Coming Soon From Buck Knives (For A Little While): 110 Folding Hunter In S30V, G10

Image courtesy Best Made, Inc.If the wooden scales and Paul Bos-treated 420HC of the classic Buck 110 is too 20th Century for you, Buck Knives is accepting pre-orders for a limited run of these 110s through boutique Internet vendor Best Made. And if you want one, you’d better get in line now.

Image courtesy Best Made

At $138, these limited editions run about three times the price of your dad’s Buck 110. But I’ll bet your dad’s 110 didn’t come with G10 scales and an S30V blade. This isn’t the first time Buck has made a limited custom run of exotic-steel 110s, but as far as I know they’re the only new ones being offered right now.

I love the look of this knife (like any 110) but I can only wonder how much better the S30V would perform than the standard Paul Bos 420HC. Unfortunately I’ll probably never find out…

Pre-order page here.


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6 Responses to Coming Soon From Buck Knives (For A Little While): 110 Folding Hunter In S30V, G10

  1. Roger says:

    If I’m not mistaken, you can or used to be able to order an S30V buck 110 from their custom knife portion of their site.

  2. Robert says:

    It has always been possible to buy a 110 with an S30 blade via the Buck Custom Shop. With the S30 blade, brass bolsters, brass pins and “Heritage Walnut” handles the cost of a customized 110 is $86.00. Other options are more expensive, of course.

  3. Probably not a bad piece if you were starting a collection. Sort of like buying silver instead of gold (a Randall). Inherent value, but not out of reach of the average guy.

  4. Daniel says:

    Intriguing, but I think I’d rather just buy 5 11o’s instead.

  5. AW1Ed says:


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