Video: Tyler Quarters His Texas Whitetail With A Havalon Piranta


Image capture courtesy Tyler Kee/Nick Leghorn

Luckily for my friend Tyler Kee, he filled his Texas whitetail tag on opening morning. Luckily for the rest of us, he quartered his buck with the Havalon Piranta I’d sent him for testing. It seems to have worked pretty well, although as you’ll see he would prefer a more blunt-tipped knife for the skinning part of the job.

You can tell that Tyler is a pro at this. He’s got the knowledge of animal anatomy that you only can only get by disassembling a bunch of them yourself (and which I certainly lack.)

This video isn’t particularly gory; it begins after the field-dressing (gut removal) is already finished. There’s little blood and no guts here, so this will only make you queasy if you’ve got an exceptionally delicate stomach.


2 responses to ‘Video: Tyler Quarters His Texas Whitetail With A Havalon Piranta

  1. Almost looks like he shaved some of the parts. don’t know about the deer in texas but ours have fur all along the starting point.

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