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  1. What I cant understand are all the people who seem to be trying to find a big ol’l knife that can take the place of an axe, but still be a useful knife. Given the choice of being dropped in the woods with only 1 tool, I’ll take a mid sized axe over anything else.

    • A lot of it has to do with personal experience. I have
      found there is no one size fits all tool. In some areas
      an axe works great; in others the knife. What I carry
      depends more on the task at hand and location than
      anything else. There’s also personal preference. I
      grew up using larger knives (kabars, butcher knives/
      cleavers etc). As a result I am completely comfortable
      with using big knives. If one isn’t trained or
      experienced in a tool’s use, axe or knife, then that
      tool looses much of its effectiveness.

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