Gun Control? Knife Control? Car Control?

The UCSB spree killing over the weekend is no longer breaking news. I haven’t looked today, but I am sure the cable news channels are all over it still. I have seen the Kabuki theater before, and I would rather spend time watching my kids than follow the intractable garbage that will be spewed at the […]

Memorial Day Thanks and Question of the Day.

A blog such as TTAK can only exist because there are brave Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of this nation and its ideals. In particular, our ability to speak critically of those who wield power is due to that very sacrifice. A heartfelt thank you to you and the families you […]

New from Boker: Boker Plus SM-10T

Boker USA has partnered with maker Sal Manaro to make their new SM-10T tactical knife. This burly knife tips the scales at close to 8 ounces and looks to be incredibly robust. I am not a huge fan of tanto blades, mostly because they are better suited to tactical applications whereas a drop point is […]