOGzilla. Plain edge, gunmetal finish. Before that, I was carrying a 12-inch Cold Steel Voyager tanto. Awesome knife, but it was just a little too much blade for finer work and I figured I should stick with something less likely to be confiscated by The Man.

  42. CRKT M16-03Z
    My first EDC was lost to some two bit cop, but it wasn’t much of a loss since it was a cheap Chinese folder. If I lose my CRKT, it’s value isn’t particularly high. Owned it for about six years now and it has paid for itself.
    Main negative was the AUS4 steel. It is fair quality; sharpens easy and decent edge retention. Corrosion resistance is poor due to the bead blast finish and steel. But for the $30 I paid, I can’t complain.

    • J.Doe, look at a Rat 1 folder by ontario knives (I believe). Great blade shape, tough as nails, Aus-8 steel, made in Tiawan. For $20 bucks, it cant be beat……and for pete’s sake, you can do WAY better than AUS-4. I aint no steel snob, but AUS-8, minimum.

      • Thanks for the recommendation. Looks to be a very fine knife; will look into it further.
        I agree AUS4 really is a poor steel, but I suppose it’s better than pot metal.

  43. You can only really ask “what are you carrying on any particular day” because anyone who is into knives and multitools at all have a stable at home that they may switch out as it suits them. Work slacks, jeans, coats, shorts, summer, winter, carry bags, hiking, camping, travel, etc…or just wanting to rotate for experimentation, or just because, all these and more call for having a collection, not to mention people who carry multiple knives and multitools on them at once.
    I carry a small leatherman ps pocketplier on a keychain with a fenix E15 flashlight (170 lumens). A boker Trance designed by Chad los Banos ($18), boker or Kissing Crane stockman ($6-10), Spyderco Endura fully serrated ($37), Benchmade Griptilian drop point studded ($65) or Ontario Ratt folder ($20) can all be found on me. There are others, of course, but you get the picture. I like good quality at a proper price point (for me). Sebenza knives are nice and all, but $400 would be a tough loss if it were to be damaged or disappeared.

  44. I’m always losing my EDC knives so I just buy any speed safe Kershaw that’s on sale. I have also lost one pair of pants to one kerahaw that came open while still clipped in my pocket.
    I have a small collection of them I took out of rotation because I used them with my son at some event of sentimental value. When he’s older he’ll get them all, each with a note of where we were and what we did with that knife.

  45. I always have my Benchmade 530s. It’s a great little knife, and it fits perfectly in top of my riding boot when I’m on horseback.

  46. Hinderer XM-18 3.5. It can be obnoxious at times, but I carry it. The rare day I do not, I carry a Kershaw Cryo, and only on a day I’m likely to be doing something that the XM-18 is likely to fall out of my pocket. I do look forward to the Cryo 1556 later this year. The 1555 is just a little too small for my hands.

    I rarely pull a knife out around people. I don’t like the attention. That said, I use it ALL the time. I bought direct from RH with the intention of using it. I’m done with sissy, flimsy knives. I’ve had several. I am confident that if it ever gets too much wear/tear, RH can fix it. I’m surprised I’m the first to mention a Hinderer in the post. I guess I’m in the minority…

  47. I alternate between a Kershaw Rake, a Ontario Rat1, and a Ontario Jon Pardur Tanto. The Kershaw is my favorite, the composite blade is a combination of Sandvik 14C28N with a D2 edge. The Rat 1 is a great inexpensive knife.

  48. Bark River Mini Fox River (fixed, 2.9-in, sturdy, convex blade) in a pocket sheath, which also carries my Fenix P2D. I upgraded from a Gerber L.S.T. Ultralight.

  49. Carry two knives. A douk-douk and a SOG Vulcan Vg-10 Tanto. Use the douk-douk for routine knife stuff and the tanto for sd.

  50. I’ve recently switched my ~7 year EDC from a Benchmade HK 14210SBT to the slightly more elegant Benchmade 707SBK. I also usually have a SOG Trident on-hand for the rough duties (when someone asks to borrow a knife to open a box, for example). I’ve been very pleased with all 3.
    I’d love to try out a Microtech Socom Mini (If I could actually find one for sale), or perhaps a Sebenza — but I’m quite obsessed with Benchmade’s Axis lock, and prefer at least some variation of it for EDC.

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