EDC for CCW: Smith & Wesson M&P Linerlock Knife

I really liked my Smith & Wesson SWAT knife. The steel wasn’t the world’s best; the Chinese-made blade held an edge like Shannon Richards holds a degree in nuclear particle physics. But the SWAT knife was an ergonomic dream come true (the knife not Ms. Richards although I’m sure that probably applies as well). More to the point […]

EDC for CCW: Beretta Buffalo Horn Damascus Knife

As we saw with Wilson Combat’s Damascus Deluxe StarFighter Folding Knife a folding knife made of folded steel costs a lot of folding money. If you can’t stump-up $1495 for a knife to match your equally pricey Wilson Combat 1911, consider buying a Beretta 92FS and pairing it with some fava beans and a nice chianti. I […]

Knife Attack Triggers Another “Shelter in Place” Order. Shouldn’t That Be “Time to Tool Up”?

I was not well pleased with the government’s decision to advise Boston-area residents to “shelter in place” in the immediate aftermath of the marathon bombing. Even if you agree that shutting down an entire city was an appropriate response to a terrorist threat of indeterminate size and scope, what up with the term “shelter in […]