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Vermont, Oklahoma Step Closer To Knife Law Preemption; Kansas Cleans Up Its Own Preemption Law

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In another small step forward for common sense, the Oklahoma house Judiciary Committee issued a ‘DO PASS’ recommendation on the Knife Rights-sponsored knife law preemption bill HB 3367.

Meanwhile, the Vermont legislature is holding hearings on another Knife Rights preemption bill, H.128. If you live or work in these states, these state legislators need to hear from you.

And just north of Oklahoma, the Kansas legislature is polishing up a legislative fix that will effectively annul a controversial decision by the Kansas Attorney General.

Kansas passed its own knife law preemption bill which went into effect last summer. Despite fairly clear language in HB 2033 which nullified existing local knife laws, the Kansas AG issued a written opinion that preexisting local knife laws were still in effect.

While this written opinion does not have the actual legal force that a Kansas court ruling would have, it did give the green light to local governments and prosecutors to keep enforcing the patchwork of illogical and contradictory knife laws throughout the state. HB 2033 used nearly identical language to the several other Knife Rights-sponsored preemption statutes which have been passed in several other states, and the AG’s opinion was somewhat puzzling.

The legislature is currently hearing a bill, HB 2473, that would make it crystal-clear that all local Kansas knife laws are nullified and repealed. HB 2473 is scheduled to be heard today.


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