Question of the Day: “Ladies of the Knife?”

I am not implying that we are all a bunch of OFWGs, but there seems to be a common back-story between our frequent commenters and myself.  The story is some variation on this theme…most of us got our first knife from a family member, be it grandpa, dad, or even mom. It was a rite […]

Coming Soon from COAST Products: POLYSTEEL Knives

As I have mentioned, I am attempting to expand my horizons in the knife world. One area in which I am putting a concerted effort is in learning about new manufacturers beyond the Benchmades, Spydercos, Cases, and Bucks with which I am already fairly familiar. Dan Zimmerman sent me a press release from COAST Products […]

Other MicroTech Shenanigans

While writing yesterday’s article about the VenomTech, my brain remembered that this is not the first time MicroTech has done something ridiculous for S’s and G’s. I present to you the MicroTech Halo 3x.

Introducing the MicroTech VenomTech

Something wonderfully awesome and impractical happened at BladeHQ yesterday. They have partnered with MicroTech to bring to the market an exclusive blade that was previously limited to a few full customs by Tony Marfione a few years back. Wednesday night, after a YouTube video was posted by Jim Skelton (follow his channel), they debuted on their […]