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BREAKING: Swedish Police Kill ‘Active Stabber;’ Stop Knife Rampage

Swedish police shot and killed a 24 year-old man during a stabbing spree which left two victims wounded and an elderly woman dead. From Fox News:

Police in Sweden have shot and killed a knife-wielding man after he allegedly stabbed three people, including an elderly woman who died from her injuries.

Police say the victims were stabbed in the late morning Friday in different locations in the southwestern town of Varberg. Two men who were attacked survived, but the woman, born in 1928, died from her injuries.

Police say they shot the suspect when he refused to put down his knife, even after they fired warning shots. He died after being taken to a local hospital.

The motive for the rampage was not immediately clear.

Warning shots are a bad idea, but I’m all in favor of ventilating homicidal psychos. Does this mean Sweden will start to push for even more strict knife control laws? It happened in the UK after Dunblane, and in Australia after the Port Arthur shooting spree. It almost happened here after Sandy Hook, and it may yet happen…


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