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BudK Tests The Folding EDC Tomahawk

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Early last month I spotted this edged oddity online, and we wondered if it were any good. From most of your comments, it looked like it would put the ‘awk’ (ward) back in ‘Tomahawk.’ The guys at the BudK catalog are already famous for selling some borderline-silly edged gear, but they decided to put this folding EDC contraption to the test. Against a full-sized modern tomahawk.

And the winner is…

Besides me, is anyone here not surprised by this?

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12 responses to ‘BudK Tests The Folding EDC Tomahawk

  1. Not trying to be a blade snob but the M48? United Cutlery? In gun terms that’s like calling out a HiPoint by comparing it to a Kel Tec. Its an improvement, but not much.

    Try the SOG ‘hawks, it’s a world of difference.

  2. Is it possible to conduct a ridiculous test, on a ridiculous product,
    and look ridiculous while doing it? I think we have our answer.

  3. Other than niftiness, why exactly would I want to lug around a tomahawk everyday? I don’t come across many things that need to be hacked to death on a daily basis. Do many people find themselves at a loss without a tomahawk handy? Seems like a product with limited utility. Nifty though.

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