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“Ballistic Knife Kit For Sale”? Buyer Beware

Ballistic Knife Kit

The Soviet ‘Pilum’ ballistic knife has been an object of obsessive and often poorly-informed discussion ever since it was featured in Call Of Duty: Black Ops. I’ve never seen one in person, so I couldn’t possibly speculate as to whether they’re actually more lethal than a torso hit from a .50 BMG at ten yards. But I can spot an internet scam when I see one . . .

What could possibly be wrong with this offer? I’m sure you can find it on the intertubes if you really want to, but I’m not linking to it because I don’t want anyone to inadvertently go there. Or blow their hard-earned rubles.

Ballistic Knife Ad

This one is pretty easy to spot. The first clue is the fact that ballistic knives are totally illegal under Federal law. Just like classified ads offering ‘Full-Auto AR-15 Conversion Kits,’ most offers to sell ballistic knives (or kits) are either scams to steal your credit card number or passive ‘sting’ operations run by law enforcement. Can you really buy plutonium cores, black tar heroin or powdered anthrax spores over the world wide web? Hell no, and you probably can’t buy an illegal ballistic knife either. So don’t try.

The second clue is the generic name of the website (a bridal registry? really?) with its dirt-cheap appearance, no custom graphics, and a single crappy photograph of the alleged product. An image which was probably scraped from a Blade Forum post or Wikipedia entry years ago.

The third clue is the clumsy ‘Google Translate’-ed English text in the ads and web pages themselves. Dig this:

Congratulation !!!, You have got cheap price for Ballistic Knife Parts Kit. Don’t waste time, take it to your cart in store, to getting best price.

Since when did Borat start selling knives?

The final clue, if you haven’t gotten the picture already, is that the ‘Get Discount Price Here’ button only takes you to a succession of other similar websites with no actual product to sell. Congratulation !!! Your computer is probably infested with malware by now.

Don’t get me wrong; I’d love to play with and test a real Pilum ballistic knife some day. I’d also like to test an M240B machine gun and, fire a live-warhead MANPADS missile at a flying target drone, and blast a Soviet tank hulk to smithereens with the main gun of an M1 Abrams. Since they’re all illegal and more or less equally impossible, I’ll have to learn to live with my disappointment.

But I sure as hell won’t give some scammer my credit card number in the hopes of buying a ballistic knife.


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  1. “But I sure as hell won’t give some scammer my credit card number in the hopes of buying a ballistic knife.”

    C’mon, live dangerously! Don’t you want to feel alive?

      • I was sorta kidding, but on the subject, there are some credit cards (I used to have one from Citi) that offer a web-based service where you can generate a one time use card number for situations like this.

  2. This thing always sounded like a gimmick, that had a very limited use.
    Now that I’ve seen one, it has only confirmed those original suspicions.

  3. I know this is two years old, but i just came across it, and i really wish people would do some research instead of just assuming that something is completely illegal…
    ballistic knives with a spring-operated blade[16] illegal to possess, manufacture, sell, or import “in or affecting interstate commerce.”[17] This means they are illegal to import from outside the United States, as well as buy or sell over state lines, including possessing or making them with intent to sell over state lines. The federal law also makes it a separate crime to use or possess a ballistic knife during the commission of a federal crime of violence, with a minimum sentence of 5 years in a federal prison. Federal law does not prohibit the possession, manufacture, or sale of a ballistic knife within a state’s boundaries, and the individual laws of each state or territory must be consulted to determine whether possession, manufacture, or sale within a given state is legal (many states have statutes that regulate or prohibit the acquisition and/or possession of ballistic knives, and penalties vary from state to state).

    • This one was Dan’s post, and I really don’t know much about them or where I would even look for my State. Frankly, malware infestation aside, I really don’t have the desire to play around with one.

      Thanks for your clarification.

  4. Quote: “I’ve never seen one in person, so I couldn’t possibly speculate as to whether they’re actually more lethal than a torso hit from a .50 BMG at ten yards.”

    Information about this is available here:
    M. Hirt, B. Karger: Fatal brain injury caused by the free-flying blade of a knife – case report and evaluation of the unusual weapon. in: International Journal of Legal Medicine, August 1999, Volume 112, Issue 5, pp 313-314

    The case reported there relates to a man who suffered a fatal injury from a self-inflicted accident while handling a ballistic knife. The blade protruded the persons eye, perforated the orbital cavity and the frontal lobe at the right side. Death was due to central disregulation. The initial velocity of the blade was measured to be 15 m/s. In a total of 20 experimental shots to a fresh pig cadaver, the blade always penetrated the skin and 5–10 cm of soft tissue as long as the distance did not exceed 1 m. Thin layers of bone were also perforated. The free flight of the blade did not remain stable if the distance was more than 1 m, which resulted in superficial wounds only.

    So in real combat these items seem to be next to useless.

  5. Hey all,
    I know some of you are not going to believe me but I used to own one of these knives. I bought it at a gun show in Virginia. I actually had to buy it in two separate transactions. One was the knife exactly as shown in the image above and the other was the spring that I received about a week later. Both pieces were sent to me by way of UPS but separately in two different shipments.

    I had my fun with it and it did work very well in the beginning. From about 6-8 feet it would penetrate a phone book that was about 1 1/2 inches thick. The knife flew straight within that distance but further than that it would start to tumble. Also, don’t forget that once you shot the thing you no longer had a weapon to protect yourself with. And you couldn’t just go and pick up the knife from where ever it landed and put it back in. You literally had to lean on the knife with most of your weight to load the darn thing. Also, after shooting it a bunch of times the trigger mechanism started to wear out and it became very dangerous to have without the pin in it, which stopped the trigger from firing. The knife was only meant to be used a few times then it was time for a new one.

    Anyway, my point with this comment is that they were/are real and do work, a limited amount of times. They are extremely powerful but do not match the power of a .50 cal anything! They are fun to play with until they start to wear out then they are just plain dangerous and unpredictable.

    So, that’s my experience with a ballistic knife.

    Thanks for letting me post in your forum.


  6. The utility of this thing is low compared to an equal weight of additional rounds for my Smith 640. No matter how worn the trigger on my Smith gets, it won’t shoot a knife blade into my brain. Interesting? Yes. Useful? Doubtful at best.

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