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Leatherman RAIL Tool: All It Needs Is A Blade!

Image courtesy LeathermanA Leatherman multi-tool without a knife blade? Zut alors! We love our AR-15s, but they’re not the most finger-friendly firearm to maintain and disassemble. If you’re stuck in the field with a balky AR and no tool kit, I know it’s blasphemy but you might start to wish you had an AK instead.

Leatherman is reaching out to AR owners with the RAIL, a lower-priced alternative to their awesome MUT (one of our very first knife reviews.) But they seriously messed up by not giving it a knife blade. Maybe.

The $35 RAIL does include one gadget the $120 MUT is lacking: an AR front sight adjustment tool. But without a blade it’s not a knife and The Truth About Stuff publisher Robert Farago will send me a nastygram if it’s not a knife. “Don’t dilute the brand, Dumm!” he will thunder over the phone, unless there’s a knife blade in here somewhere.

Image: Columbia River Knife & Tool

And there is, if you grab a Picatinny Tool from CRKT. This $30 tool doesn’t have all the widgets and attachments the MUT does, but it’s got a punch and tiny screwdriver bits and that little wrench that lets you tighten the levers on your LaRue Tactical QD scope mounts. It’s also got the needle-thin hex wrench that Leupold uses to zero their tactical turrets.

And it’s got a knife blade. A thumb-opening, partially serrated liner lock at that. So we’re cool about this article, right, RF?

Since I already own both a MUT and a Picatinny Tool, I doubt Santa will be putting a RAIL under the tree for me this Christmas. If he does, I’ll pass it along to a needy AR owner for testing.


5 responses to ‘Leatherman RAIL Tool: All It Needs Is A Blade!

  1. According to their site, the MUT and MUT EOD now both come with a front site adjustment tool and 3/8″ box wrench. They’re not built into the tool, though, they are a separate piece.

  2. The RAIL does make adjusting the front sight easier. However the AR has a great front sight tool that we learned to use in the Marine Corps……the tip of a 5.56 round. The nice thing about the RAIL is how compact and light it is. Since I usually have at least one dedicated folding knife at all time, why would I need a blade on every tool? It’s just extra weight. The only thing the blade on my MUT gets used for is cutting cardboard.

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