Knife/Gun Contest Entry: The Perfect EDC

By Jacob M.

Knives should be like opinions, everyone should have one. The perfect EDC knife is one that meets your needs, not the coolest looking, biggest, most expensive, etc.  The perfect knife for me changes on a daily basis depending on what I am doing that day whether it’s working in the garden making grafts or cutting twine, castrating week-old piglets, or wandering the mall . . .

But the most valuable knife is one that is able to hold a lasting decent edge, and is comfortable in your hand.  My favorite carry knife is an old two blade Case “whittling” knife given to me by an old moonshiner in the mountains of North Carolina (1976) when I encountered and befriended him while I was training for the military Special Forces.  I have since partially retired that knife after carrying it the full 22 years of my military service.

I, like a lot of guys, have knives all over my house, workshop, and garage, received as gifts (otherwise worthless junk), purchased because I thought I needed them, or because it was the latest greatest design but turned out to be a passing fad. I see everywhere, whether on youtube or knife websites, reviews telling the newbie and veteran knife guy alike, how great this “new knife is” and how it is worth the high cost, but that’s when I reach into my pocket and pull out that old Case that’s never failed me when I needed a good knife.


  1. Aharon says:

    The most practical knife I own is my SAK. It competes with my EDC a simple Kershaw Crown gentleman’s folder. Both knives are stainless steel which aren’t known for long term good edge retention.

  2. Paul B says:

    My favorite carry is a Swiss Army Trekker. Two very good blades with enough extra to think you have a multi-tool. Knives hold a edge well and are thin enough to not bind cutting fruit or trimming cuttings from plants.

    I usually have several knives on me most of the time, but if I can only carry one, the trekker gets the nod.

  3. Nathan says:

    I would carry traditional knives more if they were quicker to deploy. I can’t dilly-dally at work

  4. Crpl Agarn says:

    I really like my Laguiole for an EDC carry Knife. I’m not a huge fan of the French but they make some beautiful knives!
    Sometimes I switch our or add my Benchmade 710 when I go up into the mountains or am working cows or riding my horse but the Laguiole is with me almost always.

  5. I_Like_Pie says:

    My Buck Prince is my perfect EDC because my wedding ring slips right in the middle of it when I am working on something where you don’t want to be wearing a ring.

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Knife/Gun Contest Entry: The Perfect EDC

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