Requiescat In Pace: J. Guthrie, Outdoor Writer

The outdoor writing world lost one of its most talented and well-liked professionals last night. Hunter, writer and father J. Guthrie passed away in his sleep last night, far too early and far too young. He was just 37, and he leaves behind a wife and two young children.

I met Guthrie last year at an outdoor writer’s event in Tennessee. He cheered me on when I made the best shot of my entire life, and had nothing but encouragement when I stumbled in some 3-gun drills. I can’t for the life of me find the group picture that we all hammed it up for afterwards.

Guthrie recently starred in Modern Rifle Adventures, a cable TV hunting and shooting program with Dick Metcalf. I’d point out “I know that guy!” to my kids whenever we watched it.

In an industry filled with many good people, Guthrie was one of the most friendly, decent and endearing people I’ve ever met. I’m lucky to say I knew him, even if just a little bit.

Good hunting, Guthrie. We’ll miss you down here.



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