DIY Flat-Iron Bush Knife? This guy did it.

It is possible to get into knifemaking on the cheap, using all manner of discarded steel. The results vary depending on the quality of the materials and the skill of the maker. In the case of a Mr. “HarryFeltersnatch”, the material was a garage sale flat-iron pry-bar and the skills include heat-treating in a homemade […]

Knife Review: Condor Tool & Knife Nessmuk

It astonishes me how good some of today’s inexpensive knives can be. Mora Love runs deep around these parts but those Swedish gems are not the be-all, end-all of good, cheap knives. Case in point are the line of knives and machetes available from Condor Tool & Knife. A friend of mine recently picked up this Nessmuk for […]

Editorial: Tasers, Ferguson, and Treatment of the Media

We have been discussing the North St. Louis shooting of Kajieme Powell, who was brandishing a knife and approaching police in a threatening manner shouting “Shoot me now”. The police obliged and it was only due to the transparent and rapid response by Chief Dotson that this situation did not further inflame tensions in nearby Ferguson. […]