2014 Knife Rights Ultimate Steel


I don’t know why I missed this until now, but Knife Rights is having their annual fundraiser/giveaway right now. The early bird opportunities are ending next Friday, so jump on that quickly. Entries are $20 each with the chance to get some extras. The prizes this year are FREAKING AMAZING!!! Last year I was just dipping my toes into the high end knife arena, but this year I have actually had a taste of the high life, and it is sweet. I’m extra excited because I’ll be 21 at the time of the drawing and will be able to win a pistol if they’re still available. It’s quite rare that I actually win anything, so I’ll have my grandma enter as well, who has an incredible winning streak. Remember all that Knife Rights does for us and please donate!


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2014 Knife Rights Ultimate Steel

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