New From Al Mar: Eagle HD

Al Mar’s popular Eagle Ultralight is a great EDC knife, but apparently some users wanted a little more heft than the 2 oz. folder could provide. Mar’s designers went back to the drawing table (for a few minutes, at least) to give them what they wanted . . .

The result is their new Eagle HD, the ‘heavy duty’ Eagle which tips the scales at a whopping 3 ounces. Still pretty light, but its black G10 grips make it a little more substantial than the Micarta-handled Ultralight. The blade specs are the same: 4 inches of AUS8, treated to a Rockwell hardness of 57-59.

Price: $210 for the new Eagle HD, $180 for the Eagle Ultralight.


6 responses to ‘New From Al Mar: Eagle HD

  1. If I’m going to spend $200+ dollars for an EDC, it better damned-well open itself. $200+ for a knife that I have to open, is a knife I won’t own. Not when AUS8 and G-10 can be had for less than $100.

    • Agreed.
      I’m a bit of a cold steel fanboy, and even though their big offerings are really over priced, they do keep their afordable offering afordable.

  2. If you shop around you can find this knife in the $115 to $130 range. As with most products manufacturer list prices are often listed higher than typical retail. Most folks know this already.

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