Housekeeping: Who The Hell Is “”?

Image courtesy Hormel FoodsMaybe it’s a sign of respect, or a recognition that The Truth About Knives is a website with useful information and something meaningful to say. Or maybe it’s the internet equivalent of being slapped in the face with a latex adult novelty item. Whatever it means, our Comments section has been flooded with spam in the last few days, and I’ve done my best to clean it out. Most of it seems to come from one account,, which (judging by its confusing address and subhumanly inane content) couldn’t possibly be anything but a spambot account.

TTAK’s server geek dudes at Zippykid (and I say that with nothing but the deepest respect) have set us up with some pretty robust spam filters. I *think* we’ve caught and disposed of all the junk comments, but one can never be too vigilant.

If you see questionable comments here on TTAK, please drop me heads-up at and I’ll be on it like white on rice. On the flip side of the coin, PLEASE let me know if our spam filter has blocked your own insightful, eloquent and witty commentary.

You’ve all been more than awesome in the intelligence, honesty, and civility of your comments, and I’ll do everything I can to keep the comments section lively and spam-free.




13 responses to ‘Housekeeping: Who The Hell Is “”?

    • Marked as spam. Delicious, delicious spam.

      Seriously, that looks like an amazing recipe, though I think I’d switch out original spam with the smoked bacon spam.

        • Aharon, thanks for that recipe. My wife is *crazy* about Spam sandwiches, and almost as crazy about Treet, which costs half as much. I guess everybody has their own quirks. That even looks tasty to me, and I’m pretty much take-it-or-leave-it with Spam/Treet. It will be tried soon here, and I will likely do the deed using a Kershaw Blur S30V, or possibly an Enlan EL02B. Overkill… maybe, but that’s how I roll.

  1. Actually a SPAM can does qualify as an edged weapon. Back in the day with the whinedy thingy that ripped the metal top off like a ribbon of death. One of the worstest cuts I have ever experienced was from that exposed edge. Bled like the proverbial stuck pig. They scare the crap out of me to this day.

    • Got to fess up, I sliced my thumb open with a Spam can lid. Can slipped just as I was pulling the lid free and I grabbed at it and SHAZAM. Like a razor.

  2. Statistically, there must have been at least one case, during WW2 when an American GI with his can of SPAM clubbed to death an Axis soldier.

    • I believe that during Battle of the Bulge some troops threw ration cans in attempts to make germans think they had more grenades than they did. Some of them could have been Spam!

  3. Chris? Welcome to the blogsphere, not the proto-hipster “blogOsphere” ,with teh trendy abbreviations and semi-drool commentary. You have attracted the attention of folks that just want to move hits. Its all about the Bitjamins.(see?reading the news does help!) Just the cold calculations of commerce, of a sort. And all adding to the disparagement of one of the greatest portable food items EVER created. Veritable mana from on High, and used to name such a heinous activity of jackassery.

    What a sad state we find ourselves in. Now. Who got some more spam recipes! I love that sh*t, brah.

  4. Guys, check out the site. Hit the Tower of Spam tab and scroll to the Spam songs, some are not bad, actually they are all pretty good. For Spam commercials. Wonder why they don’t do more with them.

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