Video Tip Of The Day: Swords Don’t Really Make That “Sching!” Sound

Lindybeige is pretty entertaining, and this is one of a great many videos he’s made about weapons and armor. In this particular rant (which is worth watching to the very end, trust me) he demonstrates how crazy Hollywood Foley sound artists get when they’re adding sword-related sound effects. You may never enjoy a swashbuckler again.



8 responses to ‘Video Tip Of The Day: Swords Don’t Really Make That “Sching!” Sound

  1. Cavalry sabers were carried in metal sheaths, which might make a sound kinda like ‘sching’. It’s my understanding that yes, the metal sheaths did dull the blade.

    • The only metal scabbard I’ve seen for a cavalry saber is a presentation/dress version, meant to be worn during a formal ceremonies. The scabbard is almost always embellished with insignia and engraving in such a case.

      The general issue scabbard was wood and leather, at least for US Cavalry troops in the 1800s.

      • I’ve heard that a lot of cavalry sabers were dull anyway.

        If you’ve ever ridden a horse at speed, you’ll understand exactly why you don’t want sharp things waving about.

  2. And guns don’t go “click-click” every time you look at them or move them. They are really pretty quiet. Unless you press the “go” button, then they get REALLY loud, especially indoors.

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