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Knife Preview: Boker Plus ‘Federal’

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAK

Brazilian designer Gustavo Cecchini draws up some profoundly futuristic knives. All of his edged creations seem imported from the 26th century, and his Boker+ ‘Federal’ looks like it came from Commander Shepard’s N7 combat armor. Thanks to Nathan, I just got my hands on one…

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAK

This $150 folder sports a titanium frame with carbon-fiber inlays, dual caged ball bearings, futuristic looks, a folding pocket clip and a vault-solid lockup. What it doesn’t have is a high-end steel blade, hand-massaging ergonomics, or or ‘Made In Solingen’ credentials.

The blade is 440C (HRC 58) and the whole knife is made in China. At this price these could definitely be a deal-breaker, although it’s worth noting that this Federal (SN#0643) doesn’t exhibit any of the QC problems that some of Boker’s Chinese-made knives have recently suffered from.

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAKThe Federal’s blade is perfectly centered, the carbon-fiber inlays don’t give you splinters, and the lockup is as solid as Eddie Griffin’s Undercover Brother. The pivot was a little rough until I disassembled it and cleaned it out; now it’s buttery-slick. And kudos to Boker for including a double-headed takedown wrench, by the way.

I haven’t started cutting stuff up with the Federal yet. I’ll get around to it, but it’s at the back of the line behind the SOG Seal Pup and the Cold Steel Kobun tanto.

I can see already that the Federal isn’t the world’s most practical EDC knife, and should possibly be considered on its merits as a collectible as well. It’s a production-run interpretation of GTC’s own custom Federal H/C, but only costs about 1/10th what the original does.


6 responses to ‘Knife Preview: Boker Plus ‘Federal’

      • True, but the person making 2 cents a month in the factory that is manufacturing these probably doesn’t know that, nor do they care. I would rather spend money on something that is both well made and made from premium parts.

        • If that’s your thoughts then ok. I’m not gonna close off a section of the market just because they’re not USA made

      • I don’t see how anyone could make a Ti-framed knife like this without having to charge well over $100 for it. Titanium is scarce and expensive; this knife is the single largest Titanium implement I’ve ever used. Ti is also legendary for being extremely challenging to refine and work as a metal. It is a bit of a surprise that Boker didn’t spend a few more Euros to have it made in Germany instead of China, since the comments here suggest that many collectors would rather spend $200 for a Solingen Ti Boker than $150 for the same knife made in China.

  1. Yes! I’ve been dreaming of GTC knives since the moment I first saw them. That clip is probably among the coolest things I’ve ever seen on a knife. A few points though, titanium is fairly common, it’s high price is due to the fact that it must be refined in an oxygen free environment. Also, 440C is a very good steel with excellent corrosion resistance and toughness. No need to write it off just because it’s been around for a while.

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