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Reader Submission: More Kershaw Factory Sale Swag!

Kershaw Reader Swag 1

A TTAK reader had the presence of mind to bring a LOT more money to the Kershaw Factory Sale than I did, and brought home a truly epic haul of edged goodness. More pics after the jump…

Reader Kershaw Swag 2

I recognize a few of these since I picked up some of them myself. The huge Zero Tolerance 0300 ‘Beast’ is stuck in my memory as The Knife That Got Away, since even at a crazy discount is was too rich for my blood. I had to ‘settle’ for a screaming deal on the slightly-smaller 0350, which is not called the Baby Beast.

As an editorial aside, I’m always on the lookout for more reader submissions like this! If you hit the jackpot at the Kershaw factory sale or a Cold Steel parking lot sale, email me at thetruthaboutknives@gmail.com with some pictures. You can remain as nameless as our Mystery Reader or you can go down in Internet history as a lucky knife collector; your call.


4 responses to ‘Reader Submission: More Kershaw Factory Sale Swag!

  1. Crud. Sorry I missed the sale.
    Too busy with a new job, taking care of parents…and they live like 10 blocks from the factory. Grrrrr.
    Dang, I like those zero tolerance knives.
    Kinda blew my wad anyway on a William Henry for my brother for Christmas.
    Geez this thing is pretty.

  2. Looks like he bought one of everything! But he has good taste, and likes tiger stripes (as do I). I own one of those beastly ZT0301’s in Ranger green and tiger stripes. A picture doesn’t do it justice. Even at the factory clearance sale, that’s a fair amount of coin to drop in one day. Worth every penny, no doubt. I’m about 3000 miles away from the fun, so I’ll just wish you guys happy holiday shopping.

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