Coming Soon From Kershaw: ‘Lifter’ Blackwash

Expanding on its recent line of blackwash-finish knives, Kershaw is set to release the new ‘Lifter’ model, possibly even before the Blade Show in June. The all-steel folder features both flipper and thumbstud opening, with Kershaw’s patented Speedsafe assisted opening mechanism and a sturdy liner lock. Unusual for a Kershaw, it’s got a deep-carry pocket […]

Masked Machete Bandit Gets No Love In San Diego

If you need to rob a gas station (and need I say that’s a mighty big “if”?) there are some things you don’t want to do. First you don’t want to knock over a Mini-Mart just a mile from your crib. You also don’t do it in daylight, you don’t drive your own car, and […]

Tennessee Set to Legalize Switchblades

By Dean Weingarten In  1958 the U.S. government banned the banned the manufacture, sale or possession of switchblade knives. The law accomplished nothing other than inconveniencing law-abiding people while setting another in a long line of incremental precedents toward unlimited federal power. Not surprisingly, the law’s major proponent was a representative from New York City. In […]