Fixed Blades

How to Make a Knife (Part 1)

This vid is brought to you by the blokes at Team Wild TV. In this episode, Rob Rowley of RK Knives and Catapults takes you from a steel blank to a fully profiled blade ready for heat treating. It’s a decent (if painfully low key and apparently unrehearsed) tutorial if you haven’t seen the process before, despite the fact that the producers would have done well by adding English subtitles. Especially for the intro. If you’re interested in one of Rowley’s blades, he’s giving away a free catapult as a bonus with each knife sold in August. That sounds really impressive until you figure out that a catapult in Nottinghamese is known as a slingshot in the American vernacular. It boggles the mind to think what he might concoct if he ever adds trebuchets to his product line.   [h/t Randi Rogers]


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