Irresponsible Knife Owner of the Day

Irresponsible Knife Owner of the Day: CA Knife Thrower [Not Shown]

I suppose the headline above tells you all you need to know. Irresponsible. Knife thrower. Done. Still, the wording of this police report at leaves a little to the imagination. “Officers arrested a 57-year-old El Cerrito woman after she threw a knife at her boyfriend, causing a puncture wound. Earlier in the day, the couple purchased knives and set up a target so the woman could practice her knife throwing skills. The knife throwing practice ended when the woman decided to throw the knife at her boyfriend’s chest. Officers booked the woman at the El Cerrito Police Department and transported her to the Martinez Detention Facility.” Define “decided.” And what, pray tell, happened to the boyfriend? Not that he didn’t deserve it, but enquiring minds want to know.


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