Incendiary image of the day: UK March Edition

uk knife control

Gun and knife control: One major reason I will never live in Britain. I found this while scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning from Salty Dad’s page. Britain’s violent crime rate is four times greater than the U.S. They are also the perfect example of the saying “If you take away guns people will still find a way to kill.” I had no desire to go to Britain before, but now it’s completely out of the question.


4 responses to ‘Incendiary image of the day: UK March Edition

  1. Then pools. (It’s too cold, and by heating your pool, you are contributing to global warming).
    Then cars.
    Then pillows.
    Then bad thoughts.
    The older I get, the less tolerant I am of stupid people.
    Can’t wait to get older!

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