EDC For CCW: Spyderco Native FRN S30V


For EDC use, the Spyderco Native is kind of like the edged equivalent of the S&W Model 640: they’re both meticulously well-made and comfortable to carry. And both pack a mean punch, too. Like the 640, the Native is so comfortable there’s no reason you won’t have it with you when you need it, but it’s probably not the tool you’ll want in your hand for heavy or extended use. It’s not really made for that . . .

Image courtesy Spyderco

The not-quite-deep pocket clip may not provide the utmost in concealment, so go ahead and remove it. It’s made for pocket carry at just 2.6 ounces and 3 inches folded (and 0.45″ thick) and nobody will ask “Is that an Endura in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

Spyderco cut a few corners to keep this knife lightweight and affordable: the blade pivot is secured with a rivet instead of a tiny Torx bolt, and the one-piece grip body is more flexible FRN instead of rigid G10.

Stay tuned for a full review.



  1. racer88 says:

    Great knife, and I agree it is better off loose and deep in your pocket. Mine is all black… DLC combo blade. I’ve always liked the “aggressive” shape of the blade and the swedge cut into the spine. It just looks “right” with serrations, IMO. It’s the only serrated blade in my collection of about 50 spydies.

  2. daveinwyo says:

    What’s up with the sudden(?) love of spyderco knives? IMO the knives are either bulky/non-functional or junky/non-functional. I have used and own a lot of styles and types, from fighting knives (USASF ’69-’76) to big game styles both western and European, full auto (US and Italian) and assisted types. I’m now getting interested in Japanese knives/swords and fighting styles. My EDC is a Kershaw Leek, I own 3. I have handmades and run of the mill production types, and I still can’t find a spyderco that I would own. I can’t tell the difference between the $5.95 auto-parts store one from the “real” one! So, WTF? RED

    1. racer88 says:

      Sudden love? To my knowledge, Spyderco has had a very loyal following for a long time. The GENIUS of Spyderco is to make a wide variety of models (the Baskin Robbins of knives), at a high level of quality for a reasonable range of costs. Go on the knife forums, and you’ll find Spyderco owners doing all the marketing for Spyderco. They are very vocal fans. Spyderco is also VERY responsive to their customers. They listen and then give’em what they want. Brilliant.

      I got my first Spydie in 2010 – a Caly 3. I wasn’t even a “knife guy.” Three years later, and I’ve got over 50 Spydercos. The only non-Spydie knife I have is a traditional Kabar.

    2. Chris Dumm says:

      Spydercos are what we’ve gotten to review lately, but we’ve got a pair of Cold Steels in the works. I’m angling for more fixed blade to review, but it’s probably going to be a while before somebody sends us a free Randall to play with. And this makes me very sad. In the meantime we’re hoovering up every blade we can review.

    3. DrewN says:

      All the kitchen guys I know like them because they are easy to sharpen, easy to use with gloves, available in a variety of bright, non threatening colors and cheap. And mass produced, so no one cares when you lose it or break it or ruin it.

  3. janklow says:

    i love my Natives, but at this point the Native 5 is going to see more use than the rest of the lot.

  4. jimmyjames says:

    Tip up only, no thanks. Why do they do that?

  5. Nathan says:

    All I wanna know is if they have the new style pocket clips. The ones pictured are the old ones

  6. Sam L. says:

    I got a Meercat 10-15 years back; small, cool, really cute unlocking mechanism. My only complaint was that short and stubby doesn’t work for narrow openings when I want to insert the point to cut something using the handle as a lever–like a zip-tie.

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EDC For CCW: Spyderco Native FRN S30V

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