HOME EC 101: Kitchen Knife Selection, Use And Care. Just In Time For Thanksgiving.

I’m not as much of a foodie as I ought to be (my excuse du jour is our two finicky kids) but I do appreciate at least some of the joys of cooking. I’m also reading Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, which is hysterically funny even if like me you can’t tell a buerre blanc from a blanche mange.

Make the jump for the second video.

These videos come from the Indianapolis foodies of Indy Food Swappers, with a lot more information than most morning news-blather shows usually have time to give you.


7 responses to ‘HOME EC 101: Kitchen Knife Selection, Use And Care. Just In Time For Thanksgiving.

  1. Vid 1–ATC recommends a Victorinox, but I don’t find it for less than $35 at Amazon or anywhere else, now.

    Costco has a Pur Komachi set. I got one a year two years ago for my wife (new one has blade covers). The steel seems a bit soft, but they sharpen easily.

    YouTube has lots of How To Use Kitchen Knife vids.

  2. The Victorianox are still the best deal for the money, although if you don’t need sanisafe handles I really like the MAC originals as well.

    • Because they are tricky to sharpen because of the single edge most likely. And some people hate the rounded tips, but I prefer them in a busy kitchen.

        • I have a stamped Henckels 6″ boning that is my second most used knife (well, I only use 3 + a couple specialized butcher/breaking knives, but still) in the kitchen. Cost me $18 on sale. Not crazy about their forged knives however.

  3. Victorinox stamped blade knives are unbeatable for the price. I own a 10-inch Chef and a 12-inch slicer and they are great. That said, I own a few forged Henckels and they really hold an edge well. My 6-inch Henckel Chef is over 20-years old and still going strong.

    For boning birds though nothing beats a Japanese Honesuki. I own a Tojiro and love it:

    I sharpen all my knives on Japanese stones….

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