Mea Culpa: TTAK Veteran’s Day FAIL

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAK

This editor spent Veteran’s Day enjoying a day off from work, taking the kids to the dentist, taking them to meet Mom at work, handloading a few hundred rounds of .45 Long Colt, and lounging in front of the tube.

And completely failing to thank the servicemen and servicewomen who fed the leeches and mosquitoes in Vietnam, froze their asses off in guard towers and M2 Bradleys during the Cold War, whooped Iraq (twice) or visited our vengeance on the Taliban and Al Quada in the sandbox.


A day late and a dollar short, here it is. Thank you to Glen, Paul, Dave, Dave, Tom, Jake, Mark, Jack, Missy, Terry, Andrew, Spike, Ken, Brian, Renee and millions of other great Americans who took the oath and signed Uncle Sam’s ‘unlimited liability’ contract on our behalf.


5 responses to ‘Mea Culpa: TTAK Veteran’s Day FAIL

  1. I now look back upon my service years as having supported an elitist dominated empire that is increasingly stripping away individual rights and liberty, and actively destroying the prosperity of the common American with economic policies that serve special interest classes. I could have been killed or maimed defending who and what exactly?

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