Not a DKU: California Castrator Gets ‘Life’ Sentence

Catherine Kieu, shown here, was convicted last week of drugging her estranged husband’s tofu with sleeping pills, tying him to a bed, and cutting off his gentleman parts with a 10″ kitchen knife. She wanted to be sure the missing member couldn’t be surgically reattached, so she ground it up in the food disposal.

Knife Gang Kills 26 In NW China Attack: Not The First Time

Knife-wielding Uighur nationalists are suspected in a grisly dawn attack that left twenty-six police and civilians butchered in a township in northwestern China earlier this week. Police responded (too late, apparently) with gunfire, and ten attackers were added to the butcher’s bill before it was all over.

New From Boker: Boker Plus Squail

Mmmmm…matte titanium bolsters. And Micarta. Tip-down carry’s a bit of a bummer, but I could get used to it. Easily. With its 4″ 440C blade, this is what you call your full-size folder. Hubba. Oh, one other thing. We weren’t familiar with the term, ‘squail.’ Here’s what offers: (skwāl) v. i. 1. To throw […]