Because The NRA Meeting Ain’t Just for Guns


There’s no rule that says just because you travel all the way to Houston to cover the NRA Annual Meeting, you can’t look at non-firearm stuff too, is there? Good, because in addition to meeting with gun makers, photographing booth babes and checking out the new stuff, we also spent a fair amount of time scoping out wares of the blade purveyors who were on hand. And though how it happened is still kind of a mystery, I came home with four more knives than I left with . . .

If you’re not familiar with all of them, the big boy is the brand new Cold Steel Code 4 spearpoint which RF was generous enough to present to Nick and me. I fell in love with it’s thin frame and smooth-opening mechanism when the Cold Steel rep showed us some of their latest and greatest.



I also couldn’t possibly walk past the Kershaw booth without pressing my nose up against the glass. Then I took advantage of some show pricing to add a Scallion assisted flipper to my collection. Eveyone needs good, small EDCers and this one will lighten my beloved SOG Flash I’s workload a little.


Finally, as I was leaving the floor on Sunday, ready to pack up and head to the airport, I almost bumped right into the small Ka-Bar booth. And there they were, unloading their already super-affordable Dozier designed folding hunters. Before I knew what happened, I picked up the drop point model (4062) for my son and stuffed the thumb notch version (4065) in my backpack because I have an open slot in my knife drawer.



Full reviews of all four will follow. At some point. I swear. For now, I’m just trying to decide which one to carry today.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Bought 2 of the last one a few years back. Don’t like how the knife butt sticks out of my pocket, but that blade is very nice. Came really sharp, too.

  2. Pantera Vazquez says:

    that CS Code 4 looks like it may cause me to smile………..
    looking 4ward to your review.

  3. William says:

    I used to have that Dozier “drop point” (which, to my way of thinking, should be called a “spear point”), but sold it in a yard sale once when I was flat broke. Which happens from time to time.

    At the time, I thought, and said, that it was THE best knife value out there. I still sort of feel that way, but I’ve acquired (and sold and acquired) more knives. I will probably order a replacement; the price has only edged up a small pittance in the past ten years or so.

    I never did find out what the blade steel is. Anyone know offhand?

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Because The NRA Meeting Ain’t Just for Guns

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