Incendiary Image of the Day: Back to School to Back of Squad Car Edition


A TwitFace friend of mine thought this was amusing enough to share. And I found it jarring enough to believe that you all would find it amusing too. I know that I grew up in an America where bringing a knife to school was never met with a single raised eyebrow. Now it’s met with a SWAT team deployment. Crying shame.



9 responses to ‘Incendiary Image of the Day: Back to School to Back of Squad Car Edition

    • Made in Portugal out of German steel. There ought to be a warning sign on the knife display: “know your school’s dormitory rules about knives”.

      • At my school, kitchen knives are allowed but folding knives over 2.5 inches aren’t.

        That restriction hasn’t kept my Buck knife from leaving my coat pocket.

  1. Stiletto in my pocket all through junior high and high school. A six inch blade hunting knife, along with a .32 walther ppk went with me to college. But it was years ago, in more reasonable times when nobody gave it a second thought.. If I had a kid in college today, I would buy the knife and gun, and provide the education as to their appropriate carry and use.

    Still, that’s funny!

  2. Could you tell me where you sourced this picture Pls. I took this photo 2 years ago and shared it privately on Facebook and am concerned that it now appears on multiple sites. I now fear images of my children could be circulating and Facebook is allowing or sharing my images without consent

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