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Danish EDC: Spyderco Pingo


Denmark isn’t famous for its ferocity these days, but Danish raiders used to be the scourge of Britain and Ireland. The entire 21st-century Danish military could fit inside one large soccer stadium, and a law-abiding Dane* can’t carry a lockback or one-handed opening knife, much less an Ulfberht broadsword.

Luckily for them, a certain knife-maker from Golden, Colorado has the perfect EDC knife for these former Vikings. Its name, ‘Pingo’, might have come from an Ikea pencil case. In fact, Spyderco could have gone all-in and called it the ‘Pupli’ but wiser heads prevailed . . .

But I digress. Spyderco already makes a line of SLIPIT knives to comply with hoplophobic British knife laws. To comply with the even-more irenic Danish law, Spyderco shrunk the famous and patented Spidey Hole to the size of a BB, and replaced the locking mechanism with a stiff notched-joint spring.

The Pingo’s advantages over a Swiss Army Knife could be the subject of endless debate, but this is at least a cool-looking knife with a premium N690Co blade and FRN grips with a reversible deep-carry pocket clip. The stiff spring might make it hard to open, but it also makes it hard to close on your fingers.

Price: $79.95 from Spyderco, if you’re interested.

*Danes being exceptionally law-abiding these days.


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  1. That’s actually a pretty interesting looking knife. Almost looks like it’d be a good caping knife, with the blade shaped that way, if it was bigger.

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