Kershaw+Duck Dynasty=Awesomeness

The famous bearded family are increasing their marketing empire by partnering with Kershaw’s parent company KAI. (I have massive amounts of respect for the empire these guys built. Not only are they fantastic businessmen, but they are hilarious. No robots here). The only question I have is whether or not it will be crap. I’m […]

Video: Inside The Opinel Factory

It’s a bit late to include it in my review, but Opinel put together a short video showing highlights from the production cycle of their traditional No.8s (not shown.) It’s a heavily automated process, and this should be no surprise. If you want to sell a knife for the local equivalent of $11, you need […]

Getting Ready For The Kershaw Warehouse Sale

I hate going shopping the day after Thanksgiving. For years I thought ‘Black Friday’ referred to the horror and misery of shopping on the most offensive and unpleasant faux-holiday of the American calendar. It still does for me, and I usually go shooting instead. We call it Black Rifle Friday. I’m saving my shopping pennies […]

Shopper’s Tip: Watch For Black Friday Sales!

Black Friday is an amazing day. We’re all feeling groggy from the delicious food we had the day before (and will be having for the next three days). If you’re looking for presents for good prices, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are when to do it.

Sorta New From Leatherman: ‘Pump’ Shotgun Field Tool.

Leatherman’s MUT tool is about the coolest AR accessory you can have that doesn’t actually attach to your AR. Their new ‘Pump’ is a shotgun-specific pocket tool that brings some of the same gadgetry for your scattergun. And Farago agrees that the Pump has a little tiny knife blade on it, so it’s all good […]