Obscure Object Of Desire: Direware Hyper-90

Image courtesy Direware.comFrom the mundane (Kershaw Injection) to the sublime: the Hyper-90 is a mid-sized custom frame-lock flipper so awesome you know you can’t afford it. I know I can’t.

Image courtesy DirewareAll that money (at least $1000) gets you a hell of a knife, though. In addition to the sleekest lines I think I’ve ever seen on a folder, the Hyper-90 is built from the toughest materials on the planet. The frame is 6AL-4V titanium, and the 3.00-inch blade is milled from .180″ thick (and super-exotic) Boehler M390 stainless. Even the frame spacer gets special attention: it’s 440C stainless, hardened to a ridiculous RHC 59.

Other Hyper-90 models have carbon fiber or G-10 scales. These ‘lesser’ Hyper-90s are far less expensive than the full-ti version shown here, but these knives are extremely collectible and Direware sells out very quickly. Many Direware knives re-sell on the collector’s market for well above their retail price, so if you find one you want you’d better move quickly.

Click on the images to jump to the Direware website, but be careful to wipe your browser history afterward: your SO might be really pissed if they know you’ve been looking at such high-grade knife porn.


9 responses to ‘Obscure Object Of Desire: Direware Hyper-90

  1. I think this blog just hit a new level, the same level I hit about 6 months ago where standard production knives just were not getting me excited. I think the only one that has gotten me excited in the past 6 months was the Domino and I still don’t have one. Excuse me while I go check my bank account

  2. For get that. the only way you end up with 1k in a knife is if you hand build the thing. Files and stones. Only other device allowed is a vice.

    I like looking at these as well as the next guy, but who really owns one? I could not use it for fear I would break it.

    Give me a 10 dollar mora any day. Works good and if you lose it, get another.

    Just my two coppers worth. Keep up the site.

  3. Sweet. Very sweet.

    [Grammar Nazi alert] The last sentence has an egregious agreement error. “SO” as used is singular, but “they” is plural. Screeeee….

  4. I own the indentical Hyper 90 pictured above, i got it on ebay payed 1400 ballons for it and its sick!! I might be afraid to use it ths far but that will change, I alos own a medord praetorian and the Direware makes it look and feel like a toy. I love the knife and will be looking to score another with the tritium thumbstud.
    look me up on you tube 27tubguy the bades will be up soon.

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