Shen Sora ‘Ultimate Utility Knife’ Perfect For Samurai Sous Chefs

Image courtesy Wired magazine

Wired magazine calls this curvy blade the “Julienne More” which is a pun simply too clever not to pass along. But a clever nickname isn’t why I want one of these handcrafted Japanese kitchen knives: it’s the VG-10 cutting edge, welded between layers of 420J.

The ‘Julienne More’ runs about $90 from the KAI USA store, which is a surprisingly non-astronomical price for such a wonky bit of metallurgical technology.

Image courtesy KAI USA

I’m definitely intrigued by the Shen Sora’s wavy serration, as well as the composite blade construction like snazzy Zero Tolerance knives costing several times more.

Before I drop medium-sized bucks on laminated steel like this, however, I’ll probably test the waters with an $18 laminated Mora. It’s been at least a week since we mentioned Moras, which shows we’re really trying to cut back.


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  1. “…and a rounded tip for smearing on the mustard.”

    Wait, what? Who smears mustard? Custard maybe? Is there a joke I’m missing?

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