First Jack-O-Lantern Entry and a couple of off topic subjects


Daniel V. sends us our first contest entry. Send us your best effort and you could win a knife.

Daniel V. gets the ball rolling with the first of many pumpkins which will be better than mine. Thanks! If you want a chance to win one of 3 knives, please send your photo to Do me a favor and include a knife of some sort in the shot, even if just a bit in silhouette. Not that this is a high-stakes contest or anything, but eliminates the possibility of conflict in what is already a subjective enough contest.

We took the kids to Oakes Farm in Corryton, TN. Fun place. We have been going there for years and love it. About 70 degrees and bluebird skies. We selected our victims squash, and I will post my (obviously non-entry) feeble efforts midweek.

I am working on a real piece for tonight, but it is requiring a bit of research to flesh it out. I guided Friday and Sunday and haven’t had the time to wrap it up.

I want to make your visit worthwhile so below the jump I have tossed out a few off topic items that you might find interesting. The highlight is a great video reconstruction of how the Canadian Parliament jihadi shooting went down. Specifically, it documents how real-life action hero Kevin Vickers sent the dirtbag to meet Allah, from near point-blank range while diving. I don’t know what the Canadian Equivalent of the US’s Presidential Medal of Freedom is, but Sergeant-at-Arms Vickers certainly deserves it. Kudos to you Sir, and yet it is still bittersweet as Corporal Nathan Cirillo died after being shot while on guard at Canada’s WWI Memorial. The coward shot Cirillo in the back, so the fact that his rifle had no ammo might not have made a difference. It is absurd nonetheless.


no words necessary…

Thank you to reader James for passing this along:

I know I said “few items” above, but I ended up leaving the cartoon tribute to Cpl. Cirillo pre-jump. It felt wrong to do otherwise.

As I mentioned, I was on the water Friday and Sunday. Great clients, gorgeous weather, and cooperative fish. Hard to top that. Here are a few pictures of what has been keeping me away from the computer.




  1. Sam L. says:

    I’d like to say I got lures biggern that fish, but that’d be a lure story. Caught a fish about that size once; snagged it retrieving my lure.

    1. That is actually about average for a brook trout in that part of the river. The rainbows get a bit bigger there, about 8-10″ but most are still 5-7″. They were first time fly-fishers, and I took them to a place where the fish were a bit smaller but more gullible. The fish get larger, browns >25″ exist in the Smokies in the bigger waters. But if I want to go after 16″-22″ fish I will take my drift boat out on the Clinch or South Holston.

      1. The brookies are not only wild, they are native. They have never been stocked and have been there since the last ice age. The southern Appalachians are as far south as they exist, and when they take on spawning colors in the fall they are the most beautiful freshwater fish there is.

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First Jack-O-Lantern Entry and a couple of off topic subjects

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