Question of the Day: Is your EDC situation dependent?

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On any given day I carry some permutation of these as my EDC blade(s).

I was getting ready to go out this evening, and as I was changing, I took stock of what blade I wanted to bring with me. It was a bit of a legal grey area where I was going, so I opted for my Benchmade MiniGriptilian as an inside pocket carry.

Most days I have taken to carrying two knives. First I EDC either the Grip or my Spyderco Native S30V. These are my everyday functional knives. As a general rule it unneccesairly startles folks who don’t know me if I suddenly produce a neck-knife or 4.5″ fixed blade. An EDC folder is sufficient for 95% of what most of us encounter on a daily basis. Which of the two folders I am carrying is simply a matter of convenience. I often leave one or the other in the basement bathroom, still clipped to my pants or shorts when I shower at night. Given the choice I grab the Grip, for reasons I will explain when I get around to writing a formal review.

Most days I also carry the Kim Breed Model 15 in a horizontal IWB sheath. I know I should carry a CCW if defense is a concern, but when I am schlepping a 3 and 5 yo it is often left at home because it is one more thing to be thinking of, and I find I do a worse job caring for my kids if I am hyper-aware of the fact I am carrying. Personal choice. Debatable logic. But the Model 15 is actually a knife with defensive chops, even if I am most often using it for tasks that are simply burlier than a pocket-clipped folder can handle.

The CRKT Folts Minimalist is my backup knife when I am guiding. Since I have my Mora on my belt, and I don’t like to rely on the pockets of nylon pants to retain the clip of the Spydy or the Benchmade when I am climbing over rocks and streams. They do fine with canvas or cotton pockets though.

So I make a decision on what to carry based on the legalities of where I am going as well as what I am planning to do. Unless it is a government building I am usually willing to bend the rules a bit rather than leave a knife in the car. I am counting on my discretion in not letting it be seen, and on the TN culture that says that no one really cares if you have a knife. Guns have a lot more psychological baggage. I have picked my kids up from school (parochial not public and thus less hoplophobic and more likely to give me a warning) on my way back from the river and forgotten to remove my Mora and no one said anything. The teachers know what I do for a living. I don’t bother removing a pocket clipped EDC. In 2 years no one has ever said anything about that.

So my questions are these:

Do you change your carry knife for the anticipatied outlook of your day? Or do you carry the same knife 100% of the time? What factors (legality, anticpated use, etc.) do you consider when selecting your knife or knives for the day?



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  1. In a word: Yes. If I am going to work with dress pants, I favor a thinner folding EDC. However, I have found that a Spyderco Tuff is workable with my wool pants. On a casual day, I might carry a fixed blade or a bigger folders. For example, a Brous Blades Threat (Fixed 3.7 inch D2 steel) or a Zero Tolerance 0200.

    To further complicate matters, I am considering getting a Joe Watson Pikal fixed blade for defensive use, and use a smaller folder or small multi-tool for EDC use. Additionally, sometimes I hunt and I am looking at the Bark River Rising Wolf. As my taste in knives becomes more refined, I see the need to have the right tool for the job.

  2. My first EDC was an Opinel #7. For the $ and intended use,in my humble opinion, it was the ideal knife. I think I spent $8 on it. Generally used for mundane tasks where a blade is handy. Last fall I purched a RAT 2 and put away the trusty #7. The RAT 2 is more “beefy” than the Opinel and I carry it clipped inside my pocket. It is visible, but no one in my office has ever commented about it. So far it has been a great EDC. Being who I am, I am still hesitant to buy a higher $ knife for and EDC as I cannot justify the expense. The RAT 2 cost me $28 and if I lost it I wouldn’t feel as bad as loosing a $100+ knife. Also, I feel that there is minimal to no difference in the functionality of a well built inexpensive knife vs. a well made expensive knife. This is just my personal preference.

  3. I gotta ask, can you take a pic of the Kim Breed when it’s IWB? It’s hard for me to imagine that long knife oriented horizontally being comfortable anywhere, hah!

    (I’m also researching ways to carry a small fixed blade and am really just curious how you do it)

  4. No matter what I’m wearing I always have my Spyderco Paramilitary 2 clipped inside an empty front pocket and either the Spyderco Civilian or Matriarch 2 clipped inside the waistband between fly and pocket. The Para 2 takes care of all my general knife duties and the other is last ditch defense.

  5. My EDC choice is dictated mainly by my clothes and their ability to accommodate and hide the knife. At the office, because I don’t have a lot of pocket real estate I carry a small folder. When I’m outdoors exercising I have a small fixed blade like a Tops Raven X on my belt that gets hidden by the end of my t-shirt. If it’s cargo pants I step it up to an Extrema Ratio RAO large folder.

  6. If I’m going to work, I carry one of a several 4″ cold steel folders and a Leatherman Wave in my purse. Occasionally I’ll throw a fixed blade in for some specific task that day. I use a Buck Vanguard once in awhile for shaping a polymer we have that is similar to oak in toughness. Normally, I carry a waved FFG Endura in my waistband or a Delica if I really have to be super discreet. You can clip that thing anywhere. Defensive purposes are usually covered by a CCW. If my outfit is too form fitting for any gun (I hate summer), I’ll still have a blade on body and something meaner in my bag.

  7. Quick answer, “Yes.”

    I switch my pocket folder from a “good enough” 3.5″ in rt front pants pocket, to a <3" Spyderco in a suit or sport coat pocket, when dressed for work meetings. I can get either in use quickly & discretely with one hand.

    The other pocket-carry stuff goes into the computer bag when I'm looking like a "suit." Net I'll have 2x multi-tools that include knife blades, a couple mini-lights, a small, very-sharp blade in the med stuff (along with its own light), and one of the smaller swiss army knives for the corkscrew, because wine is a survival necessity.

    Kidding aside, I'm not gearing up for some sort of confrontation, mainly, but rather for a "car accident in the middle of nowhere"-equivalent situation.

  8. Sure at work I carry pretty much whatever I want,tonight’s its a blue Spyderco Spyderhawk and an oft auto,at the gym a Delica,most other times and most times at work a XM 18 .

    Then there is deer season ….

  9. Nope. I have a single EDC (Emissary 3.5) that I carry everywhere. Large enough to be comfortable and useful, but small enough to meet legal standards across the state, and I just don’t like carrying a huge knife in my pocket anyway.

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