EDC for CCW: Beretta Buffalo Horn Damascus Knife

Beretta Buffalo Horn Damascus folding knife (courtesy berettausa.com)

As we saw with Wilson Combat’s Damascus Deluxe StarFighter Folding Knife a folding knife made of folded steel costs a lot of folding money. If you can’t stump-up $1495 for a knife to match your equally pricey Wilson Combat 1911, consider buying a Beretta 92FS and pairing it with some fava beans and a nice chianti. I mean a Beretta Buffalo Horn Damascus Knife. What the Italian gunmaker’s folding knife lacks in Brian Tighe-ian cache, it gains in affordability. $262 .50 plus S&H gets you . . .

A spectacular drop-point folder from Maniago, Italy, the “City of Knives.” This limited availability knife features an artisan-made, 3″ Maniago Damascus steel blade consisting of 250-270 layers of K720 and K400 steel with an HRC of 57-59. Finely polished water buffalo horn handle with unique color striations throughout the scales. Leather belt sheath included. 4″ closed; 7″ open. International origin.

There are no reviews of the knife on the website. Which goes some way to explaining the discount. Still, I like matching knife – gun combos. More to follow . . .


  1. Matt in FL says:

    That’s really nice, but I just don’t carry knives for looks. I carry knives like some people carry GLOCKs. They’re simple, functional, and a commodity, so if it breaks or gets lost, I just go to the store and get another one.

    1. Robert Farago says:

      Kinda like Israeli models for me.

      1. Matt in FL says:

        Well-played. I laughed right out loud.

  2. Pantera Vazquez says:

    Once again, a pretty knife, but will it stand up to everyday use? For me if a knife is a folder it needs to be a single hand opener, lest of course it is a knife I intend to use at leisure. If a knife is one which requires both hands to open I see it as useless for self defense. It needs to be something I would have no qualms over using it for ANYTHING a knife could potentially be used for. Would I do that with a knife in this price range? Likely not. I can appreciate a beautifully crafted knife, but other than as a collectable I see no other use for it…..well maybe for whittling, that there is a leisure use.

  3. J in Ga says:

    So where can you buy it? Out of stock at Beretta’s website

  4. I agree with Matt here EDC knives are used not displayed, well if you are after the beauty then more power to you but for me I use it, and If I lose it ill just replace it.

  5. Jessica Roth says:

    Great piece of EDC. I would like to get one just like that. Great post.

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EDC for CCW: Beretta Buffalo Horn Damascus Knife

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