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Yes You Should Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

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“The man, 47, told police he was walking home from the store with an 18-pack of Busch Light beer in hand when he noticed two teenage boys, both 16, following him,” observes. “One of the boys brandished a gun, police say, and told the man to ‘give it up.’ When he heard the boy chamber a round in the gun, he grabbed the boy’s arm, took out a pocket knife [not shown] and swung the knife at the boy.” As we discussed at The Truth About Knives, a “ballistic cut” (i.e. slashing) is not your ideal self-defense technique. But as Voltaire said (and Barack Obama repeated ad nauseam, nauseatingly enough) you can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Especially when you’re facing armed enemies. And so . . .

The man said the boy hit him several times with the handgun before he fled with the other teen, the report states. Police found the discarded 18-pack of beer on the ground, while EMS treated the man, who said he could positively identify his attackers if police found them.

That’s when officers received a call that one of the teens was at the hospital with a cut on his hand, the report states. Police spoke with both boys, who denied any involvement in the incident.

A detective photographed them and showed their pictures to the victim, who was also treated at the hospital. The man identified the boys as his attackers, the report said.

Police charged the boys, one of them a Rock Hill resident and the other one from Charlotte, with armed robbery, criminal conspiracy and possession of a pistol by a person under 18.

As we’ve said many times, always maintain situational awareness. Carry a gun, knife, flashlight, pepper spray, something, anything, whatever.

If you don’t have a “proper” weapon or you lose it in the fog of war, adapt, improvise, overcome. Oh, and for God’s sake, drink real beer. Life is too short to down even a single can of Busch Light, never mind 18 of them. Just sayin’ . . .


15 responses to ‘Yes You Should Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

    • Surely the two yoots (youths) would have left the victim alone if they knew he had Busch Light beer in the bag. I can see going through the trouble for a good Canadian or other imported beer but not for Busch Light.

      • Heh? What is this “good Canadian beer” of which you speak? I’ll take a good American microbrew against any import, any day.

        • There are some good canadian beers, though they aren’t the labatt’s, molson, etc. that so many people drink. Unibroue of Quebec is a great Belgian-style brewery, for example. It’s true the US has more and better beer, but there’s still some great stuff in Canada too, if you know where to look.

  1. Don’t think that the 18-pack of Busch Light beer was worth the chance that the kid might have shot and killed him, let alone get pistol whipped over. Give the kids the cheap imitation beer and let this be a lesson to only purchase decent beer from here on out. Those punks probably wouldn’t have recognized a good indie beer as real beer and given him a pass.

    • You are SOOO correct! A fight at gunpoint for cheap stinking beer? Call the cops and go looking for them when they leave.

    • Well, if they are stupid enough to rob a guy for beer, they are stupid enough to shoot you after you hand it over peacefully. Twenty years ago, a robber would take your stuff and go, if you didn’t fight back or mouth off. Now they shoot you because its the best way to make sure you don’t ID them later. Sometimes they shoot you for fun.

    • ESPECIALLY if it’s pink! The BG will be made even more a mockery of when his new housemates find out he got worked over by a dude with a pink pen.

  2. I carry a knife everywhere I’m allowed, and keys on a plastic novelty keychain (Kubotan) absolutely everywhere. Interested in the tactical pen, though…..

  3. The only place I don’t carry a gun is work, but I DO have a S&W HRT in my pocket, plus 2 other lockblade folders in my lunch kit.
    I don’t drink fizzy yellow beer substitute, and Mr Steyr would have surprised the yoots when they displayed a gun at me. Beer isn’t worth exercizing lethal force over, but if they are so lacking in common sense to threaten killing me over it, it’s no longer about the beer.

  4. Hmm, the minor knife slash to the hand apparently wasn’t too effective, if the perp was able to retain his weapon and pistol-whip the victim with it. Frankly, I think I’d have been more likely to slam that 18-pack of wannabe-er right into his face. I rather imagine that might have done significantly more damage.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT decrying the effectiveness of a good knife. I carry one all the time. (No CCW where I live, so a knife is my primary defensive weapon.) But carrying a blade that can actually get the job done, and actually knowing where and how to apply it to achieve that result are the vital components of using a blade for personal defense.

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