Knife-Pong Video: Is This Really An Irresponsible Knife Owner?

Is this clever stage magic, or is it just CGI? Either way, it all happens so fast I didn’t even have time to cringe. How long before somebody is stupid enough to try this at home?


4 responses to ‘Knife-Pong Video: Is This Really An Irresponsible Knife Owner?

  1. Certainly fake. Just look at the way the knives are stuck in the paddles.

    Good luck throwing a kitchen knife halfway through a laminated ping pong paddle.

  2. I preferred it when CGI was more obvious, sort of. Now I’m cynical about all videos. However – her grip on the bats would be too spongy to get those heavy knives to stick in. Also – the person who decided to use a pineapple has obviously never chopped one up – they’re thinking of the affect of a samouri sword (and look at the way the bald bloke is holding it with his pinky sticking up!). The shot into her mouth is low odds too…and then there’s the random passer-by, trying too hard to make the scene normal.

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