Obscure Object of Desire: KLAX Multi-Tool

klaxI am always looking for new interpretations of ancient edged tools. It fascinates me to watch how people try to build a better mousetrap. Sometimes the results are good, like the Viscerator skinning/butchering knife,  but usually the resulting tool is a Rube Goldbergesque monstrosity (the 10-in-1 $14 Whetstone camping tool comes to mind) that fails to perform more than the most rudimentary of functions.

Enter the KLAX. Well, kind of.  It isn’t in production yet. Still a prototype, the KLAX will come in 4 varieties if they can get their Kickstarter campaign off the ground. They plan on offering it in slightly varied configurations including a titanium version (I question the utility and edge holding ability of a titanium axe), as well as a stripped down “Feller” version that does not have as many “multitool features”.

I have seldom come across a tool that purports to “do everything” that does a particularly good job of anything. But I have so much respect for the creative dreamers out there. It takes a great deal of courage to put it all on the line and try to sell your dream to others. One of you will change the world.





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  1. Looks like a solution in search of a problem. I’d rather have a real axe and carry a Leatherman on my belt. Just visualizing the head flying off that thing and burying itself in the kids head. I’ll pass.

  2. I’m thinking that this could be a good solution for a survival kit.
    For a car kit or other kits, sometimes axes are a bit bulky. If the
    clamping system works as advertised, hou could use a wide range
    of limb or stick sizes as a haft.

  3. Mike L. Jimping is a rough textured surface on the spine of a knife that affords better grip and prevents the thumb from slipping off the back of the knife, especially when your thumb is wet or greasy.

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